Be careful you could put an eye out with those.  

Phatazpaul 64M
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7/5/2020 6:03 am
Be careful you could put an eye out with those.

A few summers ago, I was<b> shopping </font></b>at Costco and went into refrigerated produce locker to get a box of blueberries. As I was reaching for the last box, a lady was reaching as well. We both had our hands on the box and turned toward each other and she said, “Go ahead and take it.” I said, “No you take it.” She said, “I love taking it.” The temperature in the locker was cold. She was wearing a sun dress and her nipples were pointing a half an inch straight out. I told her to be careful that she could put an eye out with those. We carried the dialog on for while and she suggested that we go to the food court to people watch. She asked me to get us a couple of cokes to go with her purchase of JD. After finishing our JD and cokes, she invited me back to her apartment for dessert. We made love for hours. Playing with her nipples made her orgasm over and over again. It was some of the best sex that I ever had. We have been FWBs since. Unfortunately, her employer transferred her to Atlanta, but it is a real treat when she visits.

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