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The Friday break up…or not!  

SilyconBond 54M
251 posts
9/15/2020 6:04 pm

Last Read:
9/16/2020 7:10 am

The Friday break up…or not!

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SilyconBond 54M
148 posts
9/15/2020 6:05 pm

The Friday break up…or not!
I know it has been a while since I updated this blog.
My life got complicated. Seeing two women during the week, plus a third one on Saturdays is exhausting.
I really had plans to drop the two I was seeing during the weekdays. They are both connected to my job.
Made plans with both to meet in Pflugerville at the same time so I wouldn’t have to explain twice over a week ago Friday.
Well, my job caught me off guard. I was running late, almost an hour and both of them were where I asked. One of them told me to meet them someplace else when I got off work. I was surprised the address was gun range.
I hadn’t been to a gun range since my time in the Army, and never an indoor range. All ranges I went to in the Army were outside. My morning meetup wanted to practice for her Level Four Security guard position. The other had little experience with a handgun. Both can outshoot me from my observation. It’s been a while for me.
The range sells guns. I had never been there before. You have to sign a waiver, and observers don’t have to pay. At least they didn’t charge me. 50 cents a target, $16 an hour to shoot and you buy their ammo. Conversation in the area of the shooters is difficult. You wear hearing protection, and the gunfire from others is pretty loud. They have a Ladies night for $8 an hour, but it didn’t match their schedules.
So there we were, behind the line, both of them holding weapons. Loud blasts in the background and I blurted out.
“I need to give back your keys,” I said to them.
My morning meetup just laughed. The evening meetup whined, “But why?”
“My job is starting to pick up and I’m exhausted,” I said. True, but not everything.
“He’s worried about his job.” Morning meetup said. Ok, so she knew the whole truth.
“Why? The investigation is over.” said the other.
“It’s the drama. If things go bad between any of us, he could lose his job.” Morning meetup said.
Loud gunfire in the background. Followed by more gunfire from the women in front of me. Jeepers, morning meetup is a really good shootist I observed. She had two guns in front of her so I asked. “Why two guns?”
“This is the type they will issue me, and this one is mine. I keep it with me at all times I am not on site. The issued one is heavier, but I have to qualify with it. That’s why I practice every week. You see that guy, at the other end.” She said.
“Yeah,” I said.
“He’s really good. I see him here every week.” She said and blasted the target with one shot, paused, then two consecutive shots, paused, then three in a row with the bigger gun she had in hand. I could tell her second and third shots dropped lower from her first one fired in her three sets. She looked frustrated.
“What’s wrong?” I asked reading her face.
“I hate this gun. It’s heavier than mine and I can feel my hand drop after the first shot.” She said.
“BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!” Shot my evening meetup. I wasn’t watching her, and she hit the target. Her grouping was mediocre. Morning meetup coached her about her breathing. I just watched as my morning meetup went through stance, grip, breath. It brought back memories of my Army days, only my instructor was a lot uglier and yelled a lot more and of course, I wasn’t sleeping with him. That was a scary thought. The image of my drill sergeant in the same bed as me made me nauseous. Stupid brain.
I was pondering how to bring the conversation back to giving back their keys, gently. More gunfire erupted on the other side from where I stood. I couldn’t see his target, but he was very careful between shots. His gun was similar to the heavier gun my morning meet up was using.
Morning meetup went back to her target lane. She replaced her target, smiled at me as the target moved downrange. “No. You can’t give me back my key yet. I’m not done with you.” She said.
“I’m exhausted. I need a break” I said.
Morning meetup picked up the smaller gun, put it in her purse, then held the purse at her side. I thought she was done.
“A couple days or a week maybe?” Morning meetup asked.
“A week feels like a long time. It’s harder for me to fall asleep on the days he doesn’t visit.” Evening meetup whined.
“A week, yes, I need a week,” I said quickly.
“Good, good…” Morning meetup said and quicker than I could blink, drew her gun from her purse and her purse fell, spilling its contents onto the ground.
I looked at the purse content’s on the ground, but she had stood and held the gun with both hands and fired six shots in a row. She lowered the gun.
I was confused. She placed the gun down in front of her, then moved the target closer.
I looked at the things on the floor. Lipstick, some lotion, her wallet. Evening meetup started to pick up the items and stuff them back in Morning meetup’s purse.
My attention was focused on the target now. Five shots grouped tight except one, it was about two inches lower than the five. She reloaded her gun.
“Yeah, you’re better with that one. Why drop the purse?” I asked.
“I try to practice the scenario as it might play out. Since you’re here. Try going for my purse. “ She said as Evening meetup handed it back to her.
“I…” I said. “Relax, I won’t shoot you. “ She said. I believed her. She waited for the gun to cool I guess, then stuffed it back in her purse. Replaced the target, sent it downrange, further away this time.
I felt uneasy. I took a step towards her, went for the purse. Her other hand pulled the gun. In a heartbeat, I had the purse, but she held the gun and she fired it downrange. As I clutched the purse tight to my chest, she fired all six shots. She laughed as she brought the target closer.
“What’s so funny?” I asked. “You, thinking that purse would shield you. You should have ducked or ran.” She said.
I looked at the target. The grouping wasn’t as tight, and they were all just a little lower. All six shots would have hit a real person though.
“What if I had gone for you instead?” I asked.
“Then we would have made out on the floor. You make a terrible bad guy.” She laughed.
“He does, doesn’t he.” Evening meetup said.
“I can be a bad guy,” I said defensively.
“Really? You’re not convincing me. He’s done, do your thing.” Morning meetup said and pointed behind me.
“My thing?” I asked.
“That magic thing you do.” She said.
Evening meetup was smiling, knowing something and she nodded.
The contrast between the two was dramatic, except their smiles. Dark skin on one, pale skin on the other. Both were showing white teeth. Both near the same height. What magic thing? The only thing I ever did with strangers was talk to them. Then I realized that was exactly what she was asking.
I paused as I observed the guy. He had a holster for his gun, but he was folding his paper targets, then picking up a notebook. I charged ahead to talk to him. What the hell.
Our conversation moved from the gun range, back to the store, and finally outside. He gave me his business card, and I gave him mine. The two women were waiting over by Morning meetup’s car.
As I approached them, “Well, he's a nice guy.” I said.
“Too nice, whatcha think?” Morning meetup asked the other.
“A wuss.” She replied.
“A wuss? How did you come to that?” I asked.
“He deferred to you. You could tell from his body language. His yes sir, and no sir bullshit.” She replied.
“He was being polite.” I argued, then said, “I’m hungry, want to go get some food?”
“Nope. You want a week break, remember. We made plans without you.” Morning meetup kissed me on the cheek and got into her car, the other got into the passenger side, no kiss. Weird.
I walked to my car, disappointed. I wondered why were they riding in the same car together? It’s what I wanted, a break, right. Did it have to start right then? I mean I made no plans for the weekend. Ugh. Tried not to overthink it, but I did anyway.

japaneseass 55F
50231 posts
9/15/2020 7:12 pm

ya...i remember the security you need a break, you say??? well, Keanu Reeves won't say stuff like that??? but are no Keanu Reeves

author51 59F  
130010 posts
9/15/2020 11:15 pm

Yes my friend, you do need a break from both of them..Take it and the weekend to yourself without either of them...Good to see you back here Hun...xoxo

mufdiver69er2 62M  
1951 posts
9/16/2020 2:51 am

the one flyaway shot? lots of times its the first one off the clip..course im assuming she was shooting an auto..

woop woop

SilyconBond 54M
148 posts
9/16/2020 6:50 am

    Quoting japaneseass:
    ya...i remember the security you need a break, you say??? well, Keanu Reeves won't say stuff like that??? but are no Keanu Reeves
Her situation is very fluid. She is trying for a promotion, and if she gets it, she can't work on the job site I work. She is social at work...very social....very very social...I wouldn't even be involved with the other had she not been so social.

SilyconBond 54M
148 posts
9/16/2020 6:54 am

    Quoting author51:
    Yes my friend, you do need a break from both of them..Take it and the weekend to yourself without either of them...Good to see you back here Hun...xoxo
I took that week off, and work crowded my time. Plus, the upcoming lawsuit. I spent a lot of the time on phone with my lawyer. We made better arrangements for this week, and so far, I'm more relaxed. Thank you my friend.

SilyconBond 54M
148 posts
9/16/2020 7:10 am

    Quoting mufdiver69er2:
    the one flyaway shot? lots of times its the first one off the clip..course im assuming she was shooting an auto..
She owns a six shot revolver and the second is an automatic with a clip (borrowed from the range). I didn't even know she had a gun till I saw them at the range. It never came up. She likes the revolver better. She claims she is faster with it. From my observation only, she is a better shot with the revolver. Her eyesight is better than mine, and she told me what her shots meant. I have no experience watching other people shoot. Just being on the range in the Army didn't make me an expert.

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