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Canoe ride  

PYL01702 53M
0 posts
3/17/2021 8:29 pm
Canoe ride

You wait by the canoe on the beach, watching as I walk down from the camp, wearing a backpack, you can see it is stuffed full with a blanket rolled up and strapped the top. I am in my bathing suit and button down shirt, you wearing a bikini bottom and white T-shirt, with no top underneath.

You watch as I take my pack off and load it into the canoe, and together we lift the small cooler into the canoe, loaded with ice, food, wine, and cold drinks.

When done, I beckon you into the font of the canoe, and you climb in, taking the oar in hand. I push the canoe into the water and climb in, taking my seat in the bac We begin paddling out into the lake, turning the mountains to our left side as we paddle north, toward the small group of islands at the north side of the lake.

Before long, we arrive at an island in the middle of the lake, flanked by islands on the east side, so we cannot see the shore. We find a small, sandy beach and pull in to it. You disembark onto the beach, and watch as I pull the canoe onto the sand, and being to unload our gear. Soon, the cooler is on the beach, and you help set up a small tarp between trees, like a lean , and spread the blanket beneath the tarp.

I open my pack and take out some small dinnerware, and food from the cooler, and we make ourselves sandwiches and sit on the blanket, eating our lunch and enjoying our drinks., talking and touching and enjoying each other's company. When we finish our sandwiches, I rinse the dishes as you retrieve the wine from the cooler. I watch with pleasure as you bend over, reaching into the cooler for the wine. You bring the wine back and sit beside me as I open it, and pour each of us a cup. We toast each other, then kiss slowly, long and deep. We drink our wine and pour another cupful for each of us. You shift your sitting position on the blanket, accidentally spilling some of the wine onto your leg. “Oh damn, alcohol abuse!”, you say. I put my cup down, and crawl forward, lowering myself to lick the spilled wine from your leg. You open your legs to make sure I can lick every drop. Just when I finish, you spill more onto your leg, this time high up on your thigh. “You're a clumsy girl,” I say, smiling, as I lower my lips to your thigh, licking the wine, running my tongue along the edges of your bikini bottom.
“You missed some,” you say, pulling your bottom off. You spread your legs wide, and pour the wine directly onto your vagina.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?”

Without a word, you smile, reach forward, and pull my face between your legs. “Lick it!”, you demand. I comply, lowering myself to your pussy. My tongue moving side to side as I work it from the bottom of your vagina, up toward your clit. You let me lick you for a few moments, before reaching down, grabbing my shirt, and pushing me down onto my back on the blanket. You pull your shirt off over your head, and climb on top of me, straddling my mouth between your legs. You lean back as you watch me licking your pussy, sucking you into my mouth and massaging your clit with my tongue as I suc You moan, and feel my my hands on your back as I suck your clit in and out of my mouth, every few seconds opening my mouth taste all of your pussy and sticking my tongue inside you, before returning to suck your pearl into my mouth again. You reach behind and feel , already hard beneath my bathing suit. You being rub my groin as I lick you and suck on you. You continue rub as you feel the pleasure of orgasm getting closer. Before you orgasm, you lift your leg and turn around, straddling my mouth. You sit up straight, lifting my legs as you pull my shorts off, and as you do, you feel my tongue in your ass. You gasp a little as you feel it, but instead of pulling away, you freeze and hold yourself there for a moment, closing your eyes and breathing quickly.Your hand reaches between your legs almost involuntarily and you begin to rub yourself as you feel my tongue in your ass. You moan a little, overcome by the stimulation. After a few moments, you lower yourself forward, pushing your clit down on my lips, reaching forward and massaging my balls as you take me into your mouth. You know from how hard I am that I will not last long, so you take me out of your mouth, and spend some time running your tongue along my shaft, and the head of my coc You concentrate on feeling my tongue between your legs, gently teasing with your tongue lightly caressing my hardness. As you approach orgasm, you open your lips and take fully into your mouth, and being to fuck with your mouth vigorously, moaning with pleasure as your own orgasm rises within you. Your saliva drips between my legs as you suc Suddenly, with a long, slow groan, you arch your back and orgasm,your juices flow into my mouth as your hips grind involuntarily. Before you are even finished feeling the waves of orgasm, you feel my pushing myself in and out of your mouth, my hips moving as my cock slides forward and bac You let fuck your mouth as you massage my balls. keep from going too deep, you take my shaft and hold it lightly in your hand, as my cock drives forward and back, you open your mouth and let my cock penetrate your mouth over and over through your hand. With a groan, my hips push upward as I drive my cock into your mouth and hold it there. You wrap your lips around the head of my shaft and stroke vigorously with your hand, coaxing every last drop out of and into your mouth.

At last, with a sigh, you dismount and lie down beside , both of us feeling the afterglow of orgasm as we let our heavy breathing relax and slow.

Before long, we realize that we had better pack up and row back the camp. I break camp, packing away the utensils, the tarp, and the blanket, loading them into the canoe. Soon, we are ready to go.

“Can I get in the canoe now?”, you as

“Just one more thing,” I say. I walk over you and put my hands on your hips, but instead of kissing you, I pick you up and begin carrying you the water over your protests. “We need clean up!” I carry you until I am waist high in the water and then let us both fall into the water. You scream in protest, the water is cool. I laugh as I run away with you chasing . I stop and turn, letting you playfully smack , enjoying your breasts through your now see though t shirt, your nipples hard from the chill of the water.

I make you sit in the front again, but this time facing me so I can see your almost naked body as I paddle us home. You look around, seeing no other boats nearby. You slide yourself down so you are sitting on the bottom of the canoe, facing me. You place my backpack against the seat and rest your back on it. You remove your bottoms, and begin to with yourself. “What are you going do when we get back?”, you ask as I watch you fingering yourself.

“I'm going make you a very naughty girl.” I say.

“Really? How are you going do that?” Your fingers rub your clit as you watch paddle.

“The sun will be setting when we get bac I'm going fuck you right through the sunset.”

“Mmmmm...sounds good.”

“And then, we'll make a campfire, and tonite, we'll fuck by firelight.”

“That sounds awesome'” you say.
“I'll have a surprise for you tonite, then,” you say, but decline to tell me what your surprise is.

You orgasm one more time in the canoe, on the open water, as I watch you with yourself.

We arrive back at the camp, pulling the canoe onto the shore. I lead you from the beach to where my hammock is hung between trees, under a tarp. You watch as I life one side of the tarp, tying poles the tarp, propping it up one one side, like a porch overlooking the water. You sit comfortably in the hammock watching fiddle and fuss with the tarp, swinging like a rocking chair. “Practicing?”, I ask as I wrap up my chore. “Practicing for what?”, you as I walk over you, reaching for your waist, and pull your bottoms off one more time. “I'm spending more time with them off than on!” I smile, spreading your legs and bracing your legs on my shoulders. I lower my bathing suit, freeing my erection. Holding your leg with one hand, I guide my cock into your vagina with the other, slowly penetrating you. “Hold your legs up,” I tell you. You comply, holding your legs spread eagle and high for me, feeling my cock inside you.Once inside, I grab your legs, freeing you from the duty, and you lie back, spreading your arms in the hammock, your ass riding the edge of the hammoc Slowly, gently, I push your legs and the hammock sways backward, and then forward again, over and over. You feel my shaft slide in and out inside you as the hammock rocks. Behind , you see the sun beginning set on the horizon, turning the sky orange, and the clouds take on a purple hue. You moan as I rock you gently back and forth. You reach down between your legs and spread your pussy with your fingers as I rock you back and forth. You hear my breathing getting heavier as I feel your wet pussy sliding up and down my dic I begin start fucking you in harder, more forceful thrusts. You spread your arms brace yourself, your breasts begin rock in rhythm with my thrusts. “Fucking you feels so good,” I say as I close my eyes. I continue thrust, and I look you in the eyes. “Tell you want cum.”

“I want feel you cum.”

“You want cum inside you,” I say.

“I want you cum inside .” You can feel my sexual energy rising as you say it.

I lean forward over you, my face close yours as I fuck you. With one arm, I reach below your should, and then up and grab your hair as I thrust. “Your body belongs ,” I say, “your pussy belongs .”

For a moment, you are embarassed, but also turned on, “All yours baby, fuck that pussy.”

My fingers in your hair, my face close yours, I say “Tell you want shoot it in you.”

You smile and are quiet.

“Say it,” I insist.

You reach up with one hand, grasping the back of my neck, and look deep into my eyes, “I want you to shoot it in , fill with your cum.”

You see the strain on my face as I thrust hard and fast, my arm reaches behind your head as I pull your body into , and with hard, jerking thrusts, you feel throb inside you as I cum. “Yes,” you say, “give all of it, fill up with your cum,” even as I am in the throes of orgasm.

Together, we watch the sun set over the mountains, as I gather firewood and stack it on the beach. The sun is sunk below the horizon now, but the sky is lit up like fire in orange and red. I set a couple of folding chairs by the fire pit, and fetch a bottle of bourbon and a bottle of wine on the beach in preparation for tonite's campfire.

You drink greedily, knowing there is nowhere to go, and nothing to do but enjoy each other's company and the campfire tonite. When the sun finally sets, I start the fire and we drink, and talk, and enjoy the evening.

Before long, the sun is gone, and the moon rises up over the trees, blotting out the stars in the east, casting silvery light down on us, blendng with the orange glow of the campfire. We are well<b> drunk </font></b>and kissing and talking as we enjoy the warmth of the fire and the sound of the waves.

“Get the blanket,” you say, “I am going to get another bottle.” I walk over to the canoe to retrieve the blanket as you head up to the cabin. When you return to the beach, you set the bottle and a small purse down by the chair, as well as towels that you lay over the chairs. You look at and smile as you undress, beckoning do the same. Naked, we run the water and plunge in, feeling the chill wash over our bodies. We swim toward one another and embrace, kissing as the white reflection of the moon dances on the water. You put your arms around my shoulders, and wrap your legs around , as I place my hands on your ass, and we kiss. Teasing, you grind your hips against , as you kiss deeply. Then we part and swim together a bit, talking and laughing like drunken .

“I'm getting cold,” you say. “Let's go back to the fire.”

We head back to the beach. As I reach for the towel, you pull my hand away and lead the blanket. You tell lie down, and I comply. I watch as you grab your purse and come on the blanket. With your back , you straddle my waist, slipping inside you. With your hands on my knees, you begin ride , grinding your hips, and I watch your body moving, glistening from the water and the moonlight on your flesh. For several minutes, you ride while I rest my hands on your hips. Then, you lift yourself off of my cock, and slide your waist so you are straddling my stomache, my erection between your legs. I see you reach for your purse and I hear you open it. You reach into your purse and take out a small bottle of lubrication, and begin to apply it to my cock, slowly and gently caressing my cock with your hands. You put the bottle away. You raise yourself and shift forward again. Reaching behind you, knowing that I am watching, you guide my cock to your ass. Slowly, you lower yourself down. With long, slow movement of your hips, you push yourself down onto my shaft, feeling it enter your ass. I watch as my cock slowly disappears between the curves of your cheeks. At last, I am fully inside you, and you slowly let your waist rise and fall as you get accustomed to the feeling of my shaft in your ass. After a couple of minutes, you lean back, stretch your legs out, and slowly lower yourself, until you are on top of me, your back to me but your head on my shoulder, using my arm as a pillow. You press your face against mine as you grind your hips, fucking me. I wrap my other arm around your waist and let you do the fucking, enjoying the feeling of your little hole taking me in and out.

I moan. “Your ass is tight, baby,” I say.

“Yeah?Does my tight little ass feel good?”, you whisper,your head turned to face me as your arm reaches back to feel my hair.

“I can feel it so much, so good, my cock going deep into your ass.”

Excited, you reach down between your legs and begin to masturbate as your hips move, sliding my cock in and out of your ass as you rub your clit. “Mmmm,” you moan, pushing your nose against my ear and whispering, “You want to fuck my tight little ass?”

Instead of answering, you feel me push up slowly, but firmly. You inhale sharply as you feel me push my cock up your ass, fingering yourself. I continue pushing in long, slow, but strong thrusts into you.

|”That's my woman, taking it up the ass for me.”

“I'm your naughty woman, getting fucked in the ass,” you whisper, breathing heavily as you masturbate while feeling my thrusts.

“All of your holes,” I whisper to you, “Your mouth, your pussy, and your ass. I want all of it, your whole body.”

“All of it, baby, take all of it.”

My thrusts increase, my breathing gets heavier, and faster. “Bad girl, letting me shove my cock up your ass, you're a very bad girl.”

“I'm a very bad girl.”

“Tell me you want me to cum in your ass.”

“I want you to come in my ass.”

“Say please come in your woman's ass,” I whisper urgently.

Your fingers rub your clit vigorously as you feel me thrusting up into your ass from behind, “Please cum in my ass.”

No,say it like I told you, 'Please cum in your woman's ass.'”

“Please cum in your woman's ass,” you say.

I reach around you with both arms and grab your shoulders, thrusting hard up into your ass. Your head leans back over my shoulder as you take my thrusts. You know that I am about to explode. You want to say something very dirty to make me orgasm as hard as possible. As I thrust up into you, you finger yourself vigorously working yourself up to the moment. As my thrusts grow faster and more urgent, you know that I am about to cum. You turn your head to whisper directly into my ear, “Shoot it up my tight little asshole. Deep in your woman's asshole, baby.”

The extreme naughtiness and the way you whisper it in my ear overcomes me, and I being to convulse uncontrollable as I cum, shoving myself deep and hard and holding it there, pushing up into you so both of our hips are lifted off of the blanket.

“I'm such a naughty girl.” you say as you feel my orgasms subsiding, fingering yourself.

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