I need to talk to someone - anyone out there.  

SmashItRealHard 22F  
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5/7/2022 9:18 am
I need to talk to someone - anyone out there.

HI guys
I havent written here in a long time.
i would love to hear from sone who is going through somthing similar to me.
If you have read my post you will know about the medical issues i have.
Does any one else need it all the time.
Its driving me out of my mind at the moment.
Help pleasr.

jamiesplayin 19F
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5/7/2022 12:06 pm

hey how are you doing?

SmashItRealHard 22F  
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5/8/2022 4:35 pm

HI - not so good really

jamiesplayin 19F
22 posts
5/10/2022 7:05 am

hey, I was on the IM, watched for you...

Hillzman77fun 46M

5/13/2022 12:52 pm

sorry to hear you're down lately. Hope you have a restful weekend!

jamiesplayin 19F
22 posts
5/13/2022 6:11 pm

Still around? you never contacted me, on the IM, or mail...

demotedwriter 37T

5/25/2022 10:18 pm

i have medical condition as well, i find it difficult to read and write, even though those are mitwo favorite activities. i was hit by surveillance too, that made it difficult but i was able to find a way to remove it, i had a lot of psychological therapy done through round about ways of self help books, study, group home occassional treatment to buy mi out of difficult situations.

i like to study... hows it going today, do you have regressive feelings yet towards medical?, they usually come up, occassionally. do you have trouble with social? whats the main summery of troubles? many people with medical hae to have a sort of awakening. its difficult because it requires some self study and some (many) solutions all to add up.

i would like to contact youoccassionally, ima older gender drag, usually seeking older tv, women, but i could be of assistance as very mindful, try tothink of it, as that many you wont be with, will do the support

demotedwriter 37T

5/25/2022 10:26 pm

try this...your feelings alone, what are the feelings that bring you to feelings like you have someone, that your consider, a friend, what do you seek in a friend, try stating your trouble what is the trouble you would like to relief, now combine the two, "what friends will relief this trouble"

its hard to know write, but the first step, is contacting the friend, and demanding to them... trying demanding "i want this trouble im having xx, to end, you be the one to end it, and if you dont ill throw a fuss" and then see if they want to help,or if they are a friend or not, keep messaging and blogging too. there are people, (like mi and the others posted here) will all be willing to help

demotedwriter 37T

5/25/2022 10:33 pm

i wish i can lend you advise and help you thru your struggle, but your also alot younger, i seek social relationships and do the work to see people through, and appreciate lonely people. message mi, i also organize and advise people. your too good to be, but ill help and see it through.... (im overzealous worker, seeking lonely people, with no strings attached)

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