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Turning Down the Volume
Posted:Feb 23, 2022 10:28 am
Last Updated:Sep 1, 2022 2:08 pm

When I watch porn and play with my toy, my sounds of pleasure increase in decibel level:

1. Quiet *mmmmmmmms*
2. Deeeeep breathingggggg
3. Breathy murmurings
4. Soft moaning

Now, I think the above sounds are quite pleasing. They're natural and feminine.

But then this happens:

5. Erratic breathing
6. Whimpering as the impending orgasm *now* makes itself known
7. Loud moaning

[writhing in my bed, gripping bedsheets, griding my toy]

8. Louder moaning
9. Even louder moaning

(this can take up to one full minute)

12. Breathlessness

I think sounds number 5 through 12 are wonderful during real sex because they match a man's grunts, groans, and "mmmmfuccckkkkkkkkks."

I *don't* think sounds number 5 through 12 are wonderful over the phone.
I think to myself, "His ear must process my sounds as hot-mess screams instead of uninhibited, sexxxy resonance."

I'm going to try turning down the volume because I really am too loud when playing.
It's just that porn and a vibe and a hot playmate and my tight, wet kitty get me all too excited.

*eyes bright*
Excuse me.
I'm going to play now...
Playing in Naughty Land Together
Posted:Feb 19, 2022 12:59 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2022 8:06 am

This morning, a man asked if I would create a couples account here with a partner. I'd never been asked that question.

My answer is Yes.
(And his was that he'd insist on it.) *laughing*

I said I'd tell my next boyfriend I play here in Naughty Land and ask to play together. We could go into chatrooms together, watch cams, let each other view naughty messages/exchanges with others.

Two caveats:
(1) No meeting others in person.
(2) No phone calls with others.

I'm a monogamous slut, naturally built for one. Monogamy more easily creates a sense of trust, security, and intimacy for me. With these things, I easily express my playful, naughty, dirty, and kinky sides.

To be clear, I don't judge anyone's lifestyle or sexual expression.

I'm now wondering how in the world I would bring up my play here to a potential partner.
How exactly does someone even bring that up?

**Imagined Scene**

[Sitting across the table at Barnes and Noble bookstore with new boyfriend, sipping Starbucks and exploring various chosen reading material]

Him: Any of those books interesting enough to bring home?
Me: Yep. A few of these fiction ones. You?
Him: Just these two new releases.
Me: I love releases. *naughty smile*
Him: We've had three already, dear. *side eye at me*
Me: You know, lots of people like releases.
Him: *stops leafing through magazine* Mm-hmm...go on...
Me: I like peeking and chatting with people like that.
Him: Are you cheating----
Me: No, no, no, no, noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
*places hand on his arm*
Can I show you what I mean?
Him: *raises eyebrow*

And that's the *best* imagined scenario I've come up with so far.

I better figure this out.
You never know when love will visit.

*bright smile*

Note: Words and punctuation go missing after posting. If you see any them, please tell them I miss them terribly.
Happy Valentine's Day
Posted:Feb 14, 2022 9:07 am
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2022 4:57 pm

If I had boyfriend or husband today, I would:

1. Have sensual morning sex with him before he even awoke *laughing*

2. Text him a photo of just the top of trimmed pussy, no words, while he was at work

3. Wait a few hours, then text him a photo of clearly wet fingers partially out of my pussy

4. Have him return from work with relaxing jazz music filling the air

5. Say hello to him from the kitchen, me wearing an apron and lace panties only

6. Give him a kiss and let my hands explore his body a bit

7. Hand over his favorite drink while I took a sip from my wine glass

8. Welcome him back to the kitchen after he changed clothes, both of us making dinner as we sip our drinks and exchange playful, intimate touches and kisses

9. Savor our meals while discussing our day, allowing meandering and interesting conversation

10. Clear the table, wash dishes as he places everything in the sink for me, him standing behind me and his hands leisurely exploring me

11. Finish up then entwine my fingers in his for a slow dance in the kitchen

12. Lead him to the large sectional in the living room

13. Point to a warm chocolate pudding cup and whipped cream on the coffee table and tell him I'm ready for dessert

14. Grin mischievously as I open the pudding and bring it to his cock

15. Watch his incredulous eyes as I grasp his cock and bring his cock innnnnnn and outtttt of the pudding cup

16. Set aside the warm pudding and get the whipped cream

17. Grab a scoopful of the cream and slather it on my pussy and inner thighs

18. *mmmmmmmmm* 69 time

Now, I'd like to imagine more but I'm pretty sure I'd be suddenly taken at some point as is my history whenever I try to draw anything out erotically or sensually with a loving partner.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.
May yours be filled with moaning and cum.

*naughty smile*

Note: Words and punctuation disappear after posting. This should be a felony punishable up to 20 years in prison.
The Kind of Girl I Am
Posted:Feb 12, 2022 11:19 am
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2022 2:58 pm

M'kay. Allow me to clarify several things about myself based on men's continual chat and messages to me:

1. I Don't Kii K With Strangers.

In fact, most women here do not. Does that even work---bypassing some semblance of conversation with initial introduction being, "Hey, sexy. You kii k? Kii K me at imtoolazyhopeyouredesperate.

2. I Don't Leave My Brain At The Door When I Enter The Site.

This Naughty Land is not Oxford University (although I've peeked at many, many words here befitting a sexually explicit Oxford English Dictionary.) However, I won't apologize for rebuffing the ordinary and being captivated by the extraordinary. Hostile, aggressive words thrown my way over and over again because I don't go beyond saying hello to you will get you ignored in chatrooms and deleted automatically from my Inbox.

Aren't you tired of harassing me?
And why do you continue to do so given that you've expressed time and again you think I'm "shit?"

3. Yes, I'm Real FFS.

So, men. Which is it? ( A) Hate fake women and bots? or ( B ) Hate real women who still employ real-world aspects and standards when on the site?

Because if you're straight and choosing both, then wtf are you doing here?

In the real-world, I continue talking to a man if I find him interesting . In this Naughty Land, it's the same thing.

When did so many of you men throw chemistry out of the window and replace with entitlement to attention?

4. It's My Choice To Peek, So Shut Up, Will Ya?

Not here for hookups.
Not here to be fucked in public, virtual chatrooms.

Here to peek and encourage naughtiness in chatrooms.
Here to observe interesting men in chatrooms for possible private play.
Here to run through sent messages for possible exchanges of fantasies, kinks, and fetishes either as friends or playmates.

That's it.

Men who whine, bitch, or demand I be here for the first two reasons....*shaking my head.* There are plenty of sexxxy exhibitionists about. Wtf is WRONG with you?

5. Ambassador of Naughtiness.

In chatrooms, I support my sexxxy sisters who are eager to play.
I serve as wingwoman to decent, imaginative men.

I comment on what/who I'm peeking so the room at large may peek at the players/scene I'm enjoying.

I introduce or chat with people together as a unit to introduce them to one another or support their developing chemistry from what I've observed.

I hand over rope, blindfolds, adult beverages, *whatever* to place chatters and/or the room at ease and spark the desire to play.

This has been a public service announcement.

Note: Word and Punctuation Thief roams my entries immediately after I post. Someone find him and offer him cheesecake instead, hmm?
Curious Female + Male Sapiosexual = Public Virtual Play
Posted:Feb 6, 2022 5:00 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2022 8:07 am

I never intended be part of this blog title's equation, but alas. I broke my rule of No Playing in a Public Chatroom this afternoon.

I'm a voyeur. I derive pleasure from peeking at the naughtiness of others. I peeking at a scene in the Cyberfantasy room when he entered. He is sharp, quick to quip, and erudite. I've peeked at his chatter for several weeks and recently started chatting with him in rooms.

He has referenced:

(I'm laughing right now)

*Richard Nixon
*the frontal lobe

and so much more.

As the scenester spanked a woman's ass, he typed he settling in an armchair and watching the female scenester...maybe. Her moans wafting through the room, I typed something along the lines of watching him, my hand discreetly moving...maybe.

Somehow, I forgot about the scene once we both typed we were watching each other. Eyes locked.

Not once did we type each other's name in the chatroom.

I smiled sensually at him.
Discreetly parted my legs for him.
My fingers probing, invading me.
Fingers coated in wetness.
Imagining him.

He watched me.
A low, guttural growl.
Sprung himself free.
Grasped himself.
Whispered me let myself go.

And after several more exchanges between us, I did.
For him.

We didn't touch the entire time, and I saw only two chats from the lively room focused I on finding his next line.

At the end, he dressed himself while I looked about for my nightie and wriggled back into it. We both then said hello the room immediately after I walked him, addressing him now, on toes for a light kiss. He returned my kiss with a pat of my bottom.

Intelligence, articulation, and humor go a long way with me.
Enough to present my words naked for all to see.

*wagging my finger at him* Don't you seduce me again, sir.


Note: Words and punctuation go invisible after posting. The Scooby-Doo Gang needs to investigate stat.
Empty Chatrooms & My Imaginings
Posted:Feb 1, 2022 10:20 am
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2022 2:26 pm

Some chatters may have found notes of what I imagine when I enter an empty chatroom. I purposely peek in empty chatrooms after exiting a lively one to enjoy the silence....then imagine.

***Play Room***
When empty, I imagine a large wardrobe like the one to Narnia. I type out several of the play clothes I discover for incoming chatters to find:

--Dom/sub (a favorite as the sub's outfit is merely a collar and leash)
--Domme/sub (oooooo)
--Married suburban male/married suburban female (some may think a bit boring, but I appreciate the reality of it: polo and khakis for the male, white t-shirt and jeans fort the female)
--Concierge/hotel visitor

and so on and so forth.

Sometimes, I also imagine peeking into a vast toy box. The toys are the same as in most any rooms, but I notice in this room there are plushies and dolls for any daddy girls to play with. (And that swing in the corner of the room....*raises eyebrow*)

***Wild Room***
I've imagined a masquerade ball in this room. Men and women mingling about in elegant finery, donning elaborate masks. A sophisticated ambience with an undercurrent of primal electricity.

Then, one man discreetly reaches into the low-cut gown of a flirtatious women and cups her breast. His fingers lightly pinching a nipple. Her laughing ceases. She moans softly instead.

I type: "Peeking at the woman wearing the emerald gown with a jeweled mask and the gentleman's hand exploring her breast."

I imagine the full room taking notice of my peeking. And the ball magically becomes an erotic, lusty, animalistic orgy.

(I'm peeking from the balcony alone, naked except for my own mask, of course.)

***Hot Tub***
I imagine two things:

(1) Now when empty, I imagine walking the entire edge of the tub crouching to adjust the jets. I imagine my small hands in the steamy, hot water grasping the jet circles to rotate on the most powerful, pulsating setting.

I type: "To my fellow female chatters, I've adjusted the jets to be at their most powerful. Enjoy."

I always hope a female enters the chatroom, gets naked, hops in the tub, and angles her pussy *just so* in front of one of the jets. You know, like I do when the room is full.

(2) Ahhhhhh, now for when the room is *not* empty. Several chatters have participated in what I've imagined, and a great time was had by most. I'm unsure how this started, but I remember typing something along the lines of:

"Walks over to the open bar, peeking about for wine."

A chatter either typed that s/he was also walking to join me or asked me for drink. As I poured my own glass of...say it with me you chatters who've participated...MOSCATO wine (laughing)...I got the drink for the chatter. Others started asking for drinks, and I became the topless bartender.

If the vibe is right, I make a room announcement and type there's a:

--fully stocked, open bar
--robust "dispensary" available for all your relaxation needs
--jukebox to the left (unless W is there and graciously plays DJ, typing the artist/song in the chat)

help yourselves and get naked in that tub.

Chatters don't help themselves, though. They cum up to the bar and request a drink from me. Since there's so much steam, I've now become the naked bartender both because it's hot and to hide my nakedness (I'm still a voyeur, never an exhibitionist.)

If W is playing the DJ, I type: "W is your DJ tonight. See her posts to hear what music is playing. Got a request? Hit her up."

OHHHHHHHHHH, alllllll the sexxxy chat I now get to peek at! Relaxed chatters flirting, talking, seducing, fingering, fucking amongst themselves.

I've since added a new massage room, complete with every possible body oil and plastic sheets already laid out.

If you ever enter the Hot Tub chatroom that I imagine, don't forget to tip your naked bartender, hmmm?
Cybersex, A Watcher's Perspective
Posted:Jan 27, 2022 5:50 pm
Last Updated:Jan 31, 2022 10:26 am

Last night, two separate scenes were occurring in a chatroom. A chatter/troll started in with:

*wtf is the point of fake fucks
*desperate people get off on that shit
*can't get real sex so people cyber like year olds

I told that chatter to hush. Some of us are voracious readers, and the written word can arouse me as much as physical touch.

I realize many people think the same way as that chatter. It's only that he voiced his opinions to condescend to us watchers in real time. (I actually find that more offensive than his opinions.)

So, from this watcher's perspective, I'm going to address that chatter's three comments.

***Wtf is the point of fake fucks?***
Can't speak for anyone else, but peeking at words quickly arranged to capture sucking, licking, pushing, pulling, thrusting, grasping, gasping, moaning, and whimpering get me wet.

And I like getting wet.
Not feeling wet.
It's the *getting* that I savor.

My eyes drinking in the scene, line by line. My body begins to hum quietly, and then........moisture. Just a little.

And I half-smile while peeking at the developing scene because I'm alive in my body. My aroused, wonderfully sexual body.

***Desperate people get off on that shit.***
I don't understand the opening adjective here. Desperate? Meaning: with or no hope. Can only speak for myself, but I'm not hopeless about anything (except maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars, but I digress).

Yes, yes. I understand the chatter's implication. This comment ties into his third comment. However, remove 'desperate' and a fact is revealed: people get off on that shit.

Why, yes. People do.

***Can't get real sex so people cyber like year olds.***

Two comments:

(1) Almost everyone can get real sex, maybe not with the people you specifically or at the frequency you wish, but ah.....I'm pretty sure nearly everyone can get real sex.

(2) Um, no. People here don't cyber like teenagers. Wtf do you think I peek? Sensual, erotic, sexy, extroverted, charming, lustful adults cyber.

And I'm *here* for it.

M'kay. I'm off to peek about for naughtiness now.

Note: Once again, the Word and Punctuation Bandit strikes. Honestly, I don't know where some of my typed words go after posting.
Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables
Posted:Jan 22, 2022 7:42 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2022 9:49 pm

I'm vegan. (No, I don't care what you or others eat.)

I bring this up because I spend a lot of my grocery shopping time in the fruit and produce section. I leisurely bring fruits to my nose to smell for ripeness. I caress every Fuji apple, Bartlett pear, and nectarine to feel for smoothness and firmness. As I explore the fruits and bag them up, I begin noticing legs standing next to me. I don't look up or around because I'm shopping for food, not men...but I notice these jeans and shorts and trousers because I practice social distancing. And they're clearly less than six feet away from me.

Then I go to the clear refrigerator doors to choose my leafy greens. I open a door and shake about romaine, sweet butter, arugula, watercress, and spinach bags. I hate it when there are spoiled bits within bags. Now, I'm short at 5'2". Here is where I see hairy arms reaching for bags above me and to the side of me with deep voices startling me with, "Excuse me" or "I'm just going to reach over you" or "Don't move, you're fine."

Again, I don't look up, but now I'm laughing inside because I *know* I'm about to put on a show when I don't mean to.

It's veggie time.

My hands handle juicy tomatoes, cup individual bell peppers, and grasp heads of broccoli and cauliflower. Then I take a deeeeeeeep breath and discreetly move to the cucumbers.

Listen, I eat cucumbers daily.
But I have to *squeeze* them for firmness.
I *can't have* limp cucumbers.
I swear I'm being honest.

No matter howwww I try to hide my hands wrapping around each cucumber and squeezing the entire length of each, my ears pick up stifled grunts. Now, legs and arms that don't belong to me are to the left, to the right, and above me....all slowly reaching for nearby veggies.

Mind you, when I made my way to the cucumbers, no one there.

I bite my bottom lip to keep from laughing then bag up the chosen cucumbers and bravely turn around.

Ohhhh, there's an audience all right. I average between 7- men almost within arm's reach of me when I turn around.

And even though I know they're there. I still spontaneously exclaim, "OH!" because they're just so close not just to me, but each other.

My body flush and hot all over, I walk back to my cart and continue shopping.

The Garden of Eden had an apple tree.
Not a winery.
Or a beer section.

An apple tree.

Eat more fruits and veggies, sexy people.
Your sensual touch of what you choose may call a new lover to you.
Forbidden may just turn into....well, fruitful.


Note: Words and punctuation go missing after I post. I've no idea why.
Chatroom Observations
Posted:Jan 19, 2022 12:15 am
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2022 9:56 pm

Note: I know the parts of speech and punctuation, I promise. However, words and symbols go missing once I post for some reason. Maddening.

1. Eerily Quiet Rooms. I've peeked into rooms with 15+ people with zero chatting. Z-e-r-o. I often type, "Is everyone here communicating telepathically? Via sign language? Smoke signals? Carrier pigeon?" It's unnerving, and I don't understand it. Not even one "hello." My curiosity impels me to stay a bit so I imagine a fully stocked, open bar and type: heading to the open bar to get a glass of wine. This convinces *someone* to say something whether to ask if she, he or they could have [insert drink] or sit next to me. Thank goodness.

2. Complaints of Boredom. Almost all chatrooms have at least one person who types BORED, and yet, I see no contribution to the discussion when scrolling through the chat thread. Worse, after typing such, still not a peep except a reiteration: BORING. It's a chatroom, not an amusement park. Chatters aren't there to amuse you for f*cks sake. It's unmannerly to complain of boredom when there's no contribution of cleverness, humor, or straight-up sex talk from the complainer, methinks.

3. Snark. What in the world is this foolishness? There are groups of people who're friends and chat exclusively one another. That's fine. What I find incredulous is a group of people judging and rudely commenting about other chatters. It's like a bad 80s movie where the popular sour patch hold court and loudly speak ugly of those they deem less attractive, less intelligent--overall less than themselves. Well, it's not high school. And in the real world, we're all trying to navigate the burden of adulthood--bills, demanding responsibilities, loveless partnerships, health issues, lack of connection. So stop with the effin' snark already.

4. Judgment. *points at Senior Sizzle logo* Ahem. See where we are? Let's review the first two words: Adult and Friend. Why comment on anyone's business if you don't embody either word here? I'm single. Many aren't. M'kay. I lean kinky. Many are vanilla. M'kay. I peek, but don't play publicly. Many are exhibitionists (and hallelujah for that). M'kay. Not a big deal. This is a naughty wonderland, not The Seat of Sexual Judgment.....although I'd take a spin if it vibrated, I'm sure.

My Take on Chatrooms: I think every chatter in every room is sexy, until I'm proven wrong by ugly words, aggression, sense of entitlement, and outright hostility. It's why I typically leave a room with the typed words: Stay sexy, room.
1 comment
Posted:Jan 18, 2022 3:29 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2022 4:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

I've noticed many of the same words thrown my way, and I'm here to provide standard replies/answers. Please refer to the reference material below.

Q: Suck my cock.
A: That's not even a question. But no.

Q: Suck my balls.
A: See above.

Q: Suck my dick.
A: See previous two answers.

Q: Why aren't you answering my IMs?
A: Read my profile.

Q: When are we going meet up?
A: Read my profile.

Q: What are you into?
A: Read my profile.

Q: Why aren't you answering me. I've sent you 15 messages in the past 3 minutes.
A: Think about your question, please.

Q: Do you like what you see?
A: I liked seeing the Delete button, so partial Yes.

Q: You horny?
A: You serious?

Q: I'm going to you so hard.
A: M'kay.

Q: Hey.
A: Delete.

Q: Hi.
A: Delete.

Q said hey. When are you going answer me?
A: Delete.

Q: Don't you want this thick cock?
A: Delete.

Q: I can get any woman I want. I don't need chase you or anyone.
A: What?

Q: Watch my cam, watch my cam, watch my cam, you know you want , watch my cam, watch my cam, watch my cam.
A: I peek where I wish, when I want . Ty.

Q: You're always in chat rooms. Don't you have a life?
A: Nope.

Q: You think you're the shit, don't you?
A: I think I'm rainbows, sunshine, and kittens actually.

Q: This is going be my last . Do you understand? You never respond, and I don't need waste my time.
A: Delete

This has been a public announcement.
Thank you.


P.S. There is a word bandit about the blogsphere here. Missing words and punctuation baffle me.

To link to this blog (PeekingIn1972) use [blog PeekingIn1972] in your messages.

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