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What I am and how I roll as the Leprechaun Sorcerer
Posted:Jun 7, 2021 11:10 am
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2021 8:39 pm

I am a very complex person worth getting to know for many reasons I was born in the latter part of the year of the Dragon and almost in the year of the Snake 2 weeks after I was born so I have some of the characteristics of the Snake which in my case is a Cobra with a deadly bite I have a custom drawn Dragon Tattoo on my left arm and a Cobra on my right arm My Dragon is named Firestorm due to what he can create in the physical plane, as well as the material plane, is part Phoenix and he burns up to be reborn out of the ashes The Cobra is called the check six viper due to it faces my backside to let me know if an enemy is trying to sneak up on me " God will judge my enemies, I will set up the meetings" which is a SEAL team motto and I live by their mottos and creeds even though I quit training in the beginning of my 3rd week of training and I rang THE BELL there is no shame in ringing the bell I am not that good with firearms but give a sword or crossbow then ookout for my wrath which comes in silence The music I listen to sets my mood
The artist Rush soothes my soul after I see how people are treated by others in the good I care about others due to having an intellectual and spiritual mind The album "Signals" Where all 8 songs are who I am down deep in my soul The artist Judas Priest drives my fire and tenacity as well as standing up for what I believe in and what I might do to those that I would call my enemies My theme song off the album "Ram it Down" is called "Hard as Iron" The first verse goes "Whip crack stings the sky Don't mess with me I'm danger. the meanest one alive" the chorus goes "Hard as Iron. Sharp as Steel Stopped by no man You better beg and kneel" I am a Sentinel sworn to avenge, condemned to hell I will be my enemies worst nightmare Revenge can be bittersweet but if you sit, relax, and watch KARMA is pure entertainment The Scorpions are my heart and how I love and care about the people of the world and those around me and how nice it would be to see peace on Earth Listen to their song "winds of change" and hear their simple The artist Kansas is my spirituality and that is mostly found in the songs from their album "Point of no Return" It has me pegged to a tee in almost every song especially these 3 "Portrait ( He knew )", "The lightnings Hand" and "Closet Chronicles" My Mantra states this "I am an Enigma and who I am is a gift you unwrap for life" Be careful though I am a living roller coater so get in and hang on loosely for a wild but rewarding ride if you get to know the real me The woman that gave me those words has been part of my life for 18 years and we have not lived together for 8 years and she and her 2 are still part of my life and will be until I die Ozzy osbourne fills in the blanks of the other 4 artists with music Listen to his song "Dreamer" and ask yourself how deep and true it is and if it fits what I have said in this blog about who I am This blog has some repeat items I have said in another blog My apologies
What is happening on the planet today and in the near future in bits of repair
Posted:May 31, 2021 10:00 pm
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2021 1:29 am
I am an Aquarian and we are an astrological match We are in the Aquarian age like the song This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius Jesus Christ represented the Piscean age An age is about 2000 or so and we are in a scientific age where things are mental in and about knowledge scientifically speaking I am a Leprechaun and I have grown over the centuries of the past and Loki and I are close friends as we are mischief makers and I would be called a Deity and There are things are reserved in hell for me and Loki and they are called thrones The leprechaun side of ne has sneak into hell to freeze the lake of fire and see what is happening down there the flames turn green and purple when they freeze The flames thaw when I get kicked out of hell for giving Satan grief Odin who rides a monsterous 8 legged very powerful I am tired of coming back to this planet due to mankind messing it up and Mother Nature is Highly pissed and has chosen to thin out the human herd with the Covid-19 virus Natural disasters Volcanoes erupting an there are people dying all over the planet Odin is my spiritual father and I am descended from Nordic lines of humanity and I will go to Valhalla when my job here on the Earth is done I am a sorcerer and use white Magic to do my job here on Earth I use black magic to give bad KARMA to those beings that would hurt people for fun The Amazon warriors are here as well and are about 5 1/2 feet to 6 feet tall and they have a sword with a wreath of olive leaves around the sword tattoo on the back of their right arm The use to be almost 9 feet tall but if they showed up that tall mankind would fear them and would not know what to do the warriors are not to be reckoned with and they are very powerful and are here to repair the damage that humankind has caused Leprechauns, I am not the only one and we started to show back up on the planet back in the 1960s to the 1970s and we are space babies and or star in the Tarot cards I have the soul number of 9 and that number is represented by the Hermit who is at the top of the mountain with the lantern of the light of truth and knowledge while the fool or 0 card starts his journey up the mountain in search of truth and knowledge which comes from the tree of knowledge I an also represented by the number 18 card which is the star and represents Aquarius and in numerology 1 plus 8 equals 9 and again there is my number for the hermit and my soul number of 9 puts me in the universal family and i look after the the Tree of Good and Evil in diagrams of the tree Merlin is spelled out in the trees root system I was born in Jan 1965 in the tail end of the year of the Dragon and almost the year of the Snake and I am a Serpentine being as well as a Leprechaun I was 4 1/2 when they walked on the moon and I turn 60 in the next Dragon year Feb 2024 Jan 2025 begin the process of bringing back the mythical beings Like Elves Fairies and other mythical beings like the winged or Pegasus and the Unicorn which is better known as the Narwhal these days which are in our oceans and it has a spiraled horn Dragons will be back as well Dragons are a noble and loyal beast and were the largest creatures ever walk fly or exist on this planet I ride a Dragon that is part Phoenix and his name is Firestorm due to that is what he can create with his fire breath that he has Mythical beings are making appearances all over the planet and we are not small any more We have grown over the centuries to be able to repair the damage done to the planet My call sign is Merlin7 I am a merlin but I am not THE Merlin who lived during the dark ages we all are sorcerers I am the 7th one and I am very powerful in what I can do magically speaking and I bwritev incantations Witches need spell books that are passed down generation after generation after generation wizards can use more than one book but needs written spells but they can only writev spells they gained from several books Sorcerers Do not need books They can write usable incantations that come from the mind and the future of the planet looks grim I can make Karmatic incantations that will increase the bad KARMA to be more destuctive and painful and all Leprechauns are Sorcerers and use white magic as well as do witches and wizards use white magic we all use black magic is when living beings hurt another human for fun then black magic is warranted to increase bad KARMA by a factor of ten Witches, Wizards, and Sorcerers can all use black magic to punish the wrong doer but it will not bring on death to the wrong doer and they will answer to their makers later when they die and are sent to Hell or Hades for their crimes against humankind and the planet has a lot of healing to have happen but it will take decades maybe longer to mend the damage caused by mankind not womankind the women have always been put down by men thinking the women were inferior to men Men will answer for their sins against the planet, mythical creatures that were hunted down and killed due to fearing the unknown Mankind will for his abuse of peaceful living creatures that were killed due once again fearing the unknown mankind is a fearful race of beings and will be punished in the end for their wrong doings Give the planet time heal and mend itself and things will improve with time for the better This Leprechaun has come back this planet a number of times and is tired of coming back again fix things again and again and again and his Dragon this time needs light the spiritual fires for the return of mythical beings again This Dragon is a special one that was born in an active volcano and was impressed mentally by this Leprechaun whose name is Limey and is a Merlin with great skills as a Sorcerer Odin will be happy have Limey leprechaun back in Valhalla look after the Nordic way of life and Loki misses him and Loki has been sort of bored without Limey mess with Satan and the freezing of the lake of fire into the Green and Purple cold flames that Limey can produce Limey has also missed sitting on his own throne located by the lake of fire down in hell Satan will get over the frozen lake of fire this time and the green and purple will be here for a while longer even after Limey goes back to Valhalla with Firestorm the Phoenix Dragon and stopping along the way to Valhalla in Firestorm's birth place still an active volcano but not as active as it use to be when he was born and Limey found him and impressed Firestorm's mind as a young Dragon just barely able to fly out of the volcano and to his new owner as a life partner and care taker

I am in the process of renewing my membership again
Posted:May 30, 2021 12:56 pm
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2021 8:55 am
I am a fun loving individual and can not wait belong here again I had a blast before and met a lot of awesome singles and couples here and I will be getting a new prepaid debit card this Monday or Tuesday and I will for gold membership which is what I was ago around 2015 and 2016 I am as close being bisexual as you can be without being that way I love being sexually involved with women not men but I have been in threesomes with men and their wives or GFs I have also been with 2 lesbians at once and I aims give pleasure my partners here as well as receiving it myself I like women of all sizes and shapes Yes that means I like BBWs Small breasts are more sensitive when you blow on them and lightly rub them and large tits are good for fucking I also like other races as well as whites I like Asians due tight pussies, and Latinos due the fire in their blood and how sexual they are I went by the user name of JTDragonSnake which meant JakeTheDragonSnake which is what I am spiritually by my birth in the year of the Dragon and almost the year of the the Snake I am a Serpentine being Now it is Sorcerer1701 which is what I am magically but either way for user names I still have my naughty side as I did then and still like help others try new things, live out naughty fantasies with others that have not lived any out Just so Bi-curious women know but I just started Crossdressing again Just know that I am a female impersonator and I like dressing up in sexy clothes and wearing high heels and stockings, garter belts to name a few things I like and I wear things out in public and I feel sorry for the man that gives me grief about my outfits and heels I just give them a pair of heels and tell them to try it and see if they do not fall flat on their ass and or hurt themselves Like I have mentioned in my other 2 blogs that I am a Leprechaun and I am not to be messed with I can be very VICIOUS to those men and male chuavanists which I hate and that pissed me off to no end to dangerous levels of anger towards them Boy were they sorry they tangled with me To me dressing up is Costuming or Cosplay I can help a bi curious woman feel like she is with another "woman" for appearances sake but not I am a chick with a dick and all she has to do is to imagine my dick as a sex toy or strap on dildo and things will go just fine because in a way it is I go limp very fast if a bisexual or gay man tries to give me a blow job Sorry guys it has been tried before a few times with no success and a few sad responses Have some fun and wonderful times with me You will not regret it I am looking for FWBs or Fuck buddies but if a man is present I will only perform sexually with women I love oral and depending on the woman I can do a fast or slow sucking and licking of your pussy Either way In want to make you cum in my mouth so I can swallow your cream I also like women that are not afraid to swallow my cream as well and I have been told numerous times that I am both sweet and salty you tell me Please hit me up when I renew my membership if you want to have some awesome good times with me I will not disappoint you with my methods
First post was harsh but this one tells why I am who I am
Posted:May 30, 2021 12:04 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2021 1:42 pm
Music sets my moods for everything I do in life and how I take care of others! Rush's music soothes my soul, and puts at ease, and the album " Signals" says it all about my soul and what I am when it comes caring for the masses. always and forever People need be saved at some point Judas Priest drives my fire and tenacity get things done and stand up for what I believe in and the album "Ram it Down" is my theme album with "Hard as Iron" as my theme song Starting off with the first verse "Whip crack stings the sky. Don't mess with me, I'm danger, the meanest one alive" "Earthquake breaks the Richter scale, the more that you resist, the more the pain you'll feel" I'm blazing on glory, there's thunder in my veins, and nothing stands before , Forever I'll remain, Hard as Iron, Sharp as Steel. Stopped by no man, You better beg and kneel." 3rd verse goes "Untouched, cold as ice. I'll turn your blood to water Strangle in my vise." 4th verse "Shock waves, bones to dust. You're messing with a Minefield, so expect the worst." "last part "As I destroy, last thing you'll hear me cry, is Victory, is Victory! brief pause then the last part I'm blazing on to glory, there's thunder in my veins, and nothing stands before me, Forever I'll remain Hard as Iron, Sharp as Steel. Stopped by no man, you better beg and kneel."
The Scorpions helps my emotions to evolve on a daily basis The song Arizona is how things are here in this state that they were impressed by The zoo tells about how crazy things can be and "The winds of Change" tell about how this world can be at peace Kansas's album " Point of no Return" represents how I see the world around me spiritually speaking and gives me my spiritual beliefs for all I have been though and sees that I am keeping the faith in the here and now that we will survive through what is thrown at humankind during the present day we are living in and I am like The song "Portrait (He knew) which goes like this

"He had a thousand ideas, you might have heard his name, He lived alone with his vision, Not looking for fortune or fame, Never said too much to speak of, He was off on another plane, The words he said were a mystery, Nobody's sure he was sane. But he knew, he knew more than me or you. No one could see his view, Oh, where was he going to. He was in search of an answer. The nature of what we are, He was trying to do it a new way, He was as bright as a star. But nobody understood him, His numbers are not the way, He's lost in the deepest Enigma, Which no one's unraveled today. But he knew, he knew more than me or you, No one could see his view. Oh, where was he going to. And he tried, but before he could tell us he died. When he left the people cried. Oh, where was he going to. He had a different idea, A glimpse of the master plan, He could see in to the future, A true visionary man. But there's something he never told us, It died when he went away. If only he could have been with us, No telling what he might say. But he knew, he knew more than me or you. No one could see his view. Oh, where was he going to But he knew, You could tell by the picture he drew, It was totally something new. Oh, where was he going to. And I am like the song and see things in a different light and that it is difficult for me to share with the people of the whole world. I am an Enigma and a living roller coaster You figure it out
Finally Ozzy Osbourne's latest album with the songs "Under the Graveyard", "Ordinary Man" and his true to heart with huge feelings the song called "Dreamer" is a hard song to ignore if you listen closely to all the words Remember I am a Leprechaun that wields a sword and I ride a Dragon that is half Phoenix and he burns up into his own ashes to be born again and my Dragon's name is Firestorm because that is what he can create to destroy what needs to be destroyed I am a very Spiritual being I can show love and kindness to those around me that deserve it and for those that do not cross me in any way I have a very large heart of platinum and it is as big as the universe The musical groups I listen to that make me who and what I am are very deep I do not know what the future holds for us but something had better be done before we destroy ourselves in a pit of fire I know when hell needs to freeze over The Leprechaun side of me can freeze them and the flames turn Green and Purple which are a Leprechaun's favorite colors and Loki helps some of the time I get kicked out of hell when I sneak in to check on how things are going down there There is a place reserved in hell for me and it is called a throne So let us all be good to one another and maybe just maybe we will survive the turmoil planned for the planet Earth Just to let you also know is the Amazonian Warrior women are here on this planet but are not 8 1/2 feet to 9' tall tall they would scare the shit out of the men on this planet Right now they are about 5 to 6' tall and have a sword in a wreath around it on the back of their right upper arm They are not to be reckoned with They helped to build this planet in it's beginning of beings introducing plants and animals here God had lots of help Remember the world was "created" in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested Who watched over everything while GOD rested HELLO THE LEPRECHAUNS DID as well as other mythical creatures

Who and what I am is more than just a great sex partner
Posted:May 30, 2021 10:02 am
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2022 11:03 am
I am a very complex individual and have numerous likes, dislikes and other issues I am not fond of I am a living rollercoaster so get in and hold on loosely for what you are about to read will shock you to no end. The woman I married in 2007 and have been with since 2003 and have been separated from for the past 8 years gave me my Mantra which states "I am an Enigma and who I am is a gift you unwrap for life" I am a Leprechaun and have grown over the many centuries past and am tired of coming back to this planet to help fix what humankind has wrecked Mother Nature is mad as hell and is thinning the human herd with the Covid-19 virus, natural disasters. Freezing weather throughout the midwestern United States as well as other freezing disasters Volcanoes are erupting killing humans among other things happening worldwide in order to thin out the human herd Just think about everything going on Globally humans are dying all over the world due to one thing or another It is hard to believe what is actually happening all over the world. We are now in the Aquarian Age just like the song "This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius" says so look out Things are going to get freaky all over the world in ways no one can imagine I am of Nordic descent, and Odin who rides a monsterous and powerful 8-legged is my spiritual father and is also the father of Thor, the God of thunder with which he controls with a hammer Thor's half brother is Loki the mischief maker and Loki gets to make mischief along with Limey, my Leprechaun side and so I could easily be called a deity as of late act like one, and I will go to Valhalla when the time comes for me I am very protective of family, friends and others close to me or the weak beings of this planet I wield a sword to protect those in need and I will die by a sword taking my head off but good luck getting that close to me to do so I also like the crossbow, both of which are very quiet weapons, except for the swish of air they make. I can be lethal with either of them. Guns are loud and messy and I do not like them Guns do not kill people but people do the killing of the families of mankind The sword is an old weapon and the mythical creatures went into hiding to survive the killing of their families by the swords or knives But now Leprechauns, Fairies, Elves, and others are making their comebacks Leprechauns are very powerful magically speaking,. Ever see Leprechaun the movie? I as Limey make that one look good and nice I was born in Jan 1965 and I am a space baby I was 4 when mankind walked on the moon in 1969
The Leprechauns started emerging first back around the 1960s and 1970s to make way for the others to reappear including the winged horses or Pegasuses soon to be seen again for the ancient ones who cared for them to care for them again The Unicorn which right now is known as the Narwhal are in our oceans All of these creatures went into hiding when humans discovered Iron and could make the edged weapons that the humans started using to go hunting them all, including a very noble and loyal powerful beast the Dragon which used to walk fly and exist on this planet until their demise at the hands of Dragon Slayers I was born at the tail end of the year of the Dragon and almost the start of the year of the Snake Therefore I am a Serpentine form of life We fear what we do not understand Now know this about me sexually I am a very horny and naughty 56 year old near bisexual man, but not bi I love women even though I have been in threesomes with a man and his wife / GF or 2 lesbians When I was in my mid 20s in the late 1980s I dated 3 bisexual women who were 44, 45, and 46 and had known each other since grade school I will tell you they taught me a lot of what I know now about sexual prowess and why I am a sexual dynamo and can last for hours with very few breaks sexually in the bedroom or what other rooms in the house we have sex in I have a kitchen island countertop i could use as one place in my apt to have sex I am willing to try new things sexually speaking I know I like to make sure the woman or women I am with have a wonderful and memorable good time with me


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