A Chance Meeting at the Mall  

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5/15/2021 7:30 pm
A Chance Meeting at the Mall

He sat there in the<b> shopping </font></b>mall, after having bought his collection of birthday cards and DVD's, reading the labels on each. The bench was a nice resting spot, since he had been on his feet all day at work and then walking around the mall. A little rest is always a good thing.

Then she sat down beside him. At first he didn't notice, reading the DVD's, but then he looked up and noticed her sitting by his side. She seemed to be minding her own business, after all, it was a public bench. She was and attractive.

"Hello there!" he broke the silence.

She turned her head and looked over at him.

"Hi" she managed to get and smiled him. She was looking him awkwardly long and he noticed. Looking closer, he noticed a worried look on her as well.

"Can I help you?" he offered.

"Umm, yeah, I think you could...", but then she stopped, but continued to gaze him.

He noticed this time she was looking directly him, still worrying, and he smiled to disarm her.

"What could I do for you, honey?"

"My name is Jess."

"And my name is Dan. What could I do for you, Jess?" he repeated, turning toward her.

"I need a ride home, Dan. My girlfriend brought me, but she decided her boyfriend was more important and so she went with him to the park. I found after I texted her and she..." holding up her cellphone.

"Say no more, Jess!" and he stood up, putting the contents back in the bag from the store.

She seemed rather nonplussed about his eagerness, but she needed to get back.

"Thank you so much, Dan!" she gushed, following him. He slowed to allow her to walk alongside him.

As they walked alongside each other, out the door of the mall, he broke the silence.

"I want you to hold my hand", as he extended his hand to her.

"Excuse me?", she hesitated, but then she put her little hand in his.

"It's for your safety, that no one feels they can just assume they can bother you. If they see us holding hands, they'll leave you alone."

She felt security in his hand as they walked along, car after car out to his pickup truck. It was large and a little higher off the ground.

The doors were unlocked as they approached and he opened the door. Because the step was so high, he had to lift her somewhat. His hand touched her bottom as he lifted her up. She moaned to his touch.

He walked around to the driver side and climbed up in quickly. As he sat in the seat, he noticed she was sitting in the middle of the bench seat, not on the passenger side.

"Well, hello. This may be a very nice ride home!" Dan smiled.

He started the truck and looked her in the eyes, then touched her thigh. Her eyes got big for a moment as she realized the thrill she felt with his touch. She enjoyed his attention and didn't want it to end.

After a few moments of his touch, he leaned toward her and kissed her gently on the lips. She moaned again to his kiss, so soft upon her mouth. Her hands touched on his in response.

As they backed of the parking space she put her head on his shoulder and clung to his arm. She pressed her breasts, small and budding into his arm, feeling a closer connection.

"Enjoying the ride?"

She silently nodded her head.

"I know why you asked for the ride..."

She looked up him in silence as the truck slowly made its way through the parking lot.

"You want to suck my cock."

She felt and flushed his accusation. He was right, but he didn't have to say it that way! She remained silent, but then acceded his point by again silently nodding against his shoulder.

"Have you ever done it before, Jess?"

This time she shook her head 'no'.

"Well you should learn sometime, don't you think?"

She responded by pressing in on his shoulder more.

"Let's start.... by you reaching down and touching my cock..."

She didn't move.

"Jess, it's not going to hurt you. Just..." and he gently pulled her hand free from his arm, guiding it downward, "there you go..." as he placed her hand upon the bulge in his jeans.

She looked down and saw her hand was definitely upon his jeans. Again she felt and flushed, never having done this before.

"Unzip ..." he commanded.

She then found the zipper clasp and tugged it down, opening his jeans.

"That's a good . Now reach in and pull my cock", he urged her.

She gently reached inside and felt his penis inside, then started to lead it through the opening. the moment it was small. He smiled her as she was looking directly it.

"What do you think?" he pressed her.

"It's not what I expected. My girlfriends all said it would be huge, bigger than this..."

"Well, give it time, Jess."

As she was touching and moving it about, she noticed that it was actually getting bigger... and stiffer!

"Now you see what your girlfriends were talking about.... Stroke it...."

She looked up at him, then looked down. She willed her hands to start rubbing up and down on the shaft. They had traveled a few blocks away from the mall and she could see that he's turning on to the interstate, no idea where he's going.

"You are taking me home, right?" she asked nervously.

"Yes, but you haven't given me an yet."

She told him the and realized they're not going in the right direction all. He took the next exit and turned around. Meanwhile she looked down again and saw it was much bigger than before!!

"Kiss it."


"Yes, that's the next step. In fact, I want to hear you kiss it and count loud... Kiss my cock until you have achieved thirty kisses."

"Thirty? Really?"

He guided her head downward toward his engorged cock...

"Yes, honey, it's how you learn."

The first kiss was slow, as if she was kissing her gross cousin. It was dry and it was quick.


The next was not the same. A little slower, but still non-committal.


"You're getting the hang of it, Jess."

"Three" a little slower.

"Four" slower still.

"Five" and now it was getting louder, a wet kiss.

"..." this time it was slow and it was with her lips parted slightly.

"." more parting of the lips.

This time Dan moaned as she was slowly moving closer to her stated purpose. She heard his moan.

"." she opened her mouth further and found the head of his cock fit nicely between her lips.

A louder moan as Dan controlled the truck neatly down the highway.

"." she slipped it in her mouth more.

"." she suddenly figured it and she slurped his cock loudly as she went full down on it. His head slipped past her lips and she engulfed what she could in her tiny mouth. A deep moan from Dan on that next suck.

"Eleve...." and she was going down on his shaft, sucking wildly, bobbing her head slightly and knowing what she wanted to do. She started to understand that this must feel like when she was touching herself between her thighs and feeling the tingles of pleasure.

She stopped counting, as she sucked, bobbed and slurped Dan's cock with greedy lust. He moaned with some of her motions, yet kept the truck stable on the highway. She could hear the blinker; they must be heading toward the exit.

"Oh, fuck... Jess..." he gasped.

Suddenly one hand left the steering wheel and grabbed her head. His body tensed and she felt something was going to happen. Moments later she felt hotness inside her mouth. He was filling her mouth and holding her in place!! She had no choice and started swallowing. He moaned deeply as more filled her tight little mouth. Jess swallowed and swallowed as his cock throbbed, slowly ebbing to the last spurt.

"..." she looked up and smiled.

He looked down her and was smiling.

"Fuck, , you're a natural!"

She gently tucked his cock back inside and carefully zipped him up. As she sat back up, she recognized the corner of her street.

"Oh, let here!" she told him. He understood, she wouldn't want to be seen stepping of a stranger's car in front of the house.

She hopped down from the tall truck and closed the door. Running around to the driver's side, she looked up as Dan rolled down the window.

"Pick up the mall tomorrow, I think my friend will be leaving behind again" and she walked the sidewalk toward home.

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