Self Importance  

New2Midlo 52M  
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9/17/2021 5:55 pm

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9/26/2021 7:22 am

Self Importance

You were in my 'recently visited' category as 'interested/visited’ - a site ploy. This does not mean that you are fake/not real, just that the ’supposed visit’ never truly may have happened. The site time-stamps all visits - could be even from a bio appearing on your homepage, or you in chat or w/e, hence a 'site ploy'. Anyway, I'm not interested, but thanks for stopping by, and good luck! Just clearing the queue. PLEASE- Do Not Reply. Seriously. Adios.

I received the above message earlier today and like many other things in my life, it pissed me off. Why would you feel the need to send me a note indicating you aren't interested, solely because the site spoofed my visit to your profile, you self-important bitch? If you're fairly certain it was Senior Sizzle doing Senior Sizzle things, did you really need to make sure I knew you weren't interested?

Of course, I attempted to tell her to fuck off, because she told me not to reply, but somehow, she disabled replies to her messages. If it weren't a breach of generally accepted protocol, I'd out her right here, because she deserves it. Yes, I realize copy pasting messages is also a breach, but I'm surprisingly out of fucks to give at the moment.

New2Midlo 52M  
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9/17/2021 5:55 pm

Sorry, I'm not interested in you

OldStandardDudeX 69M  
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9/17/2021 9:29 pm

I am challenged by this...instances that reach out and poke me....I so want to poke back....and yet the reality is that these people won't get it , they are beyond rational suggestions,....lost causes....and so I take a deep breath and step away....

I am getting seriously grumpy as the years go by....

New2Midlo replies on 9/18/2021 12:17 pm:
You're likely correct. She also blocked me from viewing her profile, but what I could see on the hover preview, she's a bit touched. Lead off about plandemic and various other conspiracy babble.

I'm so upset she's not interested in me...

COguy81416 44M
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9/17/2021 10:58 pm

That was a nice way of saying “piss off” by her. But that doesn’t mean you any less of a person. When it happens to me. I just shrug shoulders and move on.

New2Midlo replies on 9/18/2021 12:22 pm:
It would only be slightly demoralizing to be rejected by such an amazing catch, except I neither possessed nor showed any interest in her.

nsnguystill 70M
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9/18/2021 2:55 am

venting is good/bad
it makes you feel like you got the last word in/ it lets the world see how easily you are thrown off balance
bonne vie

there is a world of difference between insane and stupid

New2Midlo replies on 9/18/2021 12:23 pm:
Hence why I have a blog. Funny, I hated that an ex of mine was a blogger, because of the license it gave her to peddle revisionist history to her readers, many of whom knew me.

countryqueen1 72F

9/18/2021 3:39 am

lol, only thing I can come up with is she isn't getting much attention if she has time to reply to views!!! Even an old doll like me can't keep up with messages some days. Maybe she's just really lonely, lol

New2Midlo replies on 9/18/2021 12:26 pm:
It takes all sorts of amazing and enlightened people to make up life's rich pageant. Maybe she's being thorough?

bustinout20202 65F  
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9/18/2021 9:05 am

"just clearing the queue"???! who the f*ck has time to clear their queue???

~~~" Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift." --Mary Oliver~~~

New2Midlo replies on 9/18/2021 12:27 pm:
I think a large chunk of men have ample time to clear theirs, not because they lack other ways to fill said time, but because a queue doesn't exist.

With the exception of engaging blog responses, mine was cleared before I woke up this morning.

seems6666 51F
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9/18/2021 12:24 pm

I'd LIKE a queue

New2Midlo replies on 9/18/2021 5:27 pm:
I'm with you!

Although I did get a note from a woman out of both my age and distance criteria inviting me to come to the dark or well caramel side.

If only the amazing Lala would send me such an invitation.

New2Midlo 52M  
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9/18/2021 5:25 pm

    Quoting  :

Re: browsing invisibly - I've had that setting checked for as long as I've been on the site and just confirmed it hasn't changed.

OMG, she blocked me??? However will my fragile ego recover after being rejected by a woman who didn't appear on my radar in the first place?

Okay, I'm over it...baking cookies with an absolute fuck you amount of really good chocolate chips.

New2Midlo 52M  
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9/19/2021 9:01 pm

    Quoting  :

If only I could dream of such bliss. Perhaps, I should concentrate my job search in OKC in order to make it a reality.

In the meantime, next time I'm about to make cookies, I'll ask you to pm your address and will send you a lovely care package. Or perhaps, I'll deliver them personally.

CL_Love 49M/48F
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9/20/2021 11:52 am

I know that the site causes people to have appeared to "view" people who have never done so (or at the most hovered briefly over a picture just long enough to see it at a size that doesn't require bifocals). I like you said...even if you did actually do anything indicating interest...why be such a bitch? I don't do anything other than reply with a simple...not interested thank you (if I have the points to IM). Weird. I would've outed such a bitch myself. Uncalled for.

New2Midlo replies on 9/20/2021 6:04 pm:
Speaking of being a bitch, I'm anything but a misogynist, but I used the alter ego account I have on this site to view her profile today and that's the only word I find that accurately portrays this woman. Her profile is one of those where 80% of the content is complaining about what she doesn't want, 10% stating the very narrow criteria she will accept, and 10% conspiracy theory. She has a blog which is solely used to bitch about every transgression a man has perpetrated on her on the site.

After checking it out, I can unequivocally state I haven't so much as viewed her profile recently; it would have stuck out with a mental 'what a fucking bitch' notation attached.

lindoboy100 59M  
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9/22/2021 8:08 am

Oh go on, admit McMid, you wanted into her knickers.......!!

She sounds like a lovely piece of work, I know a few who blog who fit your descriptions fairly well!!

New2Midlo replies on 9/24/2021 2:48 pm:
I don't even know who she is!

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