FWB ending  

NewRdhouse 52M
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11/8/2021 6:19 pm
FWB ending

So, today is a not so happy day for me as I just ended my fwb situation. I had met her here probably just after she posted her ad, and we chatted that first day for 8 hours. I told her that it was my longest first date ever,lol. She wanted to get together that night but I slowed things down for a couple of days later. For the next three months, it has been the best I had ever! She is so eager please her partner and willing explore , and my god can she suck plus an orgasm doing that ! Never had a partner did that! She was willing do anything please me, from willing do anal, setting up a three way with her hotter girlfriend (but it would of costed me because she is a pro). She even introduced me soft bondage, and the realization that I enjoyed being tied up! I had made, until!

Now , we had an arrangement keep thing light , no pressure no commitment! I will admit my schedule at first kept up her and her libido , but sometimes could not be helped. This became a problem for her because she had a high drive and wanted me very often. We talked and we tried work out the schedule so we both got what we wanted. The next thing was her mental anxiety , she would fly off the handle and me at all hours , 40 texts my 3 , wanting know where I was , why I was not with her or I was really with! The final straw, just happened this weekend, when I got the " why are you not answering me" texts, and that is way too far! I hated doing this ( because of the ) but I was not looking for a friend, and definetely not looking crazy. I will miss her she was great talk with after the , and a very nice person!

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