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Master Catches Slave Girl "Misbehaving"  

PinaAndNick 63M/58F  
9 posts
9/26/2020 8:46 pm
Master Catches Slave Girl "Misbehaving"

Master Catches Slave Girl Misbehaving

“Little Slave Girl! What are you doing there?” said the Master to his pretty slave girl as he passed her room, noticing something seemed off.

The slave girl froze and looked up, sheepishly. Breathless and blushing, she said, “Sir?”

The Master, realizing that she had been masturbating as he walked by, said, “With your hands there? What were you doing?”

“Sir, I was just--”

“Just what?” he said, mildly amused by her vain attempt to hide the truth.

The slave girl had been frantically searching her mind for an excuse. Finally one came out of her mouth, as if by its own will. “Sir, I had an itch I was scratching,” she offered.

“Scratching an itch, were you, eh?” said the Master with obvious disbelief.

“Why, yes, Sir. I think I may have been bitten by a mosquito or something…” She was thoroughly befuddled by the situation, mortified that her Master may have seen her playing with herself.

The Master chuckled softly and said, “Oh, something bit you all right! Right there, Little Slave Girl? Between your legs?”

“Why of course, Sir.” Then she had a clever idea. “Shall I show you?” she said, hoping to distract him from her transgression.

Not to be dissuaded, the Master pushed on. “You were scratching rather earnestly, Slave Girl.”

“It was very itchy, Sir,” she explained.

He decided he might have some more fun with this charade if he played along a bit. “Show me this alleged mosquito bite, Girl. Now!”

The slave girl obediently opened the folds of her wrap skirt and said, “Yes, Sir.”

The Master began examining her pubic area closely, becoming aroused by the musk of it. “I see no such thing as a mosquito bite, Girl. Tell me the truth!”

“Sir,” she began, defending her lame lie. “I am telling the truth, I--”

“Liar!” he said, slapping her face. “The evidence is plain, Little Slave Girl. There is moisture between your legs, is there not? Tell the truth now, and your punishment will be less severe. “

The slave girl, reeling from the sharp brutality of the slap, feeling her cheek redden as she instinctively felt its hotness with her left hand, accidentally looked up at him.
Feeling even more angry now, the Master said, “Don’t look at me without permission, unless you want more of the same.”

Immediately pulling her gaze downward, she noted that he was becoming aroused, his manhood approximately at eye level. “Yes Sir. I’m sorry Sir.” She began speaking slowly, clearly choosing her words with care. “You see, I had been in my quarters by the window when I saw you, Sir, practicing your guitar.”

The Master raised his brows at this. “You were watching me practice? What business was that of yours?”

“Sir, it was not my business at all, and I was not purposely watching you. I was mending your socks, Sir, by the window for light.” She indicated the socks there, hoping to have garnered her Master’s trust.

“Yes, mending my socks. Go on, Girl!” he said, tapping the edge of the table.

The slave girl licked her lips a bit and went on with her story. “Well, a cardinal had been chirping his two notes, and for amusement, I was chirping back at him as I did my work, like this.” Then she whistled two notes and looked at her Master to see if he could recognize the cardinal’s song.

“That look, Pretty Slave Girl, is going to cost you two good ones. You had been warned,” he said matter-of-factly. “Now go on, please, with your ridiculous story.”

Slightly offended, she said with a bit of defiance in her tone, “Then he had flown by me Sir, and--”

The Master, growing impatient now, said, “Yes, yes, get to it, Girl!”

“Well, Sir, as my eyes followed him, he flew by you. I was stricken by the sight of your muscles beneath your shirt as you practiced your guitar. I couldn’t hear it from my window, but I could see you…”

Flattered now, he asked, though he knew full well the answer, “What has any of this to do with what I witnessed when I passed by your room?”

The slave girl, now visibly blushing, began stammering in her nervousness. “Sir, I...I was reminded of coming to know the strength of those muscles as you had your way with me in the shed last week, and I--”

The Master, now clearly fully aroused, but angry, said, “How dare you speak of that afternoon, Little Slave Girl?”

“Sir, please! I am only telling the truth about my behavior that you witnessed, as you wished!”

“The alleged mosquito attacked you then?” he said, mocking her now with great pleasure.

“No, Sir. That was a lie, as you are well aware.” She looked down, hoping her attitude would win him over. “For that I am very sorry.”

“Excuse me?”

“For that I am very sorry, Sir.

“Oh dear. That’s two more for forgetting how to address me, and I have a special punishment for your lie. Now go one with your story.”

“Well, Sir, the reminder of that day caused me to...have impure thoughts--”

“Impure thoughts, Slave Girl?” He pushed her to her knees.

The girl went on helplessly, still looking down. “Impure thoughts about what you had done to me, Sir, which led to twingly feelings between my legs, and--”

“Twingly?” he asked, pulling her chin up to look at her face. “Is that even a word, Pretty Little Slave Girl?” He smiled, mocking her again.

The slave girl dutifully avoided looking at him in the eyes and endeavored to explain. “Twinges of tingly feelings down in that area, Sir, and for relief--”

“Relief? Really? From thoughts of me, your Master?” He immediately slapped her again.

“Sir, No!” she cried out as a tear escaped her left eye. “It was for relief from your absence, Sir.”

“Ah, Little Slave Girl. You simply cannot have what you want all the time, now, can you?”

The slave looked down in shame. “No, Sir. You are correct.”

“And what specifically did a pretty slave girl want of my presence, wanting relief from my absence?” He smiled indulgently.


“Tell me what you wanted. Speak freely, Girl.”

The slave girl began, unsure whether he really meant it. “Sir, I saw your arms flexing so strong while they held that instrument in place with affection, and it has a rather female figure, and it made me wish you would hold me in place again, as you did in the shed, with your strong arms, but also with affection…”

“Affection? Oh my Pretty Little Slave Girl, how you have mistaken this relationship. You are but a slave, with an appealing face and body for sure, but these appealing parts are owned by me, and they are for my pleasure, not yours.”

The girl was stung by his words, despite his gentle tone. “Yes, Sir, of course Sir…”

“So now, Little Slave, as threatened, you must take your punishment, before I take you again for my pleasure. Assume the position! I think you have a good number coming to you. What is it now?”

The slave girl, lowering her face to the floor and removing her skirt, replied, “Four Sir. Plus whatever you have in store for my fabrication.”

“Fabrication?” he said with amusement. “Someone’s been studying her SAT words!” She beamed with delight at his approval.

“Now then, let’s begin.” He smacked her ass very hard with his open hand. “What was that?”

She held back a yelp and said, “One, Sir.” He followed it quickly with two more and she counted them out, feeling the prints of his hand becoming hot and probably very red.

Before he delivered the fourth spank, he felt between her legs, now noticeably wet. Then he swiftly removed his belt. She gasped. “A pretty slave girl I know seems to like this treatment!” Holding the buckle, he struck her ass hard with the other end of the belt. He admired the sharp red lines it produced on her lovely bottom.

“Four, Sir!” she nearly shouted.

“Now then, as to your falsehoods to me. I am feeling a bit generous. I want you now
to go to the bed and lie on your back. You should find that easy. You’ve proven yourself to be good at lying!” He smirked at his terribly sarcastic pun, knowing she would find that most low form of humor an amusement.

She approached the bed and put her very sore bottom onto it and lay back.

“You will have a choice. With which end of the belt shall I spank that pussy?” The slave girl thought more about a pussy spanking than his question, so he said, “Time’s up. Dealer’s choice. We’ll start with the easy end. Now, were you indeed scratching an itch, Slave?”

The slave girl said with trepidation, “No Sir.” He instantly patted her clitoris with the belt. She wondered if that was to be all, and strangely, she felt a bit disappointed if it were.

Then the Master said, “What in fact were you doing?” He grinned and gave her clit another tap, this one a bit firmer.

Wincing, the slave answered, ”Touching my pussy, Sir.”

At this he spanked it much harder and said, “WHOSE pussy were you touching, Slave girl?”

She gasped again and said, “Yours, Sir.”

“My what, Little Slave?” he said, smacking it again.

“Your pussy, Sir.” She was pleased that he didn’t smack it again, though she was clearly excited, her pussy beginning to drip.

The Master straightened up and sternly said, “Now, in a complete sentence, Slave Girl, tell me what you were doing when I came into your quarters?”

“Sir, --” she began, but he interrupted her with another smack.

“I was--” [smack!]

“touching m--[smack!] YOUR [smack!] pussy” she gasped out, now fully in tears.

Gently now, her Master said, “And is it wet again, Pretty Little Slave Girl?”

In utter shame, she admitted, “Yes, Sir, it is indeed.”

“That’s my girl!” he said as he pulled his penis out and began tying her legs over her head.

The slave girl, becoming aware of what is about to happen, quietly said, “Yes, Sir.”

The Master, greedily feeling her flesh with his hands as he entered her, said, “This is what you wanted, isn’t it, Slave Girl?”

“Well, Sir I--”

“Careful now, the belt is still right at hand, Girl.”

Then, mostly to himself he said, “Aww, what the hell,” and began spanking her lovely breasts with the belt while vigorously fucking her. “Admit it!”

The slave girl, gasping in pain and moaning in increasing pleasure, ruefully aware that her excitable body was betraying her breaking heart, said at last, “Yes, Sir. You are right. This is what I wanted.”

The Master began cumming hard in her. Then perfunctorily removed himself from her. “See now? You didn’t really need affection, did you, Slave?”

The slave girl, feeling unsatisfied, used, and utterly heartbroken, quietly said, “No, Sir. It is as you said.”

The Master quickly undid the ropes that bound her legs up and said, “Good then. Now go and clean yourself up. You look a mess. And then get me those socks, Slave Girl!”

“Yes, Sir,” she said and began to do as she was told.

"So, I got you kinda hot, did I , Baby?" He had popped his back in to watch her.

"Yes, but it's clear I returned the favor, Sweetheart. And don't think you're getting off scot-free," she threatened, grinning to herself.

"I was hoping you'd say that," he added before going down the hall, grinning to himself.

lunchandconvo 52F
4034 posts
9/28/2020 4:16 am

i would love it this post had photos of her bound... very nice read!

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