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Fourth of July, Wasn’t my night on so many levels. #0006  

SilyconBond 54M
251 posts
7/5/2020 12:53 pm
Fourth of July, Wasn’t my night on so many levels. #0006

First, I was home alone, reading one of the modules here on the sex academy. Thinking, maybe this would help educate me on something new. The first two chapters of the module were making the sale of using sex toys. It didn’t exactly line the title of the class, but what the hell. I like using toys, and I did learn something new. I could refer to toys as tools. OMG! I am so good at using tools. Especially modifying them or manipulating them into doing something completely different.
I’ve never had a difficult time selling the idea of using them, and the first two chapters were devoted mostly to that.

It brought back memories, of the petite blond I had a crush on, us experimenting in her bedroom with several. Of the Nigerian woman whose skin was so exotically dark black, and her smile lit the room. Of the Taiwanese woman, I bought several for her use when I wasn’t around. Of the Hispanic woman who loved butt plugs.

of which live several hundred miles away or more tonight.

Then I got an invitation from a couple on this site…Hmmm…It was direct and to the point. I loved it, only….for the first hour, their replies back to took twenty minutes each text. So as I tried to continue my tutorial, and the stupid thing does not go automatically start on the last page you were on. It starts on page 1 for the chapter every time you get back to it.
Argh! Getting more anxious by the moment, this was my first real-life meetup potential since I joined a couple of days ago.

They wanted pictures. Dreading it, I took the security stickers off my cell so I could take one of my face. I sent them the pic, then my neighbor came over to borrow an extension cord for his Mom’s ventilator.

He handed me this melted plastic white cord and said it could have burned the house down. Looking at it, I believed him. I have higher amperage rated cords. No problem looks like the meetup was still going to happen. I let my neighbor talk.

Then the couple requested a dick pic. I was laughing, and I wanted to drop shorts then. I didn’t have one. I have never taken a picture of my dick.

My neighbor kept talking and what he said wasn’t making any sense while I was thinking how to get this stupid pic. So I resigned to ease my neighbor's fears by going to look at where he plugged the cord in. If his Mom didn’t get back on the machine soon, he would have to take her the emergency room. Secretly, I was hoping she would die before anything could be done. She is not a nice lady. She berates him a lot, and when I have called her out on it, she does her “I’m the victim here routine.”

Fuck! After looking at the receptacle, I went back to my house to get my multimeter. My fucking cord that I gave him was fifty feet long. Long enough to reach every outlet on his second floor. His Mom has a dog, that chews on power cords. WTF? The white cord was exposed in her room and the had chewed it. It shorted, and the breaker did trip.

Only, the breaker would not turn back on. Or rather, I could turn it on, and it didn’t work. I pulled the breaker and tested it. He needed a new breaker. All the fucking stores close early that we could get one from. He didn’t have a spare circuit that wasn’t essential to supporting his mom in some way. Her little refrigerator, can’t use that one. Keeps her meds cold. Can’t use the one for the TV, because although it's in the next fucking room, she listens to it to fall asleep. Plus, if he ran the cord to another outlet in the house outside that room that would chew up MY cord. ARGH!

Simple solution, I took a breaker from my own house. Now, I couldn’t use the microwave until I get him a new breaker, or me. I don’t trust him to buy the right kind. He’s a painter and is so good at it. I have seen him paint perfectly straight lines that go across rooms with no tape. It’s impressive to me anyway.

However, he is so clumsy around anything that’s not a paintbrush in his hand. The screwdriver that he borrowed, came back bent. He left my crescent wrench on the back of his friend’s truck, and forgot it, till his friend drove away. The truck hit the end of the driveway, and the wrench ricocheted into his car windshield that was parked on the street.

I heard the fireworks, as I was moving a heavy dresser to cover up my cord. How can such sweet be attached to this person, and have this one strange habit? I have babysat the at my house a couple of times. She chewed through an exposed PC power cord within moments after I left the room. I had extra, but it was annoying at the time.

Anyway, I’ve known him for years. I had to choose and it sucked ass. Just as I finished, walking back to the house, ready to follow up with the couple. My youngest called freaking out. There was drama at his house, and he begged me to come over. At least he perceived it as the end of the world. Ugh, to be nineteen again.

I went. Solved his issue, and it took a lot of time. I was exhausted and hungry by the time I got back home. I had to run a fucking extension cord to my microwave to eat one of my prepared meals. Really believing I made the wrong choice.

In my mind, I felt awful. Not because of what I did, but because I really believed I let that couple down. I was home all day yesterday, nobody IM’d me then. I messaged people back when they messaged me first. I have only initiated one text so far to a female who this site says reads my profile at least ten times. Why would anyone keep returning to reread my profile? It’s in flux right now. I haven’t had enough people tell me how bad it sucks yet. I think the notification alarm is buggy.

I am stupidly ignorant of contacting people via text or email that is not business-related. Every single encounter or experience I’ve had that led to sex, started with a face to face introduction, or…they contacted me first via email. I have heard of guys doing it but I don’t know any guys that tell me they do anymore. I obviously don’t have the right kind of friends yet.

This site was recommended to me by a female I met at the grocery store. However, she didn’t stay local long enough for her to actually show me the hidden rules. She just used me for sex and flew away. The day I signed up, she was getting on a plane to the Bahamas. So I have been playing around with the profile, the questions, and starting a blog. Casually reading a few other blogs. I don’t have the skill set or creative design some of the ones I read.

Plus, there are so many. Too many. And from the ones I read, there are factions. Plus, some sort of<b> weird </font></b>drama going on between several. How am I to choose which faction to belong to? Or will a faction just adopt me into their group if I am here long enough?

Plus, how do I praise someone when I don’t know if it will affect their current social standing here? I’m just going to have to message them privately I guess. I’m pretty low status at the moment, tagging yourself to me publicly might not be a good idea for anyone right now. I’ve seen it happen a lot of times, the new guy gets stuck with the most awful mentor ever, and it’s difficult to coach them away from their practices the longer they are exposed. I do not have a mentor here, yet. Any volunteers? I’ll buy coffee and we can talk shop.

I have only been here days, and I have been treated fairly, nicely, and am humbled by messages I have received so far.

The ice breaker messages confuse the hell out of me. Because I found out they are not actually being sent by the sender, thank you the other nice couple that pointed that out. The “flirting” button…Huh? The eight I have received so far, don’t feel real at . Can’t put my finger it yet. Why would I be getting any flirts anyway? I haven’t reached out anyone with my intention yet.

I read on a blog somewhere 48 million people use this site. I know several software engineers that could fix my annoyances with this site. It doesn’t feel like the providers of this service actually use it. Am I wrong on this? The site seems wonky. Why hide the instant button? The sex academy always defaults to page 1? How come I have to scroll through several pages instead of having a drop-down of the last page I was on. Plus, why am I get notices from the same person reading my profile? If they read it once, it should send a notice, and only that first one. Not ten. If she was really interested…She would open with something like…. “Hi”, yup. Easy.

Mighty, Mighty Out.

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