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Your fantasy, or mine?
Posted:Aug 19, 2021 12:26 pm
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2022 3:44 pm

It starts with kissing. Gentle. Licking. Dancing. Biting your lip.

My tongue thus engaged, my hands grip your breast firmly, fingertips brushing, then squeezing your nipple. First gently. Twisting. touching.

Hands stroking your body, until of them runs the inside of your leg. But not too fast. Slow, but firm. The kisses have made you wet, but I'm not touching you yet. You need to be teased further. Lips, nipples, neck. The hot breath on your neck gives you that warm tingly feeling and you breathe it in.

Goosebumps, but not the bad kind, as you feel yourself flush all over. The sensations getting you warm everywhere, and your consciousness begins to darken as you focus on the feelings all over your body.

With my lips firmly planted on yours, my hand slides down your belly. Your legs part gently as my fingers brush your inner thigh, seeking the warmth within. my fingers slide to your waiting lips and brush over them. Your legs part further as fingers find their way inside you. Sliding deep in, then stroking upwards and around before going back down and in

Circling your clit slowly. How I love making you come. Hearing your breath get deeper, listening to the moans.

And the strokes become more rapid. I need to taste you. I move down the bed to put my face next to your inner thigh. You feel my breath there and it makes you wetter. fingers inside you as I lick the side of you and above your clit and down the other side. You feel full and stimulated.

You feel me licking and sucking, Making that upside down U that you like so much. Slowly, but constantly stroking, finding the rhythm. Broad lapping strokes stoking your inner fire. Pressing firmly but not hard, letting you feel the full wet contact on each stroke.

Would you like me inside you? You're thinking about it, anticipating that full feeling that a mere tongue can't provide.

Yet my tongue wants you to come for me so badly. It has a mind of its own, dancing with your clit and lips. Up and down, round and round, in and out. It's difficult to say where you end and I begin. The harmony of wet skin to skin contact builds within you.

For now you are entranced, lost in pleasure, enjoying the sensations, as you feel it all build in waves that crash inside you. You clench and release your muscles in anticipation. Until the waves break and spill out in orgasmic delight, but that's not enough. you want more. More of that feeling. More of that touch, but you need to be filled. Crave being filled. as you lie there trembling, i reposition. Your sex is throbbing and dripping and waiting. I am rock hard and ready, turned on by the feel of you.

you plant your feet firmly near my collarbones as I plunge gently into you. There is no resistance. There is no friction. acceptance and reception.

I moan loudly as the feeling has me in its clutches. I am overwhelmed with the pleasure and the connection of you.

You thrust down onto me as I thrust into you, finding the perfect stroke and rhythm to match your waves as mine begin to build.

Your feet hold me in place, leaving my hands free to grip your breasts firmly, fingers flicking your nipples faster and faster. Your moans and my moans harmonize.

As we begin building in a frenzy, hearts racing and pounding, we enjoy these deep strokes, these rhythmic sensations, the wetness and firmness. Solidity and fluidity bonding in a delicious crescendo.

Your hand on my throat, holding, squeezing, insistent and firm. It isn't breath play, but you can't keep your hands to yourself. You are bucking your hips greedily, taking every inch repeatedly. Gladly.

You extend a leg underneath me and we set in a corkscrew. The extra sensation of your legs drives me wild as you begin to rub your clit more insistently with each stroke.

Our moans turn to yells. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh god fuck me. I can't hold back. I am arching my back because I know that you are going to rob me of every drop, that this is going to be an emptying, a draining, and a filling.

And we lock eyes as we both begin to peak. I am just a bit behind you, feeling the waves of muscles inside you grip me like a third hand, demanding our pleasure.

And I can't hold back and cry out your name. I am there. I'm coming, spilling all my pleasure into you. It lasts a long time, and I continue to shudder before collapsing on top of you, kissing your neck, pulling your hair as you revel in the feelings.

We are spent.

Find me.
The Senior Sizzle Experience
Posted:Aug 13, 2021 7:24 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2022 3:44 pm

I come here Senior Sizzle pretty regularly. I out new potential people near me, a few . What I'm ultimately finding is that is no small amount of what appears be solicitation and just plain fake accounts. Looking for legit women are too tired to date but need the occasional physical maintenance touching in my area. Are you out ?

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August 2021
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