Will this be the Night  

QueenQrious 47F
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2/27/2016 2:51 am
Will this be the Night

The Night is cold
Misty, dark and quiet
The moon is playing hide and seek
Bathing me with its shimmer

I lay there, with all the shimmer
Will this night be the one ?
Ohhhh...tell me, will it be ?

The cold is unbearable
Freezing my every nerve
I want to live, I want to feel
I am cold....But I want the fire
Let it rage, let it char me
I want the fire, I want the fire

I struggle, I cringe
To beat the cold
I light my fire, blow by blow
Slowly, the chill concedes

My fire's burning
Raging inside me
I am hot, I am burning
I am finally feeling alive

Let it burn, feed it right
Will this night be the one ?
Ohhhh...tell me, will it be ?

rm_rupakrupak24 47M
13 posts
5/19/2016 3:29 am

The monster got satisfied by The Lotus.The distinguished seduction of nature
i cant describe much just go and watch the tomb of the Old Temples , where all my stories were crafted Sequentially Eyes , figures, tongue lips then monster and Lotus.

allowmesexy 35M
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3/14/2016 8:59 am

if there is fire inside u when the night is chilling, u r normal & u r about to enjoy your trip >

This part of life is called BEING SEXY..

Rise_9in 37M
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3/12/2016 5:55 am

Oh My GOD!!

hotperfume100 49M

2/27/2016 5:43 am

I can hear you call, Call my name right out loud, I can here above the clouds And I'm here among the puddles, You and I together huddle.

Pleasurar 36M
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2/27/2016 3:43 am

As the midnight hour turned to dawn,
She sat with me, on me,
So close, yet so far.
Her nose touched mine,
Her hands wrapped around me,
Her hair in my hair.
In her flowery voice,
She whispered words of promise,
I closed my eyes,
I breathed her in,
I reached out, brought her closer,
To kiss her lips,
To feel her warmth,
I felt her quiver,
With gentle submission,
She dived in me,
I dived in her,
Time ceased as me & her were we,
Our hands touched,
I closed them in mine,
I told her I'll never let her go.
When I opened my eyes,
She was far away,
She walked away,
She didn't look back,
I followed her,
I called out to her,
But on she walked,
Without glancing back.
I gave up the chase,
Content in her choice.
As I walked to my corner, head down,
An aching voice questioned me,
‘I thought you'd never leave me’,
I staggered and fainted.
She woke me up,
My eyes opened to her smile,
Her gentle hands stroking my head,
‘I saw you walk away’, I said,
She smiled some more,
She gave me a kiss and said,
‘I am you and you are me,
Whenever you turn around,
You'll find me’.

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