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10/14/2021 6:46 am

Was ok. Someone that had no clue was micro managing which was annoying. I was just happy i didn't have go assist in area i hate because he had it handled. The micro managing person seems just like look in charge and sound in charge because she isn't of any assistance. For example came and told me the bathroom is a mess and i said well did you want to go clean it 's the papertowels and cleaner. She did surprisingly. She isn't goung to have a problem with something and hand it off to me. We are rank but i have been there longer and use supervise. She also calls in sick a lot refuses do any job that isnt just standing there and always takes really long lunches and seems always get by with the bs. My got a pizza cook. He thought he was getting a cheese one but didnt realize it was bacon n white onion n olive oil. It looked and sounded gross but was ok once i added cucumbers n bell peppers salt pepper n garlic n herb seasoning. He finally spent the day doing deliveries but was wiped out but i was proud of him. Hes been doing job interviews but got nothing yet. Just he n i working again and its stressful. His fiancee wont make her n 19 yr olds work. Hasnt made the yr old go school for a yr now so those lazy things eat us out of everything lay around sleeping and playing video<b> games. </font></b>If their mom ask them do anything they sigh and moan about others not doing it. The oldest will sweep after i habe already done that. He use do dishes but mostly i am the only one that does dishes and towels for us and my does the yard work and cooking and cleaning. Now that she isnt working he has stay her get her do anything when he was doing everything and she worked. I work and still do dishes and laundry and sweeping so i dont understand why people that don't wont help with anything. If our stuff is in dryer when her oldest needs dryer he throws ours on table when if we find anyone elses in dryer we fold it n place it neatly on table for them. Now i just leave their shit wherever till they come get it. They don't help me with anything and act like i am expected do everything for them. Nope. Not my . They are practically grown. They do their laundry but wont do towels they use just leave em laying around bathroom or wherever. They drink water but leave water in bottle when tossing and don't recycle when we have a container for that. It is just all so annoying. Yes i am using this to vent. I got 2 deliveries the other day no tips but made . Boss at work suppose be front end boss but really is more of a pain then a help so i wish he would go away. He wastes my time asking questions and bugging me about stuff when i am busy helping people and watching 4 self checkouts n 2 cashiers. He needs go help customer or leave alone. with 2 other bosses. They need help or go bug someone else. Supposedly corporate can look at cameras and watch so why dont they see then doing absolutely nothing but being on their phones n staying in a office doing nothing day? I blocked ex after last convos with him. He was on my last nerve. He was asking why i was being mean when i use be so sweet and giving. The answer is back then i thought he was my soulmate and that he would come around. Never happened in 7 yrs. He would just give me hope by saying stuff like he would like stay the night or wake with or move in with him etc etc. Never happened. Any of it. No dates in 7 yrs. No gifts but 1 toy n candy once out of the blue for no reason in 7 yrs. Just sick of being his piece of ass when hes just an ass i guess. Woke and realized i was off n with him long i was married 7 yrs n at almost 50 hes just wasted my time at this point just like ex husband did so fuck him. Happy just ne alone n with myself when i need at this point.

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