Welcome to Erotic Cinema of the Mind  

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9/18/2021 6:11 pm

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Welcome to Erotic Cinema of the Mind

Occasionally, there will be an erotic movie that begins to play in my head. Their genesis can be found solely in my depraved mind. I've decided to share the one that's been playing most of the evening and has become my goal to make reality.

A beautiful woman stands with her back to me, her auburn hair cascading down over her shoulders. She's wearing an elegant, but very form fitting dress that ends just above her knees. The sight of her becomes overwhelming, and despite us having to be somewhere for an engagement, the desire she stirs in me pushes everything else from my mind. I step behind her, clearing her hair to provide access to her neck, which I begin kissing roughly. I must have her... I reach down, pull her dress up just far enough to tear her skimpy panties from her body. I bend her over whatever she's standing in front of, spreading her feet, and take her. There's no words of passion or endearment; this is pure lust that's driving me.

Something similar has already happened to me, while living in Richmond. I'd been dating a gorgeous, statuesque redhead. On this particular evening, I'd taken her to the finest French restaurant in town. She wore a tight, knee length, black skirt and thigh highs (the memory of what top she was wearing has been lost). Fuck, she looked . On the way home, she revealed her absence of underwear and proceeded to provide visual proof. She may have done other things in the car, but suffice to say we were both on fire when we walked in from the garage. Once we got to the living room, I yanked up her skirt and took her right then and there. Fun night. Dumbest thing I've ever done, ending things with her.

Oh, this happened one other time, but it didn't end as well. I was damned lucky that woman at Macy's didn't press charges.

New2Midlo 52M  
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9/18/2021 6:11 pm

What dirty movie is running through your mind?

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9/20/2021 11:57 am

LOL my husband has done this before. The most vivid memory of it was maybe 5 or 6 years ago...when i was a bit younger and a lot thinner and wearing this sexy strapless maxi dress and heels (which comes into play because he's 6-3 and I'm 5-7 and the 4 in difference in inseam makes standing sex complicated). We still had bedroom door closed (away from kids) and he pulled up my dress and bent me over the hope chest at the foot of our bed and slid his pants and boxers to his knees and fucked me right there with my thong just pulled enough to the side to be out of his way. Filled me up and told me we were leaving with it still dripping out of me. It was hot and fun.

New2Midlo replies on 9/20/2021 5:59 pm:
Nice to hear others have had the same movie running in their minds as well.

Talk about complicated, in my case, she was an inch taller than me and was wearing CFM heels. Throw in that women's legs are longer, even when both parties are the same height, and she all but had to do a split to make it work. But make it work we did.

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