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2/8/2022 7:06 pm

"It's not working, Babe." He sighed, looking down at her. The tears welling on her cheeks were endearing, and he brushed them away with his thumbs. Hair threaded between his fingers in silken ropes which shone brightly in the morning light. Furrowing her eyebrows, she went still and looked at him. There was no plea or anger in her eyes, the way he had encountered with other women, just an earnest contemplation as if she were considering her next move. A flicker of annoyance narrowed her eyelids to mock him without having to say anything. But, he knew what she would have said: not working for you, maybe.

Her stubborn streak had often resulted in him putting his hands in defeat, even if circumstances were clearly proven to be in his favor. She would not be easily convinced to give . The thought sparked annoyance of his own which resulted in his moving away from her impatiently. She held her grip on him, and he relented. Doubt crept in to advise him just to let her take her time and come to the same conclusion. Watching her eyes close, he could feel her jaw slowly move side to side, the way it did when she was deep in thought. A good sign, he thought quietly as if not to jinx it. He did.

She moved her head closer to him, holding him tightly for a moment, before abruptly pulling away. Whipping her eyes back onto his, "why exactly would you want us to stop?" The question cutting accusingly. Not waiting for an answer, she pulled him back in, emphasizing the rhetorical.

"We can't keep going on like this," he withered slightly. "There is no way you can be getting anything out of this at this point. I am barely hanging on myself." He hoped she would see the rationale and let him go, but continued stubbornly.

Leaning up, she displayed her pouty lips, "You seem to be worried about yourself," she said, almost sweetly. Her hands moved over him in a placating gesture that made him tense reflexively. "Honey, don't be this way. I will take care of you."

Hmph... His response came unbidden from the of black humor surrounding them. He quickly realized he should have kept better control of himself, feeling her hand squeeze tightly.

Once again, her eyes were narrowed and focused. "Do you think this is funny?" Punctuating the question with a grazing<b> bite </font></b>of her teeth. Worst of all, she maintained the incongruously sweet tone of voice.

"Babe, listen," he backpedaled, "I don't want to fight over this." The half-lie was thin. He would have preferred a fight, just to end it. She was not going to make this easy, he knew. She never did. Even now, he felt tears roll over his thumbs in spite of the fierce look in her eyes as she pressed herself onto him.

Pulling her head back enough to talk, she pressed gently against the hands holding her. She inhaled sharply, releasing the air again in a sigh, "then don't." And, just as quickly, she buried herself in him.
Involuntarily, he moved his hands through her hair and around her ears. She was so warm and soft. He could not recall a time where she had not been. Even in these moments where she was so relentlessly stubborn. Playing with her hair, he took a deep breath and considered what he should do next. It was obvious she had dug her heels in, and just letting her wear herself out would result in him getting hurt. It was frustrating for him. He wanted to give her what she wanted, but it was as if she always wanted just a bit more than what he could give her. Even now, her dismissal of his plea was both endearing and venomous. She was not inconsiderate in her pursuits, which always left him wondering how sincere she really was with him.

He groaned, "Babe, why aren't you listening to me?" The question came out strangled. The grazing touch of her tongue along his tight scrotum and onto the shaft of his cock both brought him to the edge and threw him over it. His hands gripped her head tightly as she held his pulsing cock tightly between her lips.

Triumph flashed in her eyes as they opened to look at him. Sensing he had given her every ounce of his cum, she plunged his cock against the back of her throat for good measure, drawing out more satisfied tears. Sitting back on her heels, she made a show of swallowing for him. The brilliant smile formed around her answer, "because it always works."

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2/10/2022 6:32 am

is it strange i was gutted when i thought the two characters i've been building up in my mind were going to break up? what a mean trick...

i was a little confused about the part where the guy felt he was going to get hurt... was it because he would end up being chaffed? or was that part playing into the guise of the ruse?

the part where the hero relented in hopes the heroine would "wear herself out" made me laugh out loud... nice touch...

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2/10/2022 6:43 pm

I am glad you were able to immerse yourself in the story; I trust the follow-up read made things a little less gutting.

Getting hurt is always a possibility when getting fellatio from a particularly energetic partner. Aside from intentional damage, I am much more afraid of micro-abrasions. After an accidental grazing of the teeth and a little swelling, it is a great deal like having sand rubbed in your eye. But, I guess it all depends on who is doing the rubbing.

Nothing wrong with being on the receiving end of wearing someone out.

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