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Vacation fornication  

NoTell101 60M
17 posts
1/18/2022 10:21 am
Vacation fornication

For seven glorious summers we had a group of 8 families that planned a vacation together in this tiny NH town. There was a lake with rental cabins all around it. It was rustic but fun. The were preoccupied with the exchange students that staffed the place all day to free up the adults to relax. My wife's BF Patti and I had been having an ongoing thing for years. She was now into her second marriage with as her first starter marriage flamed out. We always found the time to sneak away here and there for our carnal fun and to slake that thirst for sexual satisfaction.
One particular day everyone was at the beach on the lake at the camp. It was hot and everyone was frolicking in the water. Patti was feeling pretty frisky and so was I. The murky water offered perfect cover for our clandestine fondling. I would swim up to her and giver her perfect ass a squeeze under water, she would reciprocate by reaching back and fondling my cock through my swimsuit. We kept ratcheting up the play all afternoon. I'd slip my hand in her suit and rub her pussy or she'd grab my cock and give me a few quick strokes. We swam out to the raft where we could have a few minutes of privacy and she went under water and sucked my cock in front of everyone. I, of course, responded in kind and gave her a quick little<b> tongue </font></b>fuck while holding my breath. All of these dalliances were too short and making us crazy. She whispered in my ear, "meet you in your cabin in 15". I could hardly wait.

I took a few minutes to abate the raging hard on in my suit so I could get out of the water. I came ashore and told the wife that I was feeling a little wiped out from the heat and I was going to the cabin to take a nap, she waved me off as she was engaged with all of her friends recounting college stories. I dashed off to the cabin and awaited my visitor. The cabins were about a quarter of a mile from the water and I could see clearly if anyone was approaching. I was laid out on the bed all dried off and wearing just a pair of loose shorts. They belied my excitement as my renewed hard on was creating quite a tent. After about ten minutes I heard the screen door open. Patti appeared in the room and slid right onto the bed. She wasted no time and climbed on top of me and gave me a wonderful deep kiss. Since everyone was down by the water, we could afford not to be as quiet as we normally were on our clandestine adventures. Within seconds Patti's bikini and my shorts were pulled off and tossed aside. Patti has a beautiful body, very muscular with small, but perky tits and a fantastic ass from her gymnastic days.

I rolled her over on her back and drank in her scent, infused with coconut oil from the sunscreen. She smelled delectable as I kissed and licked my way down her lithe frame. Pausing to suckle her sweet erect nipples as my hands roamed her taught body. She laid back and responded with moans of delight as I pleasured her slowly moving to her sweet shaved pussy. She ran her fingers through my hair as I deftly worked around her tasty honey spot. The heat was causing both of us to sweat and the sexual tension was also contributing to our sweaty state. I slowly worked up and down her soaked slit with my<b> tongue </font></b>being careful not to touch her engorged clit. Her pleas for me to give her what she wanted were rebuffed as I worked her into a frenzy. Soon she couldn't take it and she forcibly rolled me onto my back and straddled my face. "Eat it!" she demanded as she ground her soaked pussy onto my wanton mouth. I complied as I stiffened my<b> tongue </font></b>to let it slip deep into her pussy as she ground faster and grabbed the headboard to steady herself. She was working me hard and her sweet juices and sweat filled my mouth. Her body stiffened then started to spasm as she came hard all over my face. I sucked and lapped greedily as she rewarded me for my efforts.

She wasted no time as she slid down my body and took me down her throat. Stroking as sucking hard she readied me for what I knew was going to be a power fuck. She straddled me and reached back with one hand and grabbed my throbbing member and guided me inside her while she steadied herself with her other hand on my chest. There was no teasing, she wanted me badly. Up and down she glided on my aching shaft, massaging my balls as she fucked me harder with every thrust. Soon she landed hard and ground back and forth. She glowed as she fondled one of her tits pounding and grinding. "Jim, yes, Jim, aaahhhhh, yes, fuck I'm cumming!" she announced as she shuddered and rocked back and forth. Her glistening body quivering as her pussy juices glazed me yet again. I held her shaking hips and pulled her down as her orgasm wracked her body. Dripping with sweat, she collapsed onto me to ride out the last few waves.

"Suck my cock" I demanded. She hopped off and immediately complied. Sucking and licking loudly. My hips rose to meet her sweet mouth as she took me deep, over and over again. Fondling my balls and rubbing my asshole. She knew I didn't have much longer. In a breathy voice she said, "I want you inside me". I rolled her on her back and took her legs over my shoulders. As I rubbed the swollen head of my cock on her sex soaked pussy lips she said, "I don't want you to stop, I want you to cum inside me". Those words were exactly what I needed to hear as I slid inside her slowly, balls deep. She moaned loudly and locked her feet around her head, ""Your cock feels so good baby" she moaned, "Fuck me, fuck me hard". I began picking up my pace and my hips started pounding her ass. Sweat dripped from my forehead as I began to pound her hard. "God Patti, you feel so fucking good!" I exclaimed as the sound of her pussy swallowing my cock and our hips slamming together filled the cabin.

I began to feel my orgasm welling up in my balls as my cock grew so hard it felt like a diamond. Patti felt it to as she neared another orgasm herself. Our breathing was labored and our bodies began to shudder. Patti announced, "OOooh Jim, I'm gonna cum again, cum with me, cuuuum with me!" "God yes, You're gomna make me cum Patti..... fuck I wanna cum so bad". "Don't stop Jim, cum for me cum deep baby..." I felt her pussy tighten and throb as she closed her eyes and began to spasm. I groaned so loud I thought everyone at the lake could hear me as I unloaded deep inside her, pushing so deep inside shooting rope after rope of hot sticky cum right up against her cervix. We held on tight as the waves of our mutual orgasm washed over us. We collapsed into each other's sweaty bodies onto the bed. It felt like an eternity for us both to stop cumming. After a few minutes, I rolled off her and even the steamy hot air felt cool as it washed over our sex slicked bodies.

We didn't have much more time before our respective spouses came looking for us, so Patti beat a hasty retreat for her cabin to clean up and expel what felt like a gallon of my cum that I pumped deep inside her. Ahhhhh summer vacation and close friends with secrets, what more could one horny cheater ask for?

author51 59F  
130010 posts
1/19/2022 2:41 am

Mmm another hot read sexy man..xoxo

NoTell101 replies on 1/19/2022 4:31 am:
Thank you Beautiful. I'm glad you can take pleasure from my past. Maybe think of me next time you're about to cum. That would be an honor to cross your mind before you reach your ultimate crescendo.

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