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D addy and His Little Ride out a Storm  

Oh_Daddy_Yes 58M
13 posts
6/27/2021 6:43 pm
D addy and His Little Ride out a Storm

The sun had gone down, but one could not tell, as the heavy blanket of storm cells had gathered. He lay down in his bed, hearing the approaching storm. This was going to be a good one, because the flash of lightning has been going on for the past hour and the atmosphere felt like caged energy. Suddenly remembering the windows, he leapt out of bed and ran downstairs. Windows facing the storm were closed, whereas the windows away from the storm remained open. He could still feel a cooling draft passing through the house, but at least he knew the rain wouldn't enter.

Satisfied, he walked back up the stairs and made his way down the hallway. Summers in the midwest can be rather hot and sticky, but tonight promises cooler and breezy. He felt bad for the livestock in the fields, who were going to feel a whole lot more.

Halfway back the hallway, his room in sight, suddenly one of the bedroom doors opened. He froze in his tracks, but noticed his little one standing in the doorway, trembling.

"What's the matter, honey?", he pressed her.

"I can't sleep, d addy. It's awful out there!"

He knew she didn't like thunderstorms, at least not yet. All it takes is the right lightning striking close by and fear is implanted in one's heart. He nodded.

"Yeah, it's going to be pretty rough out there. Would you like to sleep in my bed, hon?"

She quickened, "Can I?"

"Sure, I'm just going around and..." she had disappeared in his room, "... oh, well..."

He stood in the doorway, looking in on his bed. She had already leapt on it and covered her head with a pillow. He couldn't help but smile. Nevertheless, he had to continue checking on the windows upstairs before retiring to bed. Same principle, storm facing windows closed, otherwise, open. He also made sure the curtains would cut out most of the lightning flashes.

He made his way back to the bedroom, just as a lightning flash filled the room. He didn't even get a chance to start counting 'one Mississippi' when the thunder shook the house to the frame. She yelped into the pillow, but didn't move. The blast startled startled him, but as he looked at her, he realized she was feeling far more than a simple startle. He sat on the edge of the bed and waited for the rumbling to stop.

"Baby, would you like me to hold you?"

She lifted the pillow looked at him. He quickly noticed her trembling there.

No more words needed to be spoken. He lie down on the bed and faced her. One arm was lifted, inviting her to back herself into his space. His other arm was flat to the bed, offering her a place to lay her head. Quickly she scooted, her butt pressing into him first. Soon her body was against his and his arm gracefully enveloped her. Her trembling became a part of him, yet his rock steady form only held her. She grabbed his hand and pulled to her chest, a crushing grip holding him there.

Another close flash and quick thunderous explosion, another flinch.

"D addy, hold me!"

"I am holding you, love."

"Hold me tighter!"

His arms both pulled her tightly to him; together they could've been one person on the bed.

The storm continued its fury, soon releasing the drenching rains promised by the clouds. While the lightning persisted, it was nowhere near the frightful display that glued them together. Somewhere in the downpour her trembling stopped, soon sleep overtaking her. His deathgrip eased. Within seconds he too drifted off.

"D addy, are you awake?", he roused to her voice.

"What is it, love?", his head popped up glance at the cloc hours later. The storm was no more than a light rain coming down, yet he could still hear the rain gutters flowing.

"Thank you..."

Silence for a minute.

"... for what, honey?"

She stirred a bit but was still pressed into him. Her motion made it plainly clear that while he was lying against her, he also had an erection pressing into her.

"For protecting , for being there for ."

"I'd do it every time."

"I just feel so safe with you, with your arms... Hey, what do I feel? Is that for me?"

She rolled away from him and was soon facing him, a small space opened up between them. Her hands together sought out his cock, still at attention.

She giggled, "That IS for me!"

He smiled in the dar Her touch on his shaft was a welcome change from her body crushing into him. The rain continued falling on the roof.

She slid down in the bed, tugged down at his boxers and kissed his already swollen coc

"Thank you...", another kiss, "thank you... ", another. He moaned as her loving on him continued. The last kiss was replaced by her wrapping her lips around his head and softly sucking on him. She worked her mouth over the length of him and once again swallowed him up in her grateful mouth. It was his turn tremble.

He rolled his back and gave her freedom continue. She followed his motion, never releasing. She cupped his balls gently and expressed herself him in her loving caress.

"D addy is my protector", and her mouth wetted his shaft again.

"D addy is my rock", she went deep down on him.

He groaned with her mouth touching on nerves all over.

She uprighted herself over him, looking into his gaze in the dar She lifted her halter top over her head, baring herself. He could see her perky breasts in the glow of the night. She then tugged down at her panties and worked her way out of them.

In the silence of the rainy night she slowly straddled him, rubbing her wet pussy against the underside of his shaft. His hands reached up and caressed her waist, then held her firmly over him. She passed over him one more time then shifted her hips, allowing his shaft to press directly against her lips.

"D addy is mine", and she pushed. His head slipped inside with force. Her walls were stretched, the muscle of her womb admitting him with a deep moan.

"Ohh, fuckkk, d addy.." she tensed at the moment. His hands released her waist, giving her full control over her desire.

She pushed harder, forcing more stretching. Another inch disappeared. He reached up and gripped her breasts. The intensity of the moment caused her to<b> bite </font></b>her lip and keep going.

She lowered herself again, feeling the length of his shaft joining with her deep inside. She let out a gasp.

"One... more...." and she lowered herself to where her hips rested against his torso. Now he was fully buried inside, her clit pressing against him.

"Oh, god, I want to just stay right here", she whimpered. Her hands pressed on his chest, fingers closing in on his chest hairs. She felt the man underneath her, in intimate form. Not just any man, but her man.

She started a rhythm of raising and lowering herself onto him. Slowly at first, but then gaining speed. She wanted nothing more than to feel him explode inside. She wanted him to know that she was to be the vessel for his pleasure anytime. Anywhere.

He breathed faster, feeling her body working him. He could feel her breath on his chest with each thrust, her breasts conforming to his grip. Their breathing joined.

Unrelenting, she bucked up and down on him, wanting to feel his pulsing. She whimpered with each thrust, feeling the energy being drained out of her.

"D addy!", she gasped out.

His body writhed slightly, then he let out a loud groan and his grip moved from her breasts to her ass. His fingers dug in her muscles, but she continued, now milking him, feeling his hot seed spurting inside her. The muscles of her womb felt his contractions. Then it hit her like a wave.

"Oh god, d addy!" she climaxed seconds later, her muscle contracting and latching on in passion. Her body bucked in violent explosion on top of him. He never released her ass.

They stopped breathing, allowing the climaxes to wash over them. When she felt the last of hers, she fell on top of him, her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, never letting her go. She allowed him to stay inside, letting him ebb.

Minutes went by, only the rain being heard.

"I could just stay like this..."

Is there one seeking the arms and comfort of an older man?

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