He Met His Little at Shabbat  

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5/15/2021 10:51 am
He Met His Little at Shabbat


She walked in about ten steps behind her mother. It's not often she gets dragged to Shabbat. It was four months since the last one and she didn't understand the infrequency. She would prefer to not go at all, but even a regular Shabbat schedule would be better. Then she would know what she's doing on Saturday mornings.

Her mom had already disappeared inside the doors to the congregation when she found herself standing alone in the narthex. The doors to the congregation had swung shut before she could grab them. She reached for the handle when she heard "psst!" from her left. She looked over there, into a room that was somewhat darkened and she couldn't ignore this. She stepped over to the room into the darkened doorway.

"Hi there, little one", she recognized his voice immediately.

She whispered "How did you-"

"I just knew... Besides, I know how you don't like coming to Shabbat."

Her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she could see him sitting on a long couch in the small side gathering room. The blinds were drawn and the room was staying cool in the shade. He was wearing a fine suit and tie, as if he was going to attend Shabbat right here in the gathering room, alone.

"I don't know if I should-", she started again, glancing over her shoulder at the empty narthex.

"Yes, you do know. Come in here and lock the door."

Obeying his desire, she stepped inside and closed the door silently. The lock clicked and she remained in the room, her heart pounding. Her eyes once again adjusted to the darkness. She could see him, still sitting on the couch, but now he was patting the couch beside himself.

She inched her way around the end of the couch and sat in silence, her heart pounding in her chest. She didn't know just what to say.

"So, I was thinking, little one, you've been enjoying a mouthful of daddy every time, but wouldn't you like to know what it feels like to RECEIVE that same pleasure?"

She looked over in the darkness and saw him looking into her eyes.

"What do you mean??" she whispered, her hand reaching across to his lap.

He could feel her hand, touching upon his thigh and inching toward his cock. She was eager, even here! He touched upon her hand gently and answered in kind.

"What I mean is this.... stand up", in an insistent voice.

She looked again at him in silence, then slowly rose from the couch. Her head cocked to the side just a little, trying to see if he was smiling. She still didn't know what was to come.

Soon, though, she could feel his hands, touching upon her bottom, a soft caress. It was something she ached for, but didn't know what to feel.

"What are you-"

"Shhhhh, it's my turn." he replied.

She felt his hands lifting the hem of her skirt. Instinctively, her hands reached down to block him.

"You want this. Besides, it's YOUR turn..." and he lifted again. This time she let him, her heart pounding inside her chest. Her friends knew she could orally please a man, but this is going somewhere she didn't quite know.

He stood, removing his jacket and laying it across the back of the couch.

"Bend over the back of the couch", he commanded.

She looked about the room, standing in front of the couch. In trust she stepped to the couch, facing it, then bending forward and laying her arms on the back of it. She felt so vulnerable. In silence, she felt him lifting the skirt once again, but this time he lifted it very high and over her back. She felt the cool air upon her upper thighs. His hands caressed softly between her thighs.

She moaned suddenly and without even thinking about it.

"Yessss, that's right. All this time you've been enjoying the oral pleasures of the giver, now it's time to be the receiver, little one", she felt his touch between her thighs suddenly touch upon her clit.

Another gasp and then a deeper moan. She responded with a squirm that pressed her flesh into his warm touch.

"That's right, you feel the desire just as much as I do...."

Her head dropped into her arms, cast upon the back of the couch. She gave in to his touch and ached for his next.

He gently pulled down at her panties, she shivered in excitement, letting out another moan in anticipation.

"Try not to be too loud, baby girl...", and he knelt behind her, his tongue touched upon her wet clit and licked a long line about the lips of her pussy. She gasped, never having felt this before. Her knees nearly buckled in the pleasures passing through her little frame.

His hands gently held her bottom in place as his mouth opened again and eagerly engulfed her sex in the warmth of his lips. A deep moan, muffled as she buried her face in the back of the couch. Her reflexes pushed her hips hard into his mouth, aching for it all.

His hands gripped her hips and pulled her pussy tight to his mouth. Another gasp and she began to writhe against his firm tongue. He darted inside her, across her swollen clit, back up to her perineum and the back inside. Each stroke was another spasm of pleasure for her.

Her voice climbed in pitch, his hands gently holding her hips in place. Legs started to shudder. Her grip on the back of the couch clenched. He could feel her tense up, it was approaching like a freight train. She went silent, holding her breath. The only sound in the room was his wet licking between her thighs. Her dress ruffled in the silence.

"Let it wash over you, honey", he resumed licking... a few more strokes...

She shook in a silent gasp, mouth agape. Her body writhed violently in passion, feeling his tongue softly bringing her a pleasure that wracked her from head to toes. She couldn't release the back of the couch, and her hands were leaving an imprint in the pleasure. The couch shifted in the moment.

His hands slowly released her hips, but his mouth remained engaged, lapping the flow from her sex. Each soft stroke gave her a moment to flinch, shuddering once again. In a moment of near collapse, his hands returned to holding her hips, but this time to keep her from falling in a heap. A few more loud kisses on her clit and he knew she was completed.

She held firmly on the back of the couch, now her eyes closed and gasping for air. Body wracked with new feelings and emotions.

He reached down and pulled her panties back on her legs and lifted them back up to her hips. Her dress he straightened back down around her legs, yet she remained clinging to the couch, breathing slowing.

After a minute of silence, her eyes opened and she found him looking back at her, sitting on the couch and smiling.

"Was that...." she started.

"An orgasm? Yes, baby girl, it was your first. At least your first that you didn't control."

She pushed herself upright and sat next to him. She pressed into him and he could feel her still trembling softly. She remained silent.

He put his arm around her back and softly stroked up and down. She melted into his side, hands resting against his chest. She felt it! It was real!!

"Is that what it always feels like?"

"No, not always, but much of the time it can be that nice."

"Is that what it feels like for you?" she continued.

"Yes, very much so. I wanted you to know just what it feels like."

"Thank you", she murmured

"Oh, you're welcome.... now unzip me."

She looked up at him suddenly and then smiled.

"Oh, this is going to be so good", she whispered, licking her lips. A hand slid down from his chest and could feel his erection through the smooth slacks. She found the zipper and pulled down silently.

"That's a good girl. On your knees."

Again, she looked up at him, then climbed down off the couch, positioning herself between his knees. With both hands, she pushed his knees apart and moved closer, looking up into his eyes. He returned her loving gaze.

With the zipper down, she reached inside, past this boxers and gently pulled out his shaft, hard and ready.

"Oh, you are so ready!" she coo'ed and opened her mouth. Immediately her lips were wetting his shaft and working his head softly. His head dropped on the back of the couch, moved by her willing mouth.

She pushed his cock back to her<b> throat </font></b>and stopped. He gasped at her new depth.

"Oh, honey, you're loving this, aren't you?"

She nodded her head, never taking her lips off his meat. Taking a deep breath, she then closed her eyes, relaxed her<b> throat </font></b>and let his cock slip past the back and into her<b> throat. </font></b>His gasp became a moan in the silence. She held him steady, the base of his cock to her lips. Her hands touched lightly upon his stomach, feeling him quivering to her raw loving.

As she felt her breath ending, she drew up on him and slurped the tip of his cock loudly.

"I always wanted to do that....", she smiled up at him.

He had his finger to his lips... "Shhh not too loud, babygirl."

"The rest I'll do in silence....", still smiling at him.

She opened her mouth fully, lowered herself back down and drew up on him softly, working his shaft again. He shuddered to her soft attention, his hands falling to the couch, letting her move her lips to his pleasure. Sucking and slowly working her way up, she kissed his shaft over and over. Even after some kisses, she ached to have his cock in her<b> throat </font></b>again, so she returned to another pass, going deep. She feel at home, feeling his cock sliding in her mouth. She knew it brought him pleasure. 'I want his cum', she kept thinking, 'I want his cum, I want his cum', with each stroke.

She felt spasms in his lying there. She could feel other shudderings inside him with each thrust. Soon his hips started rocking him into her mouth more eagerly. She knew it was only a matter of moments and he'd be rewarding her.

Swelling.... she felt swelling....

More suckling. He moaned.

"I'm cumming, baby girl..."

She lowered herself to engulf as much as she could and just in time.

He shook on the couch, his cock pulsed into her mouth. Hot cum sprayed in her mouth and she was ready. Sucking greedily on every pulse, she savored her reward and swallowed as much as he was giving her. His cum was all hers.

He was gasping, his turn to grip the front edge of the couch, even as she remained steadfastly attached to his cock. She was loving this moment, his very pleasure becoming hers.

Slowly the spurting subsided and she felt him relax. Looking up again, she saw he was eyes closed, arms resting at his sides and his loins fully spent. She slowly drew up one more time and milked the last of his seed. He moaned once more.

She gave him several more wet kisses, then returned his sweet manhood inside his boxers, then zipped him up. He still didn't move. She lay her head on his thigh, no longer trembling.

After a moment in the silence, "Did I do good, daddy?"

He could barely manage, but he nodded his head and rest his hand on her head. She cherished his soft caress.

More moments passed and then she stood up before him. He looked as she had stood fully erect. A young girl become woman.

She made toward the door, slowly turned the handle and peeked to the hallway. One last blown kiss and a wave and she disappeared into the hallway.

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