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First post was harsh but this one tells why I am who I am  

Sorcerer1701 58M
2 posts
5/30/2021 12:04 pm
First post was harsh but this one tells why I am who I am

Music sets my moods for everything I do in life and how I take care of others! Rush's music soothes my soul, and puts at ease, and the album " Signals" says it all about my soul and what I am when it comes caring for the masses. always and forever People need be saved at some point Judas Priest drives my fire and tenacity get things done and stand up for what I believe in and the album "Ram it Down" is my theme album with "Hard as Iron" as my theme song Starting off with the first verse "Whip crack stings the sky. Don't mess with me, I'm danger, the meanest one alive" "Earthquake breaks the Richter scale, the more that you resist, the more the pain you'll feel" I'm blazing on glory, there's thunder in my veins, and nothing stands before , Forever I'll remain, Hard as Iron, Sharp as Steel. Stopped by no man, You better beg and kneel." 3rd verse goes "Untouched, cold as ice. I'll turn your blood to water Strangle in my vise." 4th verse "Shock waves, bones to dust. You're messing with a Minefield, so expect the worst." "last part "As I destroy, last thing you'll hear me cry, is Victory, is Victory! brief pause then the last part I'm blazing on to glory, there's thunder in my veins, and nothing stands before me, Forever I'll remain Hard as Iron, Sharp as Steel. Stopped by no man, you better beg and kneel."
The Scorpions helps my emotions to evolve on a daily basis The song Arizona is how things are here in this state that they were impressed by The zoo tells about how crazy things can be and "The winds of Change" tell about how this world can be at peace Kansas's album " Point of no Return" represents how I see the world around me spiritually speaking and gives me my spiritual beliefs for all I have been though and sees that I am keeping the faith in the here and now that we will survive through what is thrown at humankind during the present day we are living in and I am like The song "Portrait (He knew) which goes like this

"He had a thousand ideas, you might have heard his name, He lived alone with his vision, Not looking for fortune or fame, Never said too much to speak of, He was off on another plane, The words he said were a mystery, Nobody's sure he was sane. But he knew, he knew more than me or you. No one could see his view, Oh, where was he going to. He was in search of an answer. The nature of what we are, He was trying to do it a new way, He was as bright as a star. But nobody understood him, His numbers are not the way, He's lost in the deepest Enigma, Which no one's unraveled today. But he knew, he knew more than me or you, No one could see his view. Oh, where was he going to. And he tried, but before he could tell us he died. When he left the people cried. Oh, where was he going to. He had a different idea, A glimpse of the master plan, He could see in to the future, A true visionary man. But there's something he never told us, It died when he went away. If only he could have been with us, No telling what he might say. But he knew, he knew more than me or you. No one could see his view. Oh, where was he going to But he knew, You could tell by the picture he drew, It was totally something new. Oh, where was he going to. And I am like the song and see things in a different light and that it is difficult for me to share with the people of the whole world. I am an Enigma and a living roller coaster You figure it out
Finally Ozzy Osbourne's latest album with the songs "Under the Graveyard", "Ordinary Man" and his true to heart with huge feelings the song called "Dreamer" is a hard song to ignore if you listen closely to all the words Remember I am a Leprechaun that wields a sword and I ride a Dragon that is half Phoenix and he burns up into his own ashes to be born again and my Dragon's name is Firestorm because that is what he can create to destroy what needs to be destroyed I am a very Spiritual being I can show love and kindness to those around me that deserve it and for those that do not cross me in any way I have a very large heart of platinum and it is as big as the universe The musical groups I listen to that make me who and what I am are very deep I do not know what the future holds for us but something had better be done before we destroy ourselves in a pit of fire I know when hell needs to freeze over The Leprechaun side of me can freeze them and the flames turn Green and Purple which are a Leprechaun's favorite colors and Loki helps some of the time I get kicked out of hell when I sneak in to check on how things are going down there There is a place reserved in hell for me and it is called a throne So let us all be good to one another and maybe just maybe we will survive the turmoil planned for the planet Earth Just to let you also know is the Amazonian Warrior women are here on this planet but are not 8 1/2 feet to 9' tall tall they would scare the shit out of the men on this planet Right now they are about 5 to 6' tall and have a sword in a wreath around it on the back of their right upper arm They are not to be reckoned with They helped to build this planet in it's beginning of beings introducing plants and animals here God had lots of help Remember the world was "created" in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested Who watched over everything while GOD rested HELLO THE LEPRECHAUNS DID as well as other mythical creatures

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