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My Feven Kay Fanfiction  

NLVPassionFruit 54M
10 posts
5/6/2021 10:00 am
My Feven Kay Fanfiction


You would see her every morning on the news giving her reports Smiling always with a Cheerful Voice joking around as if she had no Problems in the world the men they all spend their time Watching Her staring at her huge as Tits waiting for her Nipples to Harden as they are dreaming about Fucking her
The Women admire her, her Skin, her Hair her Nails, her Body and the style of clothes she wears but some of them watching her are dreaming just the same as the men Masturbating and Jacking Off as they watch her so Fucking Beautiful everyone is saying as they watch Her.
As for me the first time I seen her I straight way had to unleash and pull out my Cock Stroking him as Fast and Hard as I Could after 2 Weeks or so I had to Learn how to use the DVR (something I thought I would never need to use) a few days of having to stop stroking my Cock and having to look for the remote or get up and walk over to the box and Rewind the broadcast back to the start of her reporting and having to start myself all over again I found at that moment I realized Something about the news that I had never noticed before and that was it was WAY TOO SHORT, now me personally I don’t like RUSHING when it comes to Licking Pussy and Playing with my Cock I am ALL about The pleasures and the joy it brings s when I cum or every time she cums but anyway this is about the time we meet and the pleasures we GIVE each other.
Her Married life was e ho um hello dear good bye dear to look at them you may notice that they were a completely normal, average couple, if you could have peeped into their bedroom you would have said they were probably a little bit boring. Now I don’t mean this is in a mean way, I mean it in the best way possible because things are different now.
They never used to experiment, they would never explore one another bodies, they had sex very rarely and sex was more of a chore than something exciting and pleasurable for them both. Truth being told it wasn’t always like that, they used to be very adventurous and experimented with almost anything but after years all of that dried up and they went from loving cum to resenting it, that is until that Cum-filled Night I seen and followed her into a Bar
Writing this before would have been made Her quite upset but looking back now I can smile because if it wasn’t for that Horny Ass Rut she was in at that moment we wouldn’t be fucking like newlyweds right now and our sex lives would Never have been born and quite mundane.


You see We had been Chatting back and forth among each other through a website for a few years now we had never met Face to Face just Video Chatting with each other I had always been a Huge Fan of Hers in the beginning she had no Clue as to what I was doing as I chatted with her because I kept my Camera showing a close up of my Face or the top part of the table, we both enjoyed each other’s Company at a Distance always talking about our lives things we enjoyed doing Hobbies, , places we been and visited. We were always saying that we wanted to meet for a evening out just to talk, but what we have was OK it started out as a Friendship on Cam and we agreed to let it stay that way because of Her Job and her place in the Public’s Eye and being that we both are Married it would be better for the both of Us so we did and stayed just that Cam Friends and that so far was all for 2 Years. We both secretly chatted together until that one evening she ran across my Masturbation Cam Site filled with Videos of me Jacking Off she never told me that she was watching the Videos and Fucking Her Pussy with a Dildo but I guess that after watching my Video and hearing me talk NASTY she was getting Turned on so she started to open up to me about her Marriage and her Sex life within it, then one night I guess she must have Watched the Video I had just posted 2 hours before she Video Called me that morning I noticed she was asking me about my Marriage and my Sex Life a little more than usual she told me that she sometimes gets Super Horny and that she went out and got herself a Dildo and that she been using it a lot as she started watching this Masturbation site as she was telling me my Cock was getting Hard as FUCK, so knowing she could not see below the table I reached down unbuckling my belt and as I pulled down my zipper I slowly pulled out my Cock and Started playing with the head of it I had never heard her talk like this before because I PROMISED her that I would never talk to her about having Sex or anything to do with Sex because I didn’t want to lose her Friendship as She was talking I got quiet just staring at her big Ass tits as she leaned backwards into her Chair I could See her Nipples imprints FUCKING Huge ass Nipples I started dreaming of her riding slowly up and down on my cock as she was moving her Hips around Grinding on my Cock around and around shoving him deeper and Deeper inside her twisting her Hips around as she was grinding, she was leaning forwards her hand pressing down on the edges of the pillow looking into my eyes with such a Serious look of Pleasure determination her Breast hanging and slowly moving from side to side back N forth across my Chest I could feel her Nipples harding up as the rubbed across my chest I did not move my body for she wanted full control so I just held on to her waist with my hands following her lead, Fuck she was FUCKING me nice and Slow keeping a good rhythm she whispers Suck my Nipples please so with my hands I reach between us gently gilding her breast towards my mouth as I looked into her eyes Dam her breast are so FUCKING Soft but really Firm as I moved her breast closer to my mouth she would lean a little bit more forward so I could lick around the Nipple and all over her Breast I could see she was enjoying it so I raised her breast upwards very gently so I could Lick the underside and her Chest slowly running my tougne across her entire Breast as to not miss a spot while Teasing her Nipple then moving my tougne across the middle of her chest softly Kissing on it I made my way to the other breast and doing the same to it and Licking across her Nipple once again Teasing it I took both my hand and held one of her breast in each gently bringing them toghter until I had them Nipple to Nipple I enclosed my lips around them both trapping them together Rubbing them and Flicking my tougne across them I could feel her Pussy Gripping around my Cock a little harder and she was beginning to pant as she begged me to Suck on her Nipples Dam I had to rush both my hands down under the table and I took off my pants and push them away with my feet reached into the bag Next to me and pull out the oil took my cock in Hand and started to play with it, listening to the sound of her voice and Slowly Stroking on my Shaft thinking to myself how Wonderful the sound of her voice is Fuck she was Fucking with my Head really good I started to drip cum before I got to the Full Length Stroking, then she asked me if I wanted to watch her use it I was SHELL SHOCKED because the Questions she was asking me were nothing like Her at All I looked, stumbled over my words then she asked me what was wrong I just looked at Her Busting a Huge Ass Nut and she Notice that I Did because I could not Hold my PEACE at All, FUCK Oooooooo Shittttttt Mmmmmmm I never Came So freaking HARD Before I could not help it Dam as I held my Head pushing my body away from the table squeezing hard on my Cock as I Continue to Stroke him and shooting out CUM onto my keyboard as I had to attach out my body by lifting it upwards and leaning Backwards trying to get out the Last bit of Cum.
As I stood there looking at her Face I could not tell if she was enjoying watching me or What her eyes was Locked on my cum dripping cock she was engulped in the event taking place as I recovered from the pleasurful moment I just experienced I thought I have just lost the Lady Friend I really Cared about and became appologinic to her She then turned her Cam towards the wall for a few seconds so that I could not longer view her Gourious Face I began to plead and beg for her forgiveness then she spoke to me asking me Questions about what I have been doing while we have been Chatting all these years I told her that I have not been doing anything until today she knew that I was lying to her she then said to me if I lie again she will never call me again so I told her the truth and how I could not help myself she said that she had always wondered why I always used one hand above the table and when ever I pulled up the other one it always seems to be a little glossy.
So what happened to the No Sex Rule she said I told her that I just agreed to it because I have always admired her I have always been a Huge Fan of Hers and even before we meet I was spending a lot of time Jacking Off to Her on TV and her Pictures she post online and since we are on telling the Truth about this I Seriously don’t even know which department she was working or Reporting from I just knew which channel to turn too and what time you were on I would set up my laptop Cam, have my bottle of Nivea Masturbation Mix by my side sitting on my stool waiting for you to come on air and once you did I start Stroking on my Cam for all my Lady Fans waiting to Watch and sometimes I would Record it and post it on my Masturbation Site as I was saying that she turned her Camera around and Said all the videos on your Masturbation Site or of you Jacking Off to me Seriously all this time you been Shooting out huge loads of Cum while you were Watching me I said Yes and I am so sorry but I can not help myself I am totally uncontrollable when I she turned off her Cam and I had not heard anything from her in 2 Months then one afternoon while I was jacking off on my Masturbation Cam I had a Fan message me on why I don’t charge people to watch me this fan had started watching me 4 months ago she had no profile picture I told her that I have many Kinks and that being Watched is on of my Top kinks next to Licking Pussy she said if I had to number them which number would Licking PUSSY fall next to I said number ONE she said that being watch would be number 2 then? I said No number 3, she said how is that? When you said it would fall next to Licking Pussy? Yes Masturbation would be number 2 then being Watched so she said where would FUCKING a Woman come in? I told her that I not good at Explaining but that I was MARRIED and I not that Found of Exchanging Bodily Fluids of that kind she responds back that I am Still exchanging Fluids as I am Licking Pussy so what is the Difference? I told her that it is because Fucking becomes way more personal when your Fucking it a RELATIONSHIP rather than a Friendship you become One with that Person you’re Fucking that’s why people Change Licking Pussy and Ass is about the PLEASURES you are giving to another she states that Fucking is about Pleasure also you give to one another also? I tell her that Fucking is not about the PLEASURES because your not having it for the Pleasures it for the SEXUAL LUST we all Have it is Selfish, Power, Unfulfillment, Control of Another, and Much more. In Fucking it can add Strength to a Friendship or it Can turn it UPSIDE DOWN because you both are looking for the SAME THING and if you don’t get it or if you do it changes EVERYTHING. On the other hand Licking PUSSY for me is a ART, a Life Skill that I Love to Share with a Friend Married or Not we all Feel Down at some point Stressed out Unfulfillment in our Sexually Appointed Life sometimes and we don’t know how to just Sit back and Relax a lot of people relax the outer body and NEVER think about our inner person so we go and get a BODY Massage thinking that will do the trick but the truth is we don’t know how to let go of self until we learn how to just lay back close our eyes and Open our legs and get her Pussy Massage as well for a Hour or 2 she responds Hell you are just trying to get some Pussy anyway you can by saying all you want is to lick a Pussy thinking the woman will get Horny and want to FUCK. I told her she could ask any Woman here they will tell you Different if I was to FUCK any Woman there is ONE and She found Out that I was Jacking Off to Her Every Day we video chat and Long Before we even meet so she tossed me to the Side I have not heard from her since it was Seriously my Fault because Jacking Off while looking at her and Dreaming about Fucking Her is just what I was Doing to her “FUCKING Her” and like I stated Fucking ruined our Friendship I was thinking about myself my Uncontrollable Lust for her and the thing is if we became Friends again I would keep FUCKING Her so maybe it was for the Best. She then responds saying that she too was untruthful to one of her Friends one that she was very fond of she had knew about a site she came across and seen him Masturbating for other women it turned me on sitting there watching him Stroke on his Beautiful Black Cock wishing I could have it inside me Spilling all that Thick load of CUM Deep inside her Fuck I got so Horny for Him and I hated myself because I was MARRIED as well but Sexually UNHAPPY I went to the store and pick up a Dildo so I could Dream of his Cock Fucking My Wet Pussy as he was Stroking it he always takes a long time to CUM which made it so good because I could cum more than once or twice before he did Dam I Wanted him so BADLY, at this point I knew who she was I told her she should have talked to me told me what was going on instead of disappearing like that we had known each other for a long time and we both was looking for the Same thing but trying to block it out so after reuniting and Knowing the truth about each other’s feelings we thought we meet Face-to-face and see if we could do something about it she ask me about my Fascination about Strap On Sex and I was truthful
We decided we needed to have a night together, we needed a date night that was not on done on a Cam but Face to Face she said alone with alcohol, good food and good sexual energy was exactly what we needed. So we made a appointment for Friday.
It was a Friday so while I was out buying our snacks I got into the shower and removed every single hair on my body including that on my head. She also shaved and exfoliated her Pussy until it was so smooth that she couldn’t stop stroking it. She had put on her favorite pink lingerie, the lingerie that I had told her I loved seeing her in and she applied some makeup, making sure to line her eyes with black liner, just how I said I liked on her
She had put on one of her oversized night shirts and waited for me to come into the Room and finish showering. Then we made the front room into a camp and binged on snacks and wine until the sun started going down and then we started getting frisky. Going back to our youth It was thrilling to make out like teenagers on the couch, i ran my hand up and down between her legs until she was all but practically begging me to touch my pussy. She then moved her hands to my legs, my towel outlining my hard ass dick. You could tell that the both of us had really missed this in our lives of Marriage
She started running her hands over my Hard dick, teasing him as much as she was teasing me. She began moving her hand inside of my bath towel while we were still making out, my cock was so hard and her running her hand up and down it was turning me on just as much as it was her. She Slowly pulled my cock from under the towel and gently Cresting it in her hand she as we looked each other in the Eyes she gave me Such a Beautiful smiled and instantly moved her head down between my thighs, taking my cock in her hand and hovering it just above her lips, teasing it with her tongue, making sure not to put him into her mouth. Fucking shit felt so freaking GOOD that I gripped her head with both my hands, trying to push her mouth onto my cock playfully until she finally gave in, pushing her head down on my Cock and Humping as if I was Fucking Her in the Pussy trying to get my cock down her<b> throat. </font></b>I could tell she hadn’t done this in a very Long time but it felt so good. She had told me that she had a great skill of deepthroating and my Husband had loved it, She moaned out as she took my entire dick down her<b> throat.
</font></b>As she was deep throating me, I moved my hands down her back and over her ass. As she was bent over me, it was easy for me to run my hands over her entire ass and so I took the opportunity cupping watch Cheek with watch Hand gently pulling them apart I pushed my hand down between her ass cheeks and used my finger to moved her thong to the side and push my finger into her asshole I could feel her lips griping around my Cock tighter thinking to myself that I hadn’t done that in forever and damn it felt so good. I played in it for a Moment then I told her to look at me as she lifted up her head to look at me I ask her how did my finger feel to her up in her asshole twirling around and Poking in it she smiles and tells me to keep adding more I then removed my Finger from her ass and looking her in the eye I put it into my mouth and started Sucking on it and Licking up and down my entire finger her eyes grew wide as she watched me enjoying the taste of Her Asshole she was so turned on and began really sucking on my cock, encouraging me to fuck her ass with more of my fingers. I then increased my movements and my Fingers adding one after another I was fucking her ass, making her moan and she was Sucking the Fuck out of my cock making me moan and we both moaning together as one.
Hell I would have done anything I was so horny, so when she stopped and looked up at me and asked me if I wanted to try something out of the ordinary I told her Hell yes I wanted to do anything.
SHE ASKED ME IF WE COULD EXPLORE SOMEWHERE NEW I asked her what she meant, still stealing kisses from one another and she told me that she had been thinking about the video of me when I fingered my ass and how much l had looked like I had enjoyed it but I could of never done it again because it was hard to do alone. I looked at her in intrigue because I had loved it and I had loved how much it had turned me on but he had never mentioned it to her because I didn’t want her to I was Gay or anything just so freaking Hard to do while Jacking Off and for her to watch me do it or even think about me doing it made me believe she had liked it as much as I had so I opened up and told her it was a experiment kind of thing.
She told me she had bought a prostate sex toy (this is the prostate massager we used if you’re interested) and she pulled it out from under the pillow, she told me it was completely charged fully and all I had to do was control the vibrations with the little remote, which she handed to me with a devilish look in her eyes as if she could not wait to Watch me use it.
Fuck she was so unbelievably Beautiful I would do anything she asked me to do her skin was like Silken Gold and her Smile was my Twilight Zone
We were both so horny as I started to lower myself onto the prostate sex toy, she was sitting in front of me facing me Watching as she turned it on, and immediately the precum from my cock oozed out of him, it was an insanely hot scene. As I sat back on the couch closing my Eyes and her being in control of my Pleasure as we made out she turned up the settings, FUCK her beautiful Smile, golden complexion and her Cresting Soft touch as I kiss her harden Nipples hell I was in heaven, pleasure was so Great as she started to play with my cum covered Cock I was unable to open my eyes and unable to move as it felt so overpowering. She decided to take it up a notch and she took my throbbing cock into her mouth, licking the precum from the tip and shift of my penis with her soft gentle tongue. She gently sucked on my cock as the vibrations made me tremble. Grabbing at her hair as she gently bobbed up and down, l just knew she could feel that my body was totally tense as I was enjoying every single moment of this. Once again she turned up the vibrations this time I groaned, no matter what all the Pleasures of her mouth and the freaking toy in my ass I just couldn’t keep himself quiet. I was freaking trembling, groaning and gripping onto her hair like my life depended on it. She Opened up her Legs and had began rubbing herself, it was not long before she had slipped her finger into her Pussy and began playing with her clit. The pleasure was so intense that I suddenly shouted out to her that I was going to cum, hell I gripped even harder onto her Hair and pushed her head downwards while lifting my hips up shoving my entire cock deep into her mouth Fucking her mouth hard as she pushed her finger deeper into her pussy and began fingering herself furiously. We were both moaning as I began to cum, shooting my semen down her<b> throat </font></b>as she swallowed it enthusiastically. I had never dreamed of the both of us doing anything like this, her mouth was hanging open as I trembled with my cum oozing from my cock and dripping from her mouth When she saw that I was coming down from my super intense orgasm she turned off the prostate massager and put her head on my shoulder.
When the both of us had recovered I told me how FUCKING Awesome my orgasm was one of the most amazing things I had ever felt in my entire life. I said that the prostate orgasm was like nothing I had ever imagined and that I felt like my entire body was engulfed in waves of unexplainable pleasure.
Dam she was so happy for me and even happier when I had turned animalistic and pushed her onto her back and began eating out her pussy like it was my Last Meal. It wasn’t long before she began to Squirt her sweet but Salty cum all over my Face and into my mouth, I was making her body quake but she was also trembling from me giving her such an intense orgasm. We had an amazing evening, it turned out to be just what the both of us WANTED something that fueled our sadden married sex life from thereon. We use that prostate massager A LOT now and we have and explore sex so much more, it’s a pleasure-filled Experience and our Friendship keeps growing Stronger and Stronger which makes our Marriages more fulfilling and that little thing bright out our KINKINESS we been bottling up inside afraid to talk about or do anything about between us both it was a lifesaver.

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