New Year’s Eve Party – A Lesbian Fuck Fest!  

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9/5/2021 12:16 pm
New Year’s Eve Party – A Lesbian Fuck Fest!

I have been asked by some readers and online friends when I first started attending the Bi/Lesbian parties. This is the story of the events that led up to my attending my first party with my ex Lesbian girl friend. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the makings of this story and if you do enjoy please leave a comment. Ladies..., as always KISSES & LICKS!

New Year’s Eve Party – A Lesbian Fuck Fest!

Talk about being caught off guard. I had been trying to set a threesome to explore some mild bondage play with Rachel, Emily, and myself for several weeks. I am the newbie to bondage.

Rachel and I had recently done some reverse roll playing where she showed me what type of things, she liked done to her in respect to punishment and bondage. It was the best experience ever of having my ass eaten by anyone. She used such force with her tongue and held me so firmly continuing to fuck my ass until I both came and squirted. To say I was wet would be an understatement; I was drenched from clit to ass, down my legs, and it was a good thing she had double layered towels as they were soaked.

Emily and I met at the hospital while I was having some testing done. She is employed by the hospital to take blood samples. While doing this we struck up a conversation about the usual things two women would which led to the eventual questions of dating and if I had ever been with another woman. We slept together several nights with things moving at a snail’s pace as it was not until about the third morning that I awoke to Emily fingering my pussy until she got me off and then proceeded to leave me and the bed heading for the bathroom to take a shower. However, on her way she made a point of my watching her suck my juices and cum from each of her fingers. Then without any warning our pace was jettisoned to star track speed, I mean fuckin beam me up Scotty, as I awoke the next morning to having my legs tied spread eagle to the foot post and Emily tying my last wrist to the last headboard post. I freaked having never done any bondage and Emily and I not having discussed this. We stopped seeing each other.

How did it come that I was trying to set a bondage threesome between myself, Rachel, and Emily? After the above experience with Rachel, I was to perform the same acts on Rachel that she had on me with the added caveat of anything else I wanted to do. Whatever it was she would do it, no questions asked. I talked to my bf and he suggested I call Emily and ask her to be my coach. Emily would enjoy the pleasures that I would, and she would reap the reward of having Rachel do anything she wanted.

The plan, go to Rachel’s house have her change into her favorite outfit, leash and collar, white knee-high stockings, black bobby socks, black pumps, cuff her hands behind her, and cover her face in a head mask. Drive her to Emily apartment complex, help her out of the car, remove her coat and lead her to Emily’s apartment by her leash with her beautiful naked ass, her shaved pussy, and perking tits in full view of anyone who maybe looking out their window or walking by. Once to Emily’s apartment present her to Emily with an introduction of Emily as my teacher and give Rachel over to Emily’s full<b> control. </font></b>Well, the bitch refused to get in the car! In fairness to her she did not know about being paraded through Emily’s apartment complex naked and cuffed or being presented to Emily at her door in the same manner. Still, she had agreed to do anything. When she found out the details, she was disappointed and wanted to do it but it was too late. We sat another date and fuck Rachel was on the rag and no I am not a blood sucking pussy licking vampire.

That led us up to New Year’s and I sent an invite to both Emily and Rachel for us to spend the Eve together. Emily was new to the area and may not have plans not really knowing a lot of people, I am a bit of a loner, and Rachel, well she’s a slut so any bar with both men and women would work just as well for her horny pussy and wanton asshole. Emily accepted I think before I even hit the send key as an affirmative reply came back immediately and nothing from Rachel. It turns out that Rachel decided to go her own way which meant that she would be drunk and fucked by whomever but that’s okay. I simply wished her a Happy New Year and hoped she’d have fun.

I called Emily to discuss the possibilities of what we could do and see if she had anything that she would like to do. Her reply was to have dinner at her favorite place around six and to go to a party that some of her co-workers were having. While I am a loner, I could sense that she really wanted to at least stop by the party for a while. I dressed accordingly, as that was what the call was for anyway, short black skirt that barely covered my ass and pussy, a beautiful blue woven sweater with an open weave and matching stockings that came to just above the knees with black four and half inch heels. No, I did not fail to mention my undergarments. It is hard for a woman of my size to find sexy bras and I am blessed with firm tits. As I wore no bra, I decided to wear matching panties, ha, ha!

Emily was late picking me up but fuck; she looked awesome dressed very much like me. She had chosen a short black skirt perhaps just a bit longer than mine but showing off her beautiful athletic long legs, showing her golden skin all the way down to her black high heels. For a top she wore an open blouse just below the clasp of her bra which showed a bit of sexy lace cups and her small but beautiful cleavage. As me she wore a small amount of makeup, with a light pink lipstick; as opposed to my red, and her hair was as usual straight. So, the evening was set we went to dinner and then the party…, OMG! This was no traditional office party!

Emily drove us to a house and upon parking you could not help but notice the number of cars. Ringing the doorbell, it was answered by the hostess. A beautiful petite blonde…, wearing an open sky-blue satin robe, matching sexy medium blue lace bra and panties set where the bra was pushing up her small but gorgeous tits, with the round tops of her Areolas and just a hint of her pink nipples displayed. That bra led to a beautiful stomach which seemed long, but my eyes could not help following down to her panties which were again medium blue strings that attached to the smallest amount of lace fabric that covered her lips and disappeared between her shapely thighs. I found myself helpless but to follow those legs all the way down to her feet and stilettos. FUCK, she is saying something! I’ve been eating this gorgeous woman with my eyes, I mean, shit…, she is my type, petite and beautiful, well, all but for being blonde and still that’s changing too, but I feel the heat rising in my face and cheeks as my eyes, fuck can’t help it, follow back up her body to her face. There to meet me was the most beautiful ice blue eyes staring into my hazel eyes followed by her lips parting into a gorgeous smile knowing that she had caught me lusting after her body. Emile had already entered the house and was just smiling at me! As I stepped into the house the hostess opened her arms and hugged me pressing her amazing body into my breast and even leaning her face briefly against them. She then led us into the living room and OMG!

There in the living room were mingling women, only women! There were between ten to fifteen women, some chatting with one another, others kissing, and still others kissing with hands roaming over breast, hips, asses, and pulling legs up to caress bare skin and maybe even slip between legs and moist lips. Being a loner, I was a bit uneasy which Emily later told me she could tell by my grip on her hand. Apparently, it was getting tighter and tighter the further we walk through the house.

Emily and I still holding hands, tightly, walked into what is a den or playroom and again all women. Another ten to fifteen beautiful women, of all shapes and sizes, it was like a buffet and there were women opening sampling the goods. We found a couch and set together, I think I was almost in her lap, just watching some of the things that were going on. That is when about six women came up to us, some knew Emily and they chatted a bit, but all turned their attention to me. God, I felt like fresh meat in a butcher store. Every one of these women, most of them attractive, wanted a shot at turning me from being bi to lesbian. Each one told me they knew they could, oh fuck! I honestly think Emily was enjoying this torment. However, the longer we sit there the more relaxed I became, NO NOT THAT RELAXED! Fuck.., I haven’t been in an FFF threesome yet! Still, I do have to admit my mind kept wondering back to the blonde hostess, oh…, fuck what have I gotten myself into?

We only stayed a bit longer but damn-it I was soaking wet and that is hard to<b> control </font></b>for a woman that does not wear panties, thank goodness I did this night. One look at Emily and you see that she was a bitch in heat! Her nipples were damn near ripping through her blouse. That didn’t help me either as I wanted to kiss, lick, bite, and suck on them. We were still holding hands as we walked out and even our hands were hot. On the way to Emily’s place, I promised I would go to the next party in February…, oh fuck, what have I done?

By the time we got to Emily’s the car smelled of sex. Not only had the party aroused both of us but our own bodies were arousing the other. The aroma of our pussies filled the air. Both of our nipples were protruding through our clothing, we were giggling and talking about some of the hot women, including that smoking hot petite hostess and it was all just making us hotter and hornier.
When we closed the door to Emily’s place, we were like two wild cats on their prey. We were literally tearing our clothing off the other. Emily shoved me to the couch and pushed my skirt up to my waist burring her face and tongue in my soaking wet pussy. No kisses, no licks she was intent on fucking my pussy, she just thrust her tongue into my love nest, cupping it and scooping as much of my juices up into her mouth as she could take. She swallowed hard and came right back to my pussy this time her mouth closing around it taking all of my lips and clit into it and sucking the juices into her mouth. Without releasing my pussy, she again swallowed and then she forced her tongue in me, between my swollen outer lips down into my love hole as deep as she could. Finally, she slid her mouth, lips, and tongue upwards between my lips and clamped on my hood and clit while ramming two or three fingers into my begging pussy. She began an assault on my clit and G-spot fucking both. She was fucking my clit between her pressed lips, even raking it with her teeth…, OH, FUCK! Her bent fingers were pressuring my G-spot, pounding it and building the pressure within my glands. I raised my ass off the couch, pushing it towards Emily mouth, lips, and tongue…, OH, FUCK! I tried to hold my release to build the pressure, my legs were shaking uncontrollably, the contractions we too strong, almost hurting, that were building in my pussy, in my glands, over my G-spot, and moving into my stomach…, OH FUCK, FUCK YES…, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. FUCK…, the release felt…, SO FUCKING GOOD, the pressure that was forcing its way through my urethra was amazing…, I screamed at Emily…, don’t stop, PLEASE don’t stop…, keep fucking me…, yes, fuck my G-spot…, please make me squirt again! Oh shit…, yes! Fuck…, here it cums again, Emily is pounding my sloshing pussy and sucking my clit.., OH FUCK, YES!

I love how my orgasms and ejaculations, squirting becomes more intense with the second, third, and fourth; as well as having a lover that knows my clit and G-spot are only the avenues to making me continually squirt or become a river of cum! The slightest touch of my sensitive engorged clit can trigger a deflating orgasm, it is painful at first, and Emily knows how far to take me, to suck my clit, tease it and then refocus her attention to hammering my G-spot. Fuck…, she is again pummeling my G-spot with her fingers. Fuck…, building the pressure in my glands, my contractions, my spams have been chained together from my first orgasms and squirting. It is only the tightness of which my legs are clasping Emily’s head, legs that are uncontrollably and rapidly quivering... The contractions within my cunt and stomach are overwhelming, as I look down at Emily latched onto my pussy, tongue licking my lips, sucking my juices and her fingers massaging my G-spot has me in a daze. Fuck…, it’s like I’m in another world and something is within me overtaking my body causing these spams! Oh Fuck…, my mind turns to animalistic thoughts and desires, OH FUCK…, FUCK YES! Emily is totally fucking me; she is sucking my clit…, FUCK. My legs shot out shaking, my back arches off the couch, OH Fuck…, my eyes roll back as the contractions take over my body running in waves from my pussy, from Emily’s mouth fucking me, up into my tits, my heart is pounding, my breath choppy and I’m gasping for air. FUCK…, the pressure, I can’t hold it, OH, YES.., FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCK…, I’m cumming! Tears stream down my face, my gland explodes forcing my cum to expand my urethra…, OH FUCK…, the pressure, the release YES, FUCK…, it feels so amazing rushing down towards Emily. YES, Fucking YES…, it jettisons from my pussy OH, FUCK…, I hear Emily’s moans as she is swallowing my cum, sucking my cum into her mouth, savoring my taste…, OH FUCK…, FUCK ME!

I open my eyes to what my mind has been experiencing, Emily tenderly kissing and licking my pussy, cleaning my cum from my enlarged lips and within my pussy. My body is limp, exhausted but fully satisfied but for one desire…, Emily’s pussy and that fucking hot hostess! They say payback is a bitch and while this payback is going to be enjoyable, I’m the bitch that is going to deliver!

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9/6/2021 1:49 am

That's a magical way to bring in the New Year!

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9/6/2021 6:48 am

I've noticed that you've sent me a mail. As I've now lapsed to a standard member, I'm unable to read it. Perhaps you can post the message here or on my blog's letters page? Thanks.

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2/10/2022 7:03 am

mmmmm, i'm so looking forward to your party and, of course, my test drive the day/night before.

i'm down to have you dress me and parade me around

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