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How I Lost The Weight  

MrNapkinz 22M
1 posts
8/3/2020 6:27 am
How I Lost The Weight

Hey, Napkin here. Since coming back Senior Sizzle, I'm beginning get questions about how get the weight off. For those who don't know, I'm down nearly 100 pounds, having lost 85 pounds in the last 13 months. I'll tell you how I did it, and include some important points on how you could shed some pounds as well.

I was 270 pounds a little over a year ago. And say I was disappointed in myself is an understatement. There was a lot going in my life at the time, but I took the initiative.

I started with walking. A lot, I averaged around 8 miles a day. I lived in another city, and I walked everywhere, and even worked to my job as a server. Then I stayed out in Georgia for a few months where I continued to walk. From there, I moved back to Houston, and got a job going door to door, which was, you guessed it, even more walking.

Now, weight loss for me was more of a health concern, my mom for example, started having heart problems in her early 30s. My grandfather and everyone after has passed from some heart related issue in their late 50s early 60s. And virtually every man and woman over 50 has either had multiple strokes or is at odds with some form of hypertension. I quickly realized that this was a deeply rooted issue, and realized that I needed to lose weight. A lot of it, to reduce my chances of having the same issues that they have.

I also wanted to look good. So there's that.

Getting back to the weight loss, I ended moving Katy, and getting a better paying job with a promotion on day one. Door door jobs mean lots and lots of walking, but I'd work so close the neighborhood we worked in that I'd often walk home. By this time it was October and I was at 220. This is where I my plateu.

I struggled with getting past 220. And it was because I wasn't dieting. I stayed at 220 until January, and I didn't start dieting yet. Instead, I got a bicycle, and over the next two months I'd average 20 miles a day between work and errands. This accelerated my weight loss overnight in a sense. But it wasn't just that.

I finally took a look at my diet. I made a food journal, and kept track of everything I was eating. I learned about the the composition of foods. What was clear was that carbs needed to be cut down and replaced with fibers and proteins. This is because fiber and protein is a much heavier food type, so you'll feel more full with less calories. (a bowl of oatmeal has the same amount of calories as two fun sized bags of cheetos)

Another thing that many people don't know is that food manufacturers only have to be 80% accurate on food label for calorie count. (2000 calories is really 2400). Now I'm 20, and active and have high BMR (basal metabolic rate) but 400 extra calories is still 400 extra calories. That totals to around 3.5 pounds per month. It can really pile over time.

My Advice Those Currently their Weight Loss Journey:

1. Set a realistic goal for yourself, and know that its okay push your goal forward as you move along. Initially I wanted lose 50 pounds, now, I want lose enough weight see my abs, which is about more pounds.

2. Learn about the composition of food and talk personal trainers about what you should and shouldn't be eating. The traditional food pyramid will make you fat. Following the BMR calculator without taking into account the 20% margin of error for foods, will hurt your weight loss potential.

3. Find someone you respect that keeps you focused on your goal. For me, one of those guys is Greg Doucette on Youtube. He's a doctor, bodybuilder, and personal trainer. He also makes some great videos on Youtube packed with information on lean bulking and weight loss.

4. Ask you family about the health issues they have and the cause of<b> death </font></b>for those older than you are. For example if hypertension and type 2 diabetes runs rampant in your family, then you need to diet accordingly, and know that this problem you're dealing with is deeply rooted.

5. Be willing to help others. The CDC has reported that nearly 72% of adult Americans are overweight and 43% are classified as obese. This is a massive health concern that plagues the country. And a lot of people have been misinformed by the diet pill salesman, or fad diets. Some doctors even misguide their patients, choosing to make them pill poppers, over actually solving their health issues. If there's a way that you can help people struggling, you should do it.

6. Don't lose the weight too fast. Depending on how overweight you are, 10 pounds a month should be the cap for weight loss. Anything more than that if you're overweight is unhealthy, and you may end yoyoing back the pounds you lost. Slow and wins the race, every time. Anyone whose saying that they did it 'because I know can't diet for that long' is missing the point. Losing the weight and keeping it off will almost always require a massive change in how you eat and exercise. it makes no sense go a diet just get back your same old habits and gain the weight over again.

I really hope this helps some people. Thank you so much for reading,

author51 59F  
130010 posts
3/12/2021 11:35 pm

Kudos to you for your weight loss and for sticking to it by diet and exercise..Is is paramount for our over all health in the long run..Thanks for sharing..

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