18 Feb 2012  

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12/22/2020 3:00 pm
18 Feb 2012

I thought it was rather strange that my friend from work asked sit in the back seat when he picked up for the party. He later told , as we were driving into an industrial district, that we were going to a special 'social' gathering.

During a conversation at a party the previous weekend the subject of Sex Clubs was brought up and I had stated it would be interesting just to observe from afar for an evening. Nobody else seemed that interested and after a brief chat by the group we moved on to another subject.

Later Steve approached me and said he was going to a Dom/slave party in the Valley the following week and wondered if I was really interested, "I have an invitation for myself and a guest." I thought he was joking at first, but after a couple seconds, as he stood there waiting for my answer, I realized he was being serious. I was<b> drunk </font></b>and high and quickly accepted, and thus a week later found myself in the back of his car going to an unknown location.

He told me I needed to lay down on the back seat for a few minutes while he drove to a checkpoint to get further directions to the building. I thought it was a little overly dramatic, but went along with his instructions if it meant it would get me inside and fulfill a fantasy. We stopped twice and I heard Steve talk to someone for only a few seconds before we moved on and eventually drove down levels into an underground garage.

"Okay, we're here. Just act natural and blend in and you'll have a great time."
My heart was racing in anticipation as I rose up to see that we were stopped in front of an elevator with large security types dressed in suits. The valet drove the car off as we were 'wanded' before the elevator arrived. As Steve and I entered the lift one guard suspiciously checked the e- invitation. All that was said in the exchange was, "You will want the th floor."

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