If you don't laugh you'll cry  

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1/5/2021 8:17 pm

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If you don't laugh you'll cry

Today was a really weird day. I was out to do some shopping, but first I was taking some me time. After standing in line for a cup of coffee, I lowered my mask to take a drin When I did a woman approached and handed a note. The note asked if I was so and so from Senior Sizzle. I acknowledge that I was and she lowered her mask for a moment. I recognized her, though I had not had any interaction with her on the site. She said that she had seen me without my mask and recognized me when I had gotten out of my car. Here was a big surprise, someone just recognizing me just from my picture on a website. Who would think that could happen. With our coffee we went a table out of the way and started comparing notes, what we wanted and if there was a chemistry between us. We decided go someplace where we could have more fun.

We ended up at at local motel and started learn more about each other. Kissing and feeling our bodies pressing together. As we sat on the bed, clothes started to slowly come off. First shoes then shirts and bra, which allowed me to attention her breasts. Oh, they were so nice and firm, she really did not need a bra. sliding her pants down I found that she wore skimpy panties. I slid them aside and kissed her pussy. The sweet aroma hit my nostrils like a hammer. I wanted more and as my tongue parted her lips I felt I was in heaven. She was so good, the smell was heady and the taste brought back memories that I had not tasted in many . I buried my face into her pussy and started licking the length of her sex. My tongue entered her and she arched her back and moaned. I felt her fingers grab handfuls of my hair and she pulled my face tighter to her pussy.

I slid my tongue up and across her clit and felt a vibration course across her body. As I concentrated on her clit, I slid a finger into her and started sliding in and out like I hoped my cock would later do. Not content to please her with one finger I added more and her moans and groans increased. I thought "Man, it will feel so good fuck this woman." My fingers made small in and out motions, I found her g-spot and I could feel her pleasure building an orgasm. She pulled tighter, legs clamped my head so I could not escape. The her orgasm was a rush, hands pulling and pushing, legs clamped tight, back arching and moans getting louder and louder. She started saying yes, Yes, YES. YEEEESSSSS. My face is now covered with her juices, the taste was sweeter than I remembered.

As she relaxed, she still had her fingers in my hair and she pulled me up kiss her. As we kissed she put her hand on the crotch of my jeans and started caressing my crotch. She started kissing down my chest and across my stomach, stopping to concentrate on removing the belt and opening my jeans. Kneeling next to the bed she pulled down my pants, as she pulled she kept her eye on my crotch. Seeing concern on her face, she reached up and pulled down my shorts. As my shorts cleared my crotch the look of concern changed to a look of surprise. She jumped up and screamed "You have got to be fucking kidding me." Quickly she started putting her clothes back on. Looking at me with contempt, she spat "You think you are going to fuck me with that? That tiny, little cock that won't hardly fill me? You are a fucking joke." She finished dressing and stormed out.

I was stunned. Never have I been humiliated like that in my life about anything let alone about my cock. Of course I have only been with one woman in my life. I went into the bathroom and washed my face trying to calm down. I dressed and left the room. It least the room was paid for and I did not need to return to the office to check out. My thoughts were in an uproar, she got what she wanted and I really got nothing. At first I was angry, not only did she get to have an orgasm, I did not get to stick my cock into her pussy. Then I remembered an old saying "It is not how big it is but how you use it." I then laughed, she judged so quickly she never found out if I could please her, other than with my tongue.

Well I got to do more than I thought when I started today. To this is a new adventure. I guess getting ridiculed is just the price you pay in this world. In a world where I did not know that you could have sex so easy.

Gforce1040 58M
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1/9/2021 5:03 pm

Wow, that was quite a story and well written and very erotic and even vulnerable. Thanks for sharing it. She should have laid you down, put your cock in her mouth and kept it there until you became physically aroused. She should have cared for your physical pleasure like you did for her. She should have been patient with you and serviced you well. She did not and did not deserve to have you grow inside her mouth. I'm glad you got what you did and I'm glad all of it was pleasurable until the end. You GO adventure boy.

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