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Dinner Date; Both Ends of the Tongue! Part 1  

Squirt_Professor 68M/55F  
87 posts
6/11/2021 1:33 pm
Dinner Date; Both Ends of the Tongue! Part 1

Em and I had decided that since she works in a risk to exposure of COVID 19 that we would refrain from seeing each other sexually and limitedly socially. The limitedly socially was also driven to the of work Em was having to put in the hospital to cover shifts for individuals that had decided the risk to exposure was too great, or that had become ill and sent home by the hospital for twenty-one days of self-quarantine. When Em was home she needed rest and sleep. There were two vampires (blood drawers) for a twenty-four, hospital and additional responsibilities of testing patience for COVID 19 had been place upon them, rest and sleep were highly desirable.
On top of that Em had become exposed one work. She had entered an elevator to go to her floor and an obviously sick man got into the elevator blocking the doors and any escape on Em’s part. He wore no mask and was unable to contain his constant hacking. It was neither a safe or fun place for Em to be. Her reward, she was immediately sent home for twenty-one days of self-quarantine. On top of this we had a sexual intruder interrupt our relation. She had told Em she was, like Em, a Lesbian, she is very beautiful, and very much a liar, turns she is very much Bi but undiscovered until she and Em had been feeding on each other’s pussies like a couple of pigs sucking on their mommy sow’s teats. Oh…, the party that was!
Em had caught them in the act. The bitch naked, her legs spread wide, her open, wet and waiting cunt dripping nectar over her lips, between her cheeks, covering her puckered little asshole, and flowing into a puddle onto the sheets. Her lover’s ass perched up in the air with his hard dick aimed and poised for the ramming. And…, ha, ha, ha…, the bitch, Sarah, if anyone cares, tries to blow it off with “It’s not what it looks like”! OH YEAH…? What the hell does it look like! Your buck ass naked…, legs spread wide…, pussy lips swollen…, with your pussy resembling the river just before Niagara Falls and her defense…, It’s not what it looks like! Oh…, as to you guys, the protector of women, THE MAN, the beast…, his dick was shriveled up like a turtle pulling his head back into his shell, he was pulling his jeans up his naked legs and ass with one hand while gathering his shoes and shirt with the other. He was looking from Em around the room for his things and an escape. But maybe I’m hasty in labeling him a coward…, I mean I don’t Em my Amazon Lover for nothing. She stands five feet to inches tall, her abs are like a section of railroad tracks, her guns men would like to worship, geeks would like to have , her legs are steel beams and resting between her core and legs is the most gorgeous tight pussy. Her outer lips are long and firm holding her inner lips folded closer near the bottom spreading wider the top cupping between them the hood and in view just the tip of her beautiful clit. So…, yeah…, on second thought maybe I’d run too!
Now don’t get the idea that everything was on Em. You see I had a past girlfriend show up after months of being of my life and claiming she wanted . She told Em all sorts of lies, was cumming by my house early in the morning wanting to fuck and when we wouldn’t she’d go by Em’s catching her on the way to work and tell her that she had just spent the night with . D, my partner, even tried to warn Em that my ex-girlfriend is extremely controlling, manipulative, will use her petite beautiful body to gain control, will try to fuck her, and drive her and I apart.
D and I talk and agree that I need to get to Em’s before she gets off work because my ex will certainly being going by uninvited to try and get between Em’s legs. And so it was that I walk in on Em and my ex making on the sofa with Em’s hands roaming over my ex’s body, one down her jeans and groping her pussy! Yep…, you got it… there was a Seen with yelling, pushing…, and my leaving.
Within minutes of my leaving my ex asked Em a question that makes Em realize that she had been lying to her the entire time about our involvement and that we were still actively fucking. Em kicks her out and tells her that if she cums around again she will the cops. Over the next few days Em and I decide on how we or if we are going to move forward and she invites to a dinner for just the two of us to help move us forward.
I arrive the designated hour and ring the doorbell rather than using my key. When Em opens the door there is my Amazon lover, her beautiful Amazon body covered in two things. An apron and a smile! Honestly…, I think the smile covered more of her than the apron. Her long athletic legs were totally uncovered; fuck…, her pussy was not even covered. While her mound was her lips were not and being that she has her pussy waxed I could even see that her lips were moist and swollen and damn…, my own was not far behind…, quickly becoming saturated. The sides of the apron didn’t even cover the roundness of her breast and when she turned I could see her nipples were hard and pressing the material of the apron forward…, my own nipples reacted becoming erect, my mouth became dry, but my mind knew it could feast on either Em’s nipples or pussy for refreshment. And…, then FUCK, Em turned to walk back into her apartment and FUCK! The apron had no back but for two strings, one around her neck and the other around her waist. There in all her glory was her muscular back, her tight ass, and gorgeously toned legs along with bare feet. FUCK…, there I stood staring, taking in this gorgeous view, transfixed on Em’s nakedness, her gorgeous body, and now my panty-less pussy was flowing juices down my thighs! Dinner be damned…, I want to eat Em right there! Nibble and bite at her cheeks, spread them and lick her rosebud, tongue fuck her ass, work my fingers into her soaking wet pussy and fuck her G-spot until she feeds me her sweet , SHIT…, I want to suck her hard nipples, her puffy areolas, rim her sulcus, her rising edge around her nipple, and then bite and suck it harder. I wanted to taste her mouth, for her to taste her pussy on my lips, tongue, and in my mouth. But, as I shut the door behind Em had returned to took my hand and led into her dining room where she had prepared a beautiful meal, set a wonderful candle lit table. She reached for the lights and we sat sharing food and drink with her still almost totally naked in that apron.
Em cleared the table as I was taking the last drink of wine from my glass. Taking it and her glass she filled them and set them within easy reach and then announced desert. Turning, flashing me her nakedness from behind I felt as if she was going to move away and get something else for us to share but instead she pressed her palms against the table and lifted her ass unto it. She slid to the middle of the table, spun on her bare ass facing me, and spread her leg wide. She opened her pussy to me. Her swollen lips, moist, and as she continued to spread her legs her inner lips open and I could see and smell the freshness of the pool of nectar, my desert. Em watched as my hands grabbed her just above her thighs and pulled her across the table while I plowed my between her legs, my tongue between the folds of her pussy, began to kiss, lick, nibble, and quench my thirst for her dessert, her sweet love nectar. Emily first demand I eat her pussy and drink her come but slowly her demands became pleas, whispers of “Oh fuck…, Shelly”, Please…, oh fuck, YES, please eat me, fuck me! Ohhhhhh, FUCK…, YES!
As I continued to eat her, to suck her juices from her I watched as she reached behind her and pulled the strings that held her apron tearing it from her body she laid back on her elbows and watched me devouring her dessert. She continued to twist her hips as my tongue worked magically on her pussy. Her cries and pleas drove me to eat, lick, suck, and drive my tongue deeper into her while my hands began to squeeze Em’s tits, my fingers pulling, twisting, and pinching her nipples. It felt so good to have Em’s legs wrapped around my head, pulling my into her pussy, to see her now on her back arching it upwards while crying, “FUCK Shelly… EAT my PUSSY, OHHHH FUCKKKKK..., FUCK!
Mmmmmmm…, Em squirted all over my , it ran down my chin, and what I could not lick up fast enough pooled on the table. Damn…, I love watching Em’s legs shake, her pussy lips quiver, the core of her pussy retract pulling tight and the releasing, opening, then squirting another stream of her sweet cream towards my lips, my mouth. I instinctively open wide while pushing my forward, meeting the stream, taking it my mouth I start swallowing vigorously and clamp my mouth over Em’s entire cunt sucking it in, Mmmmmm!
I slip two fingers beneath my lips and into Em’s pussy, the full length; bending them into a come-hither pose I began to pressure her G-spot. All the time continuing to suck the folds of her pussy and her clit into my mouth, sucking them deeper and allowing them to retreat but never to leave my pressed lips.
SQUIRT TECHNIC ALERT: the best time to get a woman to squirt again is right after she has squirted. I am trying to do what my partner taught and he calls “chaining ejaculations together”!
I feel her legs tighten around my , her pussy pulling upward as contractions start inside her pussy as Em’s Kagle muscles are tensing around her Skeen glands building the pressure within as they fill with her nectar. My mind begins to swim in her intoxicating aroma that encompasses my , my head and the wonderful taste of her juicy pussy coats my fingers, lips, and tongue. My fingers continue to rack over her swollen G-spot, to rotate around it’s spongy mound, squeezing it, actually fucking it while I withdraw my tongue between her lips and run it up her slit until I reach her clit. I press the tip against her swollen clit, rolling over it, teasing it and feel it swell even more becoming erect and encouraging my tongue to fuck it. I feel Em arch her back upwards coming to rest on her shoulders and ass as I bring my lips further into play by sucking hard on her swollen lips and drawing her clit deeper into my mouth between my pressed lips. I hear her crying and begging to eat her pussy, to fuck her, to make her , as she continues to plead for my attention I raise my arms, my left hand reaches up as I slap her right tit, grabbing her hard nipple and pinching it while pulling has hard as I can on it. Em screams as she pitches her stomach as into the air as she can. Her legs circle my head and pulls my hard into her pussy as I suck her lips and clit as far into my mouth as I can, filling it. I hear Em moan deeply and then scream…, OH…, OH…, FUCK SHELLY…, OHHHHHHH…, FUCK YES! I feel her push her pussy forward into my mouth and a torrent of is shot forth. MMMMMMmmmmm FUCK, god SHE TASTE SO GOOD!
Em’s crying, Oh…, fuck Shelly…, please, please…, fuck…, don’t stop…, FUUUCCK! Her hands clutching the back of my head she shoves my into the limits of her spread legs, mashing her swollen lips to the sides of my mouth. I feel her heels pounding my back as her legs and feet are spazzing uncontrollably, while her thighs are jerking around my . I release her nipples my hands sliding to her belly to compress the contractions surging through her. Em falls to her back, still holding my head, her nails digging into my scalp. I up to her chest and . Her is red; the redness reaches down into her neck, and onto her chest. Her breathing is choppy, hard, and at a wild, reckless pace…, and then nothing, no sounds, no breathing, OMG, her legs have fallen from around , her hands relaxed, holding my head by her fingers entangled in my hair SHIT! Her legs jerk, squeezing my ; I feel her pussy tighten back into my mouth, my eyes dancing around her body stops to into her . Her eyes flash open wide, I see her mouth open, and her chest shows that she is sucking a great of air into herself. There is a hesitation…, as I hear a muffled cry I read her lips as they form…, OHHHHH god …, FUUUUCCCK…, YEEESSSSSS!
I feel the force of her ejaculation as it slams into the back on my mouth racing downward into my throat filling it. I try swallowing it but now I am choking, swallowing some, pitching some back into my throat and mouth to be met by another blast of Em’s . OH FUCK…, I try to pull back to no avail; she is holding my , my mouth into her pussy. Her seeks any escape, spraying from my mouth from the slightest of opening, covering my tits and pooling on the table. I keep swallowing, keep tasting, Mmmmmm…, fuck I love it!
We each release our bodies from the other. I set back taking in this beautiful mess. I watch the after-waves of her orgasm washing over her body. Her legs and feet still trembling with an occasional jerk, the contractions in her stomach and mound subsiding but still present, her nipples still hard, a dark brown, outstretched and quivering atop of her vibrating tits. Her hands roaming her body and occasionally dipping into her pooled nectar retrieving it to her lips and sucking her covered fingers clean. I down my own spread legs and see my own pool of resting on the seat. I cannot stop myself as my own fingers sink into my sweet love juices and I suck my fingers clean. We both start to laugh as we watch ourselves cleaning our own from our bodies, from the table, and from the chair.
She starts to move, her legs shifting to the side of the table, her feet first reach over followed by her lower legs bent the knee, and finally her thigh rolls from the table. Her feet touch the floor but briefly…,

lusciouslips7369 55M/49F
25 posts
9/12/2021 2:02 am

You are so sexy. I want to be with you when you're blasting cum. I want it running down my face fingers slippery.

Squirt_Professor 68M/55F  
64 posts
9/12/2021 8:51 am

Thank you, and I assure you I would cover you in the sweetest cum many times over! I would fill your mouth, it would be overflowing onto your lips, running down your chin, and dripping onto your tits! Then you could start all over for a reload. KISSES & LICKS, Shelly.

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