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What is happening on the planet today and in the near future in bits of repair  

Sorcerer1701 58M
2 posts
5/31/2021 10:00 pm
What is happening on the planet today and in the near future in bits of repair

I am an Aquarian and we are an astrological match We are in the Aquarian age like the song This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius Jesus Christ represented the Piscean age An age is about 2000 or so and we are in a scientific age where things are mental in and about knowledge scientifically speaking I am a Leprechaun and I have grown over the centuries of the past and Loki and I are close friends as we are mischief makers and I would be called a Deity and There are things are reserved in hell for me and Loki and they are called thrones The leprechaun side of ne has sneak into hell to freeze the lake of fire and see what is happening down there the flames turn green and purple when they freeze The flames thaw when I get kicked out of hell for giving Satan grief Odin who rides a monsterous 8 legged very powerful I am tired of coming back to this planet due to mankind messing it up and Mother Nature is Highly pissed and has chosen to thin out the human herd with the Covid-19 virus Natural disasters Volcanoes erupting an there are people dying all over the planet Odin is my spiritual father and I am descended from Nordic lines of humanity and I will go to Valhalla when my job here on the Earth is done I am a sorcerer and use white Magic to do my job here on Earth I use black magic to give bad KARMA to those beings that would hurt people for fun The Amazon warriors are here as well and are about 5 1/2 feet to 6 feet tall and they have a sword with a wreath of olive leaves around the sword tattoo on the back of their right arm The use to be almost 9 feet tall but if they showed up that tall mankind would fear them and would not know what to do the warriors are not to be reckoned with and they are very powerful and are here to repair the damage that humankind has caused Leprechauns, I am not the only one and we started to show back up on the planet back in the 1960s to the 1970s and we are space babies and or star in the Tarot cards I have the soul number of 9 and that number is represented by the Hermit who is at the top of the mountain with the lantern of the light of truth and knowledge while the fool or 0 card starts his journey up the mountain in search of truth and knowledge which comes from the tree of knowledge I an also represented by the number 18 card which is the star and represents Aquarius and in numerology 1 plus 8 equals 9 and again there is my number for the hermit and my soul number of 9 puts me in the universal family and i look after the the Tree of Good and Evil in diagrams of the tree Merlin is spelled out in the trees root system I was born in Jan 1965 in the tail end of the year of the Dragon and almost the year of the Snake and I am a Serpentine being as well as a Leprechaun I was 4 1/2 when they walked on the moon and I turn 60 in the next Dragon year Feb 2024 Jan 2025 begin the process of bringing back the mythical beings Like Elves Fairies and other mythical beings like the winged or Pegasus and the Unicorn which is better known as the Narwhal these days which are in our oceans and it has a spiraled horn Dragons will be back as well Dragons are a noble and loyal beast and were the largest creatures ever walk fly or exist on this planet I ride a Dragon that is part Phoenix and his name is Firestorm due to that is what he can create with his fire breath that he has Mythical beings are making appearances all over the planet and we are not small any more We have grown over the centuries to be able to repair the damage done to the planet My call sign is Merlin7 I am a merlin but I am not THE Merlin who lived during the dark ages we all are sorcerers I am the 7th one and I am very powerful in what I can do magically speaking and I bwritev incantations Witches need spell books that are passed down generation after generation after generation wizards can use more than one book but needs written spells but they can only writev spells they gained from several books Sorcerers Do not need books They can write usable incantations that come from the mind and the future of the planet looks grim I can make Karmatic incantations that will increase the bad KARMA to be more destuctive and painful and all Leprechauns are Sorcerers and use white magic as well as do witches and wizards use white magic we all use black magic is when living beings hurt another human for fun then black magic is warranted to increase bad KARMA by a factor of ten Witches, Wizards, and Sorcerers can all use black magic to punish the wrong doer but it will not bring on death to the wrong doer and they will answer to their makers later when they die and are sent to Hell or Hades for their crimes against humankind and the planet has a lot of healing to have happen but it will take decades maybe longer to mend the damage caused by mankind not womankind the women have always been put down by men thinking the women were inferior to men Men will answer for their sins against the planet, mythical creatures that were hunted down and killed due to fearing the unknown Mankind will for his abuse of peaceful living creatures that were killed due once again fearing the unknown mankind is a fearful race of beings and will be punished in the end for their wrong doings Give the planet time heal and mend itself and things will improve with time for the better This Leprechaun has come back this planet a number of times and is tired of coming back again fix things again and again and again and his Dragon this time needs light the spiritual fires for the return of mythical beings again This Dragon is a special one that was born in an active volcano and was impressed mentally by this Leprechaun whose name is Limey and is a Merlin with great skills as a Sorcerer Odin will be happy have Limey leprechaun back in Valhalla look after the Nordic way of life and Loki misses him and Loki has been sort of bored without Limey mess with Satan and the freezing of the lake of fire into the Green and Purple cold flames that Limey can produce Limey has also missed sitting on his own throne located by the lake of fire down in hell Satan will get over the frozen lake of fire this time and the green and purple will be here for a while longer even after Limey goes back to Valhalla with Firestorm the Phoenix Dragon and stopping along the way to Valhalla in Firestorm's birth place still an active volcano but not as active as it use to be when he was born and Limey found him and impressed Firestorm's mind as a young Dragon just barely able to fly out of the volcano and to his new owner as a life partner and care taker

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