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Welcome to my blog!
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Posted:Apr 26, 2019 7:00 am
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2019 2:32 pm
My lover is shaved smooth. Before him, I had never been with a man who kept his cock and balls shaved smooth. I have to admit, I love the look, feel and sensation of it....inside me, in my hand, in my mouth.

Yesterday, he invited me to be the one to shave him. I admit, I was a little apprehensive at doing it, fearful that I would nick him or abrade him.

He made it perfect, romantic, erotic and, yes, genuinely fun.
Posted:Apr 7, 2019 1:15 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2019 2:20 pm
Voices, serious, doing business, as I cry out with my orgasm...

That was my last meeting with my lover...

He had a conference call, that he took from our hotel room....

We had been kissing, touching, disrobing....and then he had to get on a call...

He sat at the desk, naked, his cock erect, swollen, as I pulled my clothes off and lay there in front of him, seductively massaging my pussy as he talked and eyed me....

I felt my arousal rising, the wetness pouring out of me, then, his call ended, and, before I knew it, my lover grabbed my hand, pushed it aside, and with his warm, wet, skilled tongue, drove me rapidly to orgasm, my hips rising off the bed and I shrieked and ground my pussy against his mouth...

Then, suddenly, he mounted me, thrusting his erect cock in me, and fucking my still orgasming pussy....until I felt him throbbing and emptying his semen in me....leaving my pussy swollen and covered in his cum.....

His body covered mine, both of us quivering with the aftershocks of our orgasms......panting, his still swollen cock deep inside.....
My Fertile Afternoon
Posted:Feb 4, 2019 3:05 am
Last Updated:May 8, 2019 2:21 pm
I love having my man take me when we both know I am ripe with fertility.

Ovulation is wonderful.....knowing that I am ripe, as a woman, for him, make me ache for his touch, his body covering mine, his erection, deep inside, ready to spill his seed in me, marking me with his semen.....

I met him this past week, somewhat impromptu, and we shared a bite at the restaurant where we first met, before we went to our hotel for an afternoon of shared pleasure.

We had a drink, and, as he was returning calls, I stripped and he walked into the bedroom where I lay on the bed, in my bra and panties.....looking up at him....

He pulled his clothes off, and lay next to me, kissing passionately, running his hands over my body, and then turned me over on to my belly, running his lips along the small, downy hairs along my spine to the nape of my neck. I trembled, shivered and giggled, feeling goose bumps along my arms and legs.

His body was pressed against mine, his erection pressed against the crack of my rear, and, there was a part of me that ached to just say: "Just fuck me...please, just fuck me...."...but there was a part of me that ached to have him continue his tease, the anticipation, the slow stimulation of my senses.

He pushed me down, kissed me deeply, and slowly ran his warm, soft lips along my neck and breasts, teasing my erect nipples with his teeth...and slowly running his lips along my flat belly.....

Tracing his tonge between my legs, and he ran his tongue along my panties, so that I could feel the warmth and wetness through them, but the teasing pressure along my pussy....

Before long, my panties were soaked, both from his mouth and my growing wetness....and I felt my lover pull them to one side and start running his tongue and lips along my now-aroused pussy....

Soon, his tongue found my clitoris, and, ohhhhhhhh.....he teased me with soft, intimate teasing along and around.....

I could not wait, and growled at him...”I want to feel your cock in me, NOW” and with that he pulled my panties off and mounted me, thrusting his cock in so deeply I gasped. He looked down at me, smiling lewdly, and said: “I am going to wait to cum in you.....I want to fill you with cum as you orgasm.”

I looked up at him, his face flushed with lust, knowing how badly he wanted to flood my fertile belly with his seed, feeling his erection moving slowly in me, hearing a wet, liquid sound as his cock moved in me, my pussy flooded with the wetness ready to transport his seed to my waiting belly.......

Oh, my God!
Posted:Jan 22, 2019 11:51 am
Last Updated:May 23, 2019 3:34 pm
“Oh, my God!”

That’s what I often cry out when my lover makes me cum.

This past week, I didn’t....but not because I didn’t have incredible orgasms with him...and, I proud to say, I made him release his cum deep inside me, over, and over.......and it pleased me to leave him, my panties saturated with our sex, filled with his seed, smelling of lust and abandon.

I arrived at our room, eager to shed my clothes and lose myself in wild, transformative sexual pleasures with him. He didn’t disappoint.

We embraced, kissing passionately, and he fixed me a drink, and we sat on the couch, sipping, talking, feeling the warmth of the alcohol in my throat and the growing warmth between my legs.

My lover went into the bathroom for a moment, and I took the opportunity to tear off my clothes, leaving on my bra and panties. He walked out, and when he saw me, his cock immediately sprang to attention in his pants, and, without delay, he pulled off his clothes. He ran his hands over my body, and I arched to meet his touch. I was aching to feel him, on me, in me.

Smiling, he positioned himself between my legs, and, pulling my panties to one side, ran his warm tounge over my pussy lips and clitoris. The surge of pleasure was overwhelming, and I moaned loudly. I heard the sounds of his tounge traveling over my pussy, wet, liquid, and his expert fingers massaged my G-spot in rhythm to his tongue. I felt a steady stream of wetness from between my legs, and as I looked down between moans, I saw his mouth and lips covered in my arousal.

He teased and tormented me with pleasure, and I felt my body trembling and shivering with arousal. Then, suddenly, there it was, my orgasm, and I heard a low, guttural roar issuing from my mouth, as my hips lifted from the couch, and I hovered there, in a sustained, deep orgasm that left me growling like a wild beast for what felt like an eternity.

When I returned to my senses, I knew that I had to have him in me, strong, male, erect. I hissed at him through lust narrowed eyes: “I you to fuck me, NOW!”

He needed no further encouragement. My lover pulled his erect cock out of his boxers, and in one movement, mounted me and thrust deep inside. I gasped, both at the suddenness of the penetration and at the pleasure of being taken by my man, growling with lust, as he wildly thrust in me, over and over again, his pubic bone grinding against my sensitive, engorged clitoris, gripping me tightly as he sated his lust. I wanted his cum, then, to watch his face contort, his eyes close, as he strained to deposit his seed deep inside. I shouted: “Cum for me, now!”, and he released, groaning in pleasure, thrusting hard as he coated me inside my fertile belly with his cum.

I reached down to touch his cock buried in me, feeling it coated at the base with cum and my wetness. He slowly pulled out, still erect, and kneeled between my legs....semen dripping from the tip, and I felt a warm stream of his cum starting to run from me. My lover laughed, and greedily lapped up his cum from my pussy. I pressed down on my abdomen to make more run out, and soon his face was covered in his own sex, mixed with mine.
Lustful Plans
Posted:Jan 10, 2019 2:52 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2019 7:19 pm
I had a plan for our lovemaking. It didn’t happen, but, boy, was what really happened so, so, so much better!

I intended to arrive at our room, pull my pants down and demand that my boyfriend give me an orgasm with his tongue, but forbidding him from removing his underwear or touching himself as he did. I then planned to pull his hard cock out of his underwear, and slide down on it, telling him not to move or cum until I asked for it.

I wanted his boxers to be soaked with my sex, drenched with my lust, before he erupted in me.

I arrived, and he swept me up in his arms, kissing me passionately, and, before I knew it, he had my pants off, my panties down, and I felt his warm tongue caressing between my legs as he massaged my G-spot. The darkened room was filled with these wet sounds of his lovemaking with his tongue, and I was soon moaning and writhing on the bed. He was so hungry to taste me that my bra and shirt were still on, and my arousal soon had me pushing them up to caress and pinch my erect nipples.

I moaned, louder and louder, and watched his blonde hair moving as he explored my pussy, teasing me, tormenting me on the edge of orgasm….

Then, suddenly, he was lying next to me, kissing me, his mouth fragrant with the taste and smell of my aroused pussy, while his fingers continued to massage my G-spot, and, on cue, I rubbed my clitoris with my fingers, desperate to find release with my orgasm. I looked down, and his boxers were still on, but were tented with his throbbing cock.

Then, suddenly, it was there, and I screamed, loudly, and my hips left the bed, and his fingers were drenched with my orgasm. But, it was different…it kept going, and going and going, and soon I was hoarsely growling with raw, naked lust, and I shouted: “FUCK ME, SHOVE THAT COCK IN ME, PLEASE FUCK ME!”.

He needed little encouragement…and he pulled his cock out of the slit in his boxers, and in one fast motion, thrust deeply in me, my still orgasming pussy throbbing on him. The animal in my man appears, and, growling, he mounted me, pulling my hair and fucking me with an animal ferocity that matched my own.

I could feel his boxers, soft, silky, between my legs, and was happy to know they were marked with our lust, as he roared and emptied his semen deep inside.

We lay there, breathless, throbbing with the intensity of our shared orgasms, kissing as only lovers do. I pushed him down, looked deep in his eyes, and said: "Don't move".

I pulled his boxers off, remarking at the wetness coating the opening in front, and, standing over him, pulled them on, feeling my lover's semen running down my thighs as I did. I laughed, and pulled them to one side to expose my now swollen pussy to his still erect cock. I teased the head with my pussy lips, and told him not to move or cum until I asked for it, and, with that, slowly slid myself down on his, hearing him groan in pleasure as my pussy, lubricated with his cum, engulfed him.

With lust narrowed eyes I said: “Don’t move or cum until I say so”, and with that, I slid myself up and down on his swollen cock, my hands on his muscular chest, panting in lust as I fucked myself on him, feeling cum squirting out with each thrust down, watching his reddening face as he fought to neither move nor cum. I pushed down on him, feeling his refilled balls on my ass, the tip of his cock probing my cervix, painful yet exciting, riding my lover furiously, until I simply knew I had to feel and hear his pleasure. I shouted “cum for me” and with that, he thrust his hips up, closing his eyes, and I could feel him throbbing as he emptied himself into me. He grabbed my hips and started fucking up into me with abandon. I threw my head back, and, rubbing my swollen clitoris, orgasmed yet again on his cock.

I fell onto his chest, panting in time with him. After a while, I lifted off of his cock, and was pleased to see that the boxers on me still were drenched with cum and my sex.
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Afternoon Squirting
Posted:Dec 5, 2018 6:06 am
Last Updated:May 13, 2019 1:44 pm
I has not often happened, but during my last afternoon of lust and pleasure with my boyfriend, I shocked myself by squirting all over him as we came together. It was....HOT.

He had been licking my pussy, driving me wild, on the edge of orgasm, and I simply had to have him inside me. I wanted to feel my man on me, in me, throbbing, and to share our orgasm....

I pleaded with him to shove his cock in me, and, finally he did, thrusting hard and deep, kissing me deeply, his mouth and face wet with my juices, and as he thrust, I orgasmsed, and as I did, a surge of wetness gushed from me, covering his cock and balls, and he released in me as it happened, groaning in pleasure together.....
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Voices and Distractions
Posted:Nov 6, 2018 1:45 pm
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2019 5:19 pm

There’s something so erotic about being naked, aroused and having sex without others knowing what you are doing.....

My boyfriend and I recently planned an afternoon of pleasure. I arrived at the hotel room, to find him partially naked, erect and on a business call. I immediately resolved to see what I could do to distract him. I tore my clothes off, and with my legs parted, proceeded to show him how wet and aroused I was for him. He continued talking, but his eyes were firmly fixed on my fingers caressing my pussy, pinching my nipples, my ass wriggling on the bed as I slowly aroused myself, my glistening and swollen pussy spread wide for him on the edge of the bed.

Finally, his cock at full attention, he walked to me, still talking, and thrust his twitching erection deep inside, his swollen balls slapping against my ass, and, proceeded to thrust furiously deep inside. I squeezed him, hoping to drive him to orgasm, yet his eyes narrowed as he fucked me furiously, and we both stifled our moans of pleasure. Then, to my satisfaction, he closed his eyes and, his mouth gaping wide, he came deep inside. I could feel him throbbing inside as he filled me with his cum, fighting to remain silent.

I must admit....the idea of a room full of business professionals, talking to him, having no idea what he was doing, aroused me.

He pulled out, his still erect cock dripping from our sex, and sat at the desk. I lay on the bed, feeling my lover’s seed running out, and I reached down to touch myself, massaging myself with his slippery semen, and, before long, I found myself straining and gasping just as he had with my own orgasm, biting the sheets to remain silent.

I lay there, in a post-orgasmic haze, as my boyfriend talked in the phone, his erection still full, and I resolved to torment him he sat in the chair, I kneeled between his legs, and started sucking his cock, covered with our sex, making loud, slurping sounds as I did...much to his consternation. He watched me, licking, sucking, teasing his cock....and I knew he wanted to cum, but was resisting his release while on the phone.

So, I resolved to make it even more difficult for him...I rose up, turned around and lowered myself on to his cock, squirming on his, fucking him with abandon as he sat there. I could hear him panting, fighting the urge to cum as he talked, and that simply drove me to fuck him harder....

Before long, I heard him quietly groan, trying to muffle his pleasure so no one would hear him, and his cock throbbed with another orgasm....I rose up off of him, entirely pleased with myself....

I walked to our bed, feeling his cum running down my thighs....and lay back, spreading wide to show him my swollen pussy, and, smirking at him, gently stroked myself.
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An Afternoon of Pleasure
Posted:Oct 15, 2018 5:13 am
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2019 2:33 pm

Let me tell you about my experience today...

My man, is an awesome kisser. I could spend hours in his embrace, just..... Kissing. Our day together started like any other usual day. Then, it changed.

He, was lying on the bed waiting for me to join him. Once naked, I crawled up to him to give a generous wet kiss. I glanced over at the side table and noticed a pair of handcuffs. I didn’t wait for an invitation. Heck, I didn’t even know what the initial intent was, for them.

I sensed a second of hesitation as I reached over, grabbed the handcuffs and began to work them onto this wrists. As one arm was locked in, he settled in and complied, awaiting my next move. Now it was all about anticipation. Both hands are locked into handcuffs over his head. He is at my mercy.

I started with his face, staring into his eyes, kissing his lips passionately. Moving down, I kissed his neck, chest and nipple. Licking ever so gently, circling my tongue around his nipple, teasing as I go. But there are two, I move to the other, equally gentle and sensuous.

I am in control.

I slowly and delicately move down his body, enveloping him in soft kisses. I bypass his cock, kissing down the side with my cheek brushing next to his cock. With no hands, I move down to his balls. He anticipates by opening his legs. I know what he wants, but he must wait. I kiss his balls, I lick them, and suck them into my mouth. I hear his moans of pleasure. I make my way to his cock, licking and sucking in a seductive manner. After a while, I climb up on him, I lower myself down and I rock back and forth. I dare him. I tell him he is not allowed to cum. He must wait for my command. I sit on him, deep. I rock, I move, I jive. I am fucking him like it's his last day on earth. I hear his cries, his moans. Again, I remind him he isn't allowed to cum. He must wait. I keep fucking. I change my tempo and my rhythm. I fuck hard and thrust deep. When I hear his cries, I tell him he must continue to wait.

Yes, I like it. The feeling of being in control.

He sees my pleasure and complies. Our bodies, thrusting together, again he is limited, his hands still handcuffed. All he can do is surrender. On my command, I tell him to cum, NOW, to cum inside and empty himself inside my swollen pussy. He releases, instantly. I take it all in, commanding he give me every drop of his seed. I feel it, dripping as I still sit on him. I chose then to uncuff him. He is still hard. I want more.

He slides back in, lying back, the head of his engorged cock rubbing on my g-spot, and we lie there, our bodies spread, slowly moving together, sighing, moaning in pleasure....until he rises up, wildly, and thrusts deep in me, as I feel his hard ass rising and falling between my legs...and I wait to hear him groan with pleasure once again, deep inside me....

We continue fucking on for several more hours....he sends me home, the scent of his cologne on me mixed with the powerful scent of sex and cum....and I send him home, his cock smeared with my lipstick, and his body covered in the scent of my sex....

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