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Escaping Clutches of American Medical and REVERSING DIABETES  

Runningmon 57M
15 posts
12/14/2021 6:31 am
Escaping Clutches of American Medical and REVERSING DIABETES

Please know that Diabetes is completely reversible through Functional medicine and it is free. Do a YouTube for Dr Mark Hyman and learn how functional medicine is about restoring health instead of American medicine which has a business plan to suppress cures and use chemical medicine that intentionally keeps patients sick for life and dependent on their toxic medicines.

The Keto diet is very beneficial for eliminating/reversinf diabetes as it is the elimination of most of the carbs from your diet and the introduction of 7 to 10 cups of vegetables a day with clean organic fats and protein. I will write more about diet in a different blog, the main point is that a corrupt system is targeting people and basically inflicting diabetes on people (generally low income) and keeping them sick for profit just like the CDC did in the TUSKEEGEE experiments where they intentionally lied to a group of African American men so that they would die of Syphilus and be observed for these criminals who<b> control </font></b>the CDC to benefit from the scientific research.

They have created us as the sickest country in the history of humanity.
Never before has there been such a great division in wealth. One 1 millionth of the population of the planet has far more wealth than everyone else combined. This group is the enemy to all of us USELESS EATERS as they refer to us as.

They<b> control </font></b>the United Nations, the world economic forum, They own the central banking systems of the world. They own all mainstream media and<b> control </font></b>the universities and government science institutions such as FDA CDC, WHO, EPA, Cancer institutes, Diabetes Assn
and USDA.

They use their BigTech censorship suppress empowering information and to divide our people by not allowing open conversations and by silencing viewpoints of those who disagree. This is just like the book burning in nazi Germany...What the media is accomplishing now with their biased propaganda and lies is no different from nazi Germany except it is on a vastly larger global scale and is far far more psychological and subsersive......CONTROL THE MEDIA, CONTROL THE PEOPLE.

Instead of killing 6 million people like the nazis did, I believe this small group intends to try to kill off 6 Billion of us by their agenda to stop us from reproducing via injections of very DNA damaging toxins and collapse of our food system, Collapse of our system, and release of more bioweapons, as well as possible kinetic war as an opportunity to remove all of those who oppose them and disarm the American citizens.

They are the ones who are in the process of forcing what they are calling the GREAT RESET Their goal is a single world system that they<b> control.

</font></b>This group is evil and they stand for global de population. In order to achieve such a thing they have had to get incredibly wealthy which they have done by controlling the medical system and creating us into the sickest country in the history of humanity. From that they have gained the wealth that they need to carry out this plan to implement a single world government system known as the New World Order as quoted by George Bush with his ties to nazi Germany powers alive and powerful today.

People of color are unfairly targeted by this corrupt system that has made us the sickest country in the history of humanity. High blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes.

Please, we must share the words with all people of color who we see, that they are in danger of vitamin D deficiency because of the pigmentation of the skin. 96% of Covid hospitalizations and fatalities were people who are vitamin D deficient. Elderly people who do not get outside, and indoor workers, and everybody during the winter time, needs to be taking a very good high-quality vitamin D supplement that also includes K2

If you are taking blood thinners and they are telling you to avoid eating wonderful vegetables like kale and spinach that have K2 then you can do as you choose but I personally would get the hell away from that corrupt medical system telling you to take the toxic chemicals and eat the same toxic food you are eating and avoid vegetables.

They are $1 trillion entity because people are doing exactly as these health agencies that they<b> control </font></b>are having us do

It is my passion in life to reach to people of all colors who suffer from these symptoms that have been engineered upon our country.

The kind of information I am going to share is highly censored by this same group that benefits from having made us so sick now that many people are in danger merely from seasonal flus and other respiratory diseases.

I will add more info that the powers to be do not want us to know or we will be reversing their diabetes cash cow.

13129 posts
12/14/2021 10:17 am

Hi and welcome to the blogs !

mufdiver69er2 62M  
1951 posts
12/14/2021 1:36 pm

ya know....reading this my first thought was...if this was true....they wouldnt have let it through....bwahahaha

woop woop

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