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1/4/2022 8:10 pm

"Have what you want," he answered, smiling at her. She was holding the bag of chips and the moon pie up to illustrate the question. Returning the smile, she leaned over to return the chips to the tray. Doing so caused a slight clink of one of the assorted craft beer bottles the hotel had arranged for their stay. Why she asked the question was a mystery to him beyond the politeness of doing so. When they arrived earlier that evening, she had commented about the treat. So, of course, the pie was the only answer to her trapped question.

Laying on the bed, he watched in amusement as she bit and pulled at the corner to free the pie from its wrapper. The noisy plastic made its way into the bin under the desk. She stepped lightly to the bed as she playfully appreciated the aroma of the sweet chocolate. He kept eye contact while also taking her in as a whole. The unassuming earth-toned cotton robe she wore hung loosely open to reveal the edges of the blue lace underneath. Her hair was still tied up in its bun, but it was the glasses she wore which evoked the librarian fantasy in his mind. The glasses were not needed in the strictest sense as she claimed they were useful to reduce eye strain while she worked. However, he did notice she wore them more after he had teased her of being a sexy bookworm. She wore them to great effect, whatever her reason.

A slightly muffled, "would you like a bite," followed her down as she straddled him, managing to gracefully untie the robe completely as she did so. He took a moment to appreciate the reveal and its accompanying warmth.

"Yes," he replied in what he hoped was a wolfish smile. She obligingly lowered the pastry to his mouth and let him add his<b> bite </font></b>to her own. The sweet flavor was not nearly as delicious as the act of her feeding him. She pulled the treat back and added another nibble as she worked her free hand over the closed button of his jeans. In an act of feminine magic, she also managed to swell her breasts against the lace using her upper arms and leaning over slightly. The flash of teeth in her smile contrasted with the chocolate shell hiding her chin. He could tell she felt his appreciation as she began encouraging it with her hand. She kept returning the pie to his lips, giving her the chance to push down along the length of him. It was then he felt the first few tiny crumbs fall to the bare skin of his torso.

Continuing her dessert-induced aggression, she freed his cock while playfully dropping the last sweet<b> bite </font></b>into his mouth. He ignored the sparse dry rain of breading as she followed the<b> bite </font></b>with a kiss of her own. The bedside lamp glowed dimly in the reflection of her glasses as her, "thank you, baby," accompanied a gentle stroke along the shaft nestled against the lace between her thighs. Keeping her kiss tightly on his lips, they worked in a lustfully clumsy way to move his pants to his knees. With one hand she deftly moved aside the lace material of her panties to guide him between the warm, juicy lips hidden underneath. Unbearable pleasure followed with each inch of him disappearing into her.

The feel of the warm, wet lace working its way up and down along his cock as she set her rhythm was an intoxicating counter-point to the heat alternatingly swallowing and releasing him. His hands moved up to tease the nipples peaking through the intricate blue material, elliciting an appreciative moan. The thick rimmed glasses she wore found a hypnotic cadence moving into an out of the reflection of the lamp light. He watched her half-closed eyes through the lenses. Each downward thrust forcing the lids to tighten slightly. Reaching down, he followed the course pubic hair to the opened cleft of her wet pussy. His thumb circled and rubbed over her clit causing her hands to clench against the skin of his chest, dusting some of the lingering crumbs onto the sheets.

The tremble of her thigh accentuated her increasingly staggered breathing. Each thrust bringing them together added to the pressure he applied to the swelled nub at the tip of his thumb. Quick kisses were all she could managed as he watched her visibly fight to keep from breaking down against the electric pleasure. The predative intoxication of watching her succumb washed over him like a meditative calm. The smooth glide bounding along his cock with the contrasting feel of lace following it was its own heaven, but the scene before him was much more enthralling. The crumbs worked their way between his back and the sheets before an indulgent, "FUCK!," cried out to the room.

A grin cocked itself onto his face as she grabbed the hand that continued to work her near bursting clit. He dutifully rested his hand and she lay on his chest while her vagina erratically squeezed against his amused cock. Arms weaved themselves together as they lay their for several minutes, letting the heat simmer in the lace that separated their skin. Once he felt her return to a semblance of normal breathing, he slowly worked his hips to move in and out of her. Only enough to ensure she was still ready for more, even if the crumbs he felt were vying for his attention. The light command of the question, "I want behind you," was met with a weak nod of her head against his chin.

She dismounted and discarded the robe and glasses, the bun of her hair long since undone. He stood and leaned over to remove the pants which had been locked onto his knees. He watched her move onto all fours, waiting for him to move behind her. She looked back over her shoulder as he knelt onto the bedding, his shins running along the outside of hers as pulled the strap of her lace one-piece to the side of her smooth, round ass. He guided the tip of his cock along the edge of her labia, working the precum into her natural lubricant. Shifting his position to better take her, he felt the grainy crumbs under his knees. He slowly buried himself in her and enjoyed being surrounded by her as he worked the soft, warm cheeks under his hands. Raising his right hand, he felt the playful frustration for the crumbs in the bed dance over his palm. Pulling back, he left his hand in the air as his cock revealed all but the tip was freed from her. The stinging smack of his hand on her ass was immediately welcomed by sharp moan and a flood of heat from the red handprint on her ass as he plunged hard and deep into her.

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1/5/2022 4:07 am

Omg, that was so hot!

I think I like your version better!

NG879190 replies on 1/5/2022 5:54 am:
Nothing ever beats the original. 😏

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