Shades of Grey  

QueenQrious 47F
102 posts
2/27/2016 12:57 am
Shades of Grey

The darkness is overwhelming
The shades are grey
I see them clearly
Each darker than the other

I revel in the darkness
Colouring myself with the hue
After all they are nothing, but
different shades of grey

Colour me with every shade
Fill my every pore
I just love to be shaded
With a new shade of grey

With every stroke of your craft
I smile, I laugh, I cry
Paint me, my love
With a different shade of grey

rm_rupakrupak24 47M
13 posts
5/20/2016 6:25 am

learn the rhythms of your joy,
and the axis of your aching
I would no longer need rely
on the language of your faces,
the pivot of your hips, your lips, your pacing.
I’d drift along at ease in your peaceful orbit
intuitively moving forward.
Relishing in your inner tides
and changing skies.

desi_voyeur 45M
2 posts
2/28/2016 8:29 pm

this is quite obviously allegorical... or is it?
but i wonder, does it seems so because of where it is published... rather than merely the words that come together to paint a a vivid abstract.

the medium is the message?

hotperfume100 49M

2/27/2016 5:39 am

You're simply the best, better than all the rest,better than anyone, anyone I've ever met ,Just as long as I'm here and you in my arms, i am sure there wont be better place to fill in the pore and colour you with shades of rainbow.

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