My Favorite Sexual Encounter  

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4/13/2021 8:54 am
My Favorite Sexual Encounter

Back in my younger days I had meet, through work, an older yet very attractive married woman and developed a mentor/mentee type relationship. She was, as I said very attractive, and I was a young single guy, but she was older and married to a man whim whom I also had a perfessional relationship, so I didn't even consider it an option.
That was until an evening after an industry coneference that I escorted her back to her hotel room, in my mind just to protect her from a number of gentlemen who were looking to score themselves as she had attended without her husband. I went in we had a few drinks and well one thing lead to another and I had what probably was my second favorite sexual encounter. To that point I had only been with my High School girlfriend, who was a bit of a prude, and then a couple of random hookups with<b> drunk </font></b>girls in college. Being with an older experienced woman who knew not only what to do but what she wanted to do and seemed to know exactly what I wanted her to do to me was epic.
The next morning after just a brief nap, she woke me with a BJ and then scooted me out to return to my own room. I didn't run her for the rest of the day and went home not sure what to think. The following monday I came into work to a voicemail from her thanking for a great night, asking me to keep it discreet and I thought that was that. Then later in the week I had a regular contact with her and it was all business until at the very end she drops "i told my husband everything, he wants you to come over for dinner."
Oh shit! No way was I doing thatL But she assured me it was okay and asked her to do her a favor and come over. I sweeted it out for a few days but I finally agreed and come that Friday evening I put on my best suit and bought the most expensive bottle of wine I had ever purchased and headed over.
Now they had a huge house, I mean huge, he was the President of the Company they worked for and of one of the two original owners and I knew they had money but this was overwhelming. So already crawling out of my skin, I sat through dinner, and was just super uncomfortable even as we chatted about nothing but small talk and some indusrty news and I got grilled about how my job was, and how it was working for my boss whom had a reputation in the industry for being a super-jack-ass, and just nothing meanless stuff, the whole dinner She is giving me reassuring looks and everyonce and a while patting my hand from across the table. I am still freaking out but both she and he kept filling my wine glass and towards the end of dinner Iwas feeling a little more mellow.
So as dinner ends he asks Her to clean up while me and him go out on the patio and have a talk. OH SHIT! They have a huge property and I am pretty sure that he is about to shoot me and bury me out in the woods and I am never going to be heard from again. But she smiles at me and rubs my shoulder and told me it was going to be okay. So I went out with him , still scared shitless but hey it was worth it, she was that good.
We get outside on the patio next to their pool and hot tub and he whips out a huge cigar and asks me if I want one, I was dying for a cigarette but not to be rude (I mean I had after all fucked his wife) I said yes. Then he offers me a scotch. Now I was a young man just out of college , and well not entirely uncouth but not much of a Scotch drinker, but again I said yes. And it was good Scotch, I was no expert and still am, not but I know this was no bottom shelf stuff, it had the taste, just slightly chilled by a single round ice cube, which I thought was a nice trick, and smooth.
He starts off by lighting our cigars and he explaigns he is only allowed one per week now. Then he says that he hopes that we can just keep "all this between, the three of us..." So I am like Yes, Sir, I wouldn't dream of saying anything Sir," all that falling all over myself thinking he is about to rip into me about being a little punk who took advantadge of his wife while she was drunk, but he didn't. He starts going on about how he is stepping back from the Business to focus on other oppurtunities, which I already knew as it was a small industry and everybody knows everybody else and what the gossip is. Then he goes on that that is not true. He has actually stepped back because he was dealing with some health problems. He then goes on to say that he has had some side effects and thats where I come in.
I figure ok he has been having some problems in his intimate realtionship with his wife and that is why she strayed and it all good, if he can forgive me and forgive her, it will never happen again, and I am sorry. He stops me and goes no worries, she's still young (she was in her mid-late 40's I was guessing at the time, but he was in his 60's, so young was relative) and well she has needs and if I was able to be discreet and I was willing he wanted me to continue my relationship with his wife. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I was a bit floored, and well after all the wine and the Scotch and the nicotine buzz from the cigar my head was swimming. In fact I was actually thinking about my drive in and trying to remember if there was a place where I could pull over and take a nap, because I was in no condition to drive home.
After a moment I stuttered that I was certainly willing, and I would be very discreet, and I sympathised with him and thought it was very magnanomous of him and all that. And I tend to ramble on when<b> drunk </font></b>and he just smiled at me and held up his hand to cut me off . "I have a big ask though."
Sure I said anything, hell she was super hot, great in bed and well I was just glad I wasn't about to wind up buried in a shallow grave in the woods.
....I'll get to the good part in the next installment.

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