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Living Out My Dreams  

NippleDaddy69 70M
7 posts
7/19/2021 9:32 am
Living Out My Dreams

Here I was standing naked, body to body with a<b> fantasy </font></b>muscle man that I had such vivid, hot sex dreams about. My mouth was planted on his big "gyno" nipples and actually sucking milk out of them, while our hands were exploring each other's hard, drooling cocks. It was so much hotter than the dreams. I was intoxicated by the overpowering smell of Al. It was like his man's smell was acting like a drug and all of my thoughts and cares had slipped away and all I wanted to do was loose myself in his big, muscular, ripped body.

Al pulled my head loose from his big muscle tits and told me, "My turn." He leaned forward and flicked his tongue across one of my rock hard, long nipples. I jumped. It was like an electric shock went through my body. His tongue flicked the other nipple. Same reaction. My mind raced back to when I was watching him in the restroom getting sucked and played with by the 2 men and he looked at me and wagged his tongue at me. I felt his mouth close around one of my long, aching nipples. His lips pulled it out and his tongue swirled around the head. I was in nipple heaven. He could suck and chew on my nipples forever. It seemed like he worked his mouth on my nipples for the longest time, but it was actually only about 5 minutes. He lifted his head and looked me in the eyes with almost a questioning loo He cupped my chin and pulled my face to his and gave me a firm, open mouthed kiss, his tongue probing my lips to get in.

Rick and I didn't kiss hardly at all when we were having sex. Now I was being kissed by this huge muscle bound, ultra masculine man. It was shocking, yet so erotic and natural. Our hands left each other's cocks and went to each other's ass cheeks where we pulled ourselves closer together, grinding our bodies together as I returned his kiss. I loved kissing this man and feeling his hard, sweaty body pressing against me, his huge cock grinding on my crotch and legs. He broke away from the kiss and dropped to his knees, reaching out and grabbing my twitching cock by the root, pulling the head down and away from my body. His tongue snaked out and licked the piss slit, then swirled around the head. After looking at it for a few seconds he slid his mouth down over my cock and I watched it disappear completely to the root in his mouth. I could feel his throat muscles tickling the head as he held my cock in his mouth. Al slowly slid his lips up my cock to the head where he fluttered his tongue over the head while holding just the head in his mouth. He began sucking me hard and I couldn't resist pumping my hips in natural reaction. Al sucked me like this for over 5 minutes before I pulled his mouth off me, telling him he was going to make me shoot my cock juice. I wasn't ready for that yet. I reached down and pulled him up by his massive forearms, then dropped to my knees.

Right in front of my face, was the biggest, thickest, dream worthy cock I'd ever seen. When they talk about big cocks on men, this would be the image in the boo It was fat, dark in color, chocolate brown like his nipples, big blue veins feeding blood to the meat, and a foreskin that was big enough that even when he was fully hard, the foreskin still covered the back third of his cockhead. From our hot play, as I pulled his foreskin forward, it created a lake of creamy translucent white cock juice covering over his big, bright pink head. I leaned forward and stuck my tongue in that lake of juice, then used my tongue to scoop up as much as I could and gobbled it down. It was everything I dreamed it would be. I wanted more of it anyway I could get it. As I looked at that huge tube of cock in front of me, I knew i could never get it all in my mouth like he did with me. Rick had told me that his father was big all over and that his cock was at least a foot long. I thought he was joking. Looking at it right in front of my face.........he was right, at least a foot

I wrapped my lips around the head and foreskin of his huge cock and swirled my tongue under the foreskin and over the head to lick up all the cock juice I could get. My God........just the head of this monster was filling my mouth. It was so thick that I had to stretch my mouth wide open to get the head in. I decided it was now or never and I slid my mouth down on his shaft as far as I could. I could only get about a third of it in my mouth before his head hit my throat and my throat just wasn't going to take something that big and thic I felt Al pat me on the head, and then pull my mouth off his huge coc He looked at me with a concerned look and said, "It's O......I know that it is way too big." "It's been the curse of my life." "It was a lot worse before my bodybuilding and my body got big." "When people saw it and my body, they would say..........look at that cock with a man attached to it." He continued by telling me that having a huge cock isn't as great as most people thin You just can't do what normal men do with their cocks. Women may want one, but when faced with having such a huge one inside them, they think twice. Al told me that he had never had his cock completely in anyone's mouth, ass, or cunt.

After being told that, I didn't feel so bad and went back to sucking on his big slab of meat like it was an all day sucker. He must have been enjoying it because when I looked up, he was mauling his big pecs and pinching his puffy nipples with his head thrown back and moaning. I looked at his fingers where they were pinching at the pointy white hard tips of his nipples, and they were wet from his nipples leaking. I guess you could say he really was milking his tits. He let me suck him for a while, but I was glad when he lifted me up off his coc My mouth was getting tired of being stretched to the max. We kissed again and he could taste his cock juice on my mouth. He took me by the shoulders and turned me around towards the couch, made me bend at the waste and put my hands on the couch cushion.

Al was standing behind me now and I felt his huge cock slap me on my ass cheeks. I started thinking about how that big cock was going to ever fit in me, when I felt his tongue flutter over my hole, making it tingle and twitch. He started licking my hole and all around it. Every now and then, I'd feel his tongue push it's way inside like a cock trying to get in. In all the sex that I had with Rick over the couple years we had been playing, we never did that. It was always pretty much, play with nipples, stroke each other, suck each other, then take turns fucking each other and pumping cock juice in each other. Having my hole tongue fucked was something new and it felt good. I liked it.

Al stood up and started rubbing his big cock up and down my ass crac I was feeling something really wet and my crack and hole were getting really wet and slic I looked over my shoulder and saw Al spitting on my ass crack and smearing it around with the head of his drooling coc Every 3rd spit he would let it hit the head and top of his cock shaft. With the combination of his spit and the cock juice he was oozing out, my entire ass crack and hole were dripping wet and slic He looked forward at me and said, "Are you ready to try some of my big one?" I looked back and said hesitantly, "YES, I'll take as much as I can." This wasn't my first time being fucked and Rick was no tiny piece of meat. He was at least a thick 8 inches like me and we could both take all of each other and enjoy it.

Al found my wet, twitching hole and placed the wet head of his cock against it. He started a steady, slow pressure. I tried to relax, knowing he would never hurt me, and slowly my pucker started to open for his huge coc Keeping up the slow forward pressure, soon my pucker opened far enough for the wet, slick head to slide in. He stopped and allowed me to get used to it. When I nodded that all was good, he started the forward pressure again and slowly the big shaft started to slide in me. Unless you've had it happen to you, there is no feeling like being impaled on a huge coc That cock owns you, every fiber of your being is connected to that cock and what it does. Every movement, flex, twitch, and pump, becomes part of your experience. After a couple of minutes, Al had about as much as he thought I could take. I looked back and saw about 2/3 of his cock still wet and waiting outside my hole. At least I'm consistent. About a 3rd in my mouth and a 3rd in my ass. Slowly Al started pumping that huge 3rd in and out and I thought it was in my throat from the bottom. I had never felt that full, but wanted it and needed it. He pumped me for about 5 minutes and then wanted me to lay on my back on the couch. When he pulled out for me to move, I felt so empty, like I had lost a part of me.

With my legs now up in the air, I watched him slide his wet shiny cock back into me. When he had that thick 3rd in me he told me, "Play with my nipples while I fuck you" I reached up and started milking is big puffy nipples and immediately I could see a clear, slightly milky liquid appear on the white hard tips of both nipples. Al looked down, saw it, and just moaned and started pumping in and out of me. I was lost in the experience and kept moaning, "Fuck me, fuck me with your huge, fat coc" He reached out and I felt his fingers rolling my long nipples, occasionally letting go and flicking them. I was going over the edge. I'd never felt like this before. My nipples were being worked so good and my ass was stuffed full of the biggest cock I'd ever seen. I suddenly felt the cock juice boiling up out of my balls. I hadn't touch my cock this whole time and now I was going to blow. My cock was twitching and jumping wildly as Al pumped in and out of me and we gave each other's nipples a good milking. I almost screamed as I said, "I'm sorry" cock erupted, spraying cock juice all the way up to my face and all over my chest. Seeing that set Al off and I felt that huge thickness flex and twitch and then felt like my ass was being filled by a garden hose with hot water as his huge cock blasted squirt after squirt of cock juice into me.

As we both came down from our hard cum, Al leaned over and licked the cock juice off my chest and face and then lick my lips and kissed me. He looked me right in the eye and said, "Next time I want you to fuck me." Was there going to be a next time? God I hope so...............

13129 posts
7/19/2021 10:28 am

hot story

love your pics

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