Reflection and Celebration: Happy Solstice To All  

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12/21/2021 2:10 pm
Reflection and Celebration: Happy Solstice To All

Happy Winter Solstice!

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12/21/2021 2:11 pm

Happy Solstice!
A moment of solitude and reflection. An opportunity to reflect on the past year, to remember loved ones who’ve passed, as well as sow the seeds for improvement in the coming year. Honor the lost who meant so much to you. Reflect on your triumphs, but do so humbly, with an eye towards making them a habit. More so, reflect on your failures and disappointments for here is where the growth lies, waiting to become a strength and positive in your life. To those you’ve hurt, make amends with yourself first, stop beating yourself up, for only then can you truly change your behavior which caused the hurt. For those that hurt you, release the pain and forgive them, or at minimum forgive the deed and release it’s grip on you. Doing so will exorcise the grief and pain.
The beauty is, it doesn’t require an elaborate ceremony or any official proclamations of a guide or priest. Simply go out after dark (the darkest night of the year), a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts. Light a sage or cedar bundle or any incense you may have on hand, or even a candle. As you work through the process of reflection (triumphs, remembering, pain) the rising smoke from the smoldering sage will carry and lift your reflections to a higher universal energy. Leaving you with clarity, renewed spirit and sows those seeds for the coming new year.
Happy Solstice to All.

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Beautiful.. Happy Winter Solstice to you.....xoxo

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