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My Sexual adventures .
My sexual adventure with the person I love and married to. Yes living a hum drum marriage can be a chore but if you love the person your married to and exspanding your sexual appetite can be a wonderful and exciting experiance.
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Disneyland this week...............
Posted:Feb 6, 2022 8:19 am
Last Updated:Feb 6, 2022 4:13 pm

This week Ive planning on returning Disneyland and California Adventure parks.
Yes its fun do something and normal for a few days because the Senior Sizzle lifestyle its what I need or want be controlled by.
Its gonna be a nice escape from being home and I do enjoy the rides at both parks.
Today is my second day of not drinking and I feel ok..without any side effects fom not drinking..
Now Ive been going over some of the people that follow me or me alot.
Personally the gender or sexuality doesn't matter me and does help my mid set from day day.. Seems like the Bi Males are OUT IN FORCE and seem like me alot.
I sexual insight much broader than most people and that's allways brought me confort.
People are people so take them for THEY are not for what U want them be!
I'm gonna do This!
Posted:Feb 5, 2022 1:50 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2022 3:24 pm

I'm getting the feeling like something is being stolen from myself so I better get serious about where's my life is going.
Make a statment and ACT NOW NOT TOMORROW I gonna stop the booze because it's
It's never made anything better.. what's left to say or think about???????
I'm on a war path now with my next adventure and I have people in Asian esp Philippines that need for me to have my shit togther and get back.
Their mad I have let myself slip into a place that's not their Amber who they love. I can't let myself or the world down.
Currently travel is starting to repen to Philippines on March 10th and I am booking as fast I can to be in a safe place with others that know and love me.
There's no drugs or weed in Philippines so it's really about being happy without BS influencing the way your thnking.
Also I will be back in Thailand for several weeks while in Asia and Pattaya one of my personal most loved places in Thailand.
In the past I've really buckled down and focesed on making my self as clean as possible for my journeys back into asia and I miss that chellenge of refinement to my up most potentail because once your in Asia U need to be on point with every choice thats infront of you................
Ride or Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Regain what makes me most happy......
If travel remains open after March 10th you might see the Biggest sex Bomb that this sites EVER SEENNNNNNNN!
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The Blessings from Senior Sizzle.
Posted:Feb 1, 2022 10:17 am
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2022 1:53 pm
Its been such a learning lesson being a cam girl here on Senior Sizzle and I am grateful for the experience.So many friendly and kind people do exist here and its been fun learning.Not all people are in the mind set of being friends first with someone and thats sad because getting to know someone is really the best part of possibly having sex with someone.Yes the trolls are in great numbers but there is still hope for those of us who whan more than just a FUCK.Friendship without expectations is the ground floor of any experience that meaningful.My life is an international story and during my lifetime I've had the experience to work and live in other countries.If you ever had a chance to visit other areas of this planet then your mind has a chance to see what other ways of life can be like.When I'm not here in America I can be found in Angeles City Philippines.Angeles it's a melting pot of people from all over the world. The United Kingdom is one of the places where men come from and its been like a fresh breath of air. The accent of the people is so pleasant and sexualy desirable to listen to and speak with. The way other places look at the world is so enlightening because theres so much to learn about other cultures.I have had the chance to make a new friend from the UK and I had a chance to talk about my life in the Philippines and my friends there from the UK.There has always been a huge attraction to the UK man.They just have a pleasant view of whatever in front of them and they understand how to love the best in people.So I think we all can learn simple ideas to be pleasant and kind to others who we find attractive, after all we all want great safe sex. Cruisecontr999 is a kind man that is from the UK and he's such a kind person and when I talk with him and close my eyes Im back with my friends and family back in the Philippines..Ok lets keep this post simple .. My point is theres hope for this site and YES I do understand the chore in weeding thru the good and bad to find a good friend.My personal take on my life and job here on Senior Sizzle. theres so many people contacting me. I do ask for someone to TIP me so I CAN weed out the people who are serious about wanting to get to know me.I am currently the #1 TOP BROADCASTER HERE AND I want to bring more than just a Fantay fuck to the table if someone chose to get to know me..SO please understand that several thousand people are messaging me..
I'm gonna start to post my life in Asia and my friends ,family,and my condo there in Angeles city Philippines..
Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure (Classic Queen Mix)

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I am soo greatful to be your #1 TOP BROADCASTER!............
Posted:Jan 31, 2022 10:23 am
Last Updated:Jan 31, 2022 2:46 pm

Today Is my day and I all of you thank........
I been struggling fight the top of the broadcaster of this web site and today I completed that personal goal.
The feeling I;m having is like confirmationof my journey thru my life and that means so much..........People do their best in hopes others might find freedom in their sexuality and the desire fulfill those fantasies .I am here expand your ideas about and live life 's fullest.All this really means a lot that others would find time and seek someone like me and make them their #1 TOP BROADCASTER......ty
Disneyland fun and a New Metting....
Posted:Dec 6, 2021 7:27 pm
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2022 7:47 am

Today we went to knotts berry farm and there was a man that I have been waiting to meet.
Now my first impression of this guy was very different from the person I met tonight
If you meet someone from Senior Sizzle we all have the same issues.
Is this person a scammer or what?
So when u meet someone for the first time we all need to try to be reserved just to protect ourselves.
Don't just jump into be with anyone one the first night because when U do have sex with that person you'll have better sex because then you'll know each other better ..
He was kind and arrived at my hotel near Disneyland tonight.
We met in the parking lot and we just talked to get to know each other and then maybe just hold hands.
I asked him to come to my room and meet with my husband because I like a honest setting.
He met with my husband and they talked while I had a drink and things went very well.
This man was fun and cute because when we talked about some private issue he blushed and I could see maybe my questions might be too sexaul but everything need to be out in the open for the type of HOT sex im looking for !
Any way he asked if I would like a body massage and I yes I've been at knotts berry and I have brusies on my legs from all the rollorcoasters.
I Insta took off my clothes down to my panties and climbed onto the bed.
He asked me where would I like him to massage and said mount me with both leggs on each side of my body!
I loved his hands massaging me and he really loved holding my body.
I knew it was hard for him because he was extremely horny but he had controll and I really respected how he was treating me but this night was coming to a close.
I am the Sigma Female!!@!@$$$$
Posted:Dec 4, 2021 6:31 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 6:25 pm
Omg I have really been doing some caming and I've noticed that several other girls have been coping with me!
Am I one of the leaders of this site are other girls just not smart enough be creative in their Cam work!
I do everything in my power make new views of my body, rotating and grinding with many different idea's and effects bring more great people me! Yes I do treadmill work on cam on the so my loves and fans can see what it takes a like me stay fit and keep their attention!I'm constantly trying new things stay fresh and exciting my viewers because I care about their pleasure!It is a job that keeps me on my toes and showing my life and things I've done intrigues some of my more passionate fans and tipers. The panty game. It's fun to make time during my cam when someone tips they can choose the color of my panties that night and one of my more favorite friends chose my Black panties. I so grateful my follower Muffdiver and we have found a special friendship that I will treasure forever!I know people think that this is just some creep hook up site but I have found many quality people.Today I had another special meeting with a fan and we had lunch and I was pleasantly surprised by the kindness and quality of this person. I promised this guy I wouldn't talk about this meeting but I wouldn't give anyone a clue at to who he was BUT HE KNOWS.!I'm finding out a lot of us have been hurt or used and abused in their relationships setting but what if you got to know someone AS a sexaul friend just to see where it goes.It's so nice to meet someone like I met today to understand the needs and wants in a FRIENDSHIP that could bringsex.If everyone has a excpetion of friendship and safe sex with respecting others bounderiers if really does make the possibility of a sexual relationship happen..RESPECT PEOPLE and leave the door open to other possibilities and you may have a chance of opening to a better way of thinking and living.fI people can't be themselves and talk -open and honeslty about a sexualy setting when just it off.I'm a confident woman and I go into meeting someone with a level of respect that takes a meeting to a better place so if we ever do meet just do your be honest and open and just see where it goes.. WHO KNOWS????
It's been a pleasure and a honner be in the hi numbers in my cam shows and fan base growing so I'm so thankful and love each and everyone of the kind people that have shared their time with me .. Those people are my heart and keep me doing the I can.
I'm fighting be the adultfriend I can be and I love doing it!
Your Mistress Amber !

Las vegas fun and a meeting a man from Senior Sizzle.
Posted:Dec 2, 2021 7:26 pm
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2021 11:25 pm
We got Las Vegas and had lunch before going the Pinball hall of fame where we met a man. We haven't ever met anyone in Las Vegas so I wanted fun with it by meeting at the arcade.We met in the parking lot then went in some games. The guy seemed very pleasant and likeable so was easy get know him. I always my husband with me see how things go. Yes this is a side of my husband's personal kinks and sometimes I watch out because I limits. If some guy comes off PUSHY and asks me his room on a first date  just DON'T Bother me because that's never gonna happen.Yes my husband would be present if I did anything. That's my personal RULE! I felt ok with this guy and we all seemed  be getting along and as the time went along me and the guy got closer.He started with just placing his hand on my lower back then gently moving his hands down my ass. Now we were in an open place so really wasn't a lot but the vibe between us was positive.One big problem I is if a man is married and feels like he just wants use you and go back his wife. That makes me feel unsexual takes my mind right outta the game.We had fun but me and my husband needed into our hotel. was nice meeting the guy but I've said repeatedly that I wont do anything on a first meeting.Yes we made time for the next day meet back at the Pinball hall of fame.I wanted stop by the factory to get one of those fancy milkshakes with sprinkles and candies.It was over the top me and my husband shared it together.Ok On to the next date I wanted to meet in the place because 's so much fun for me and my husband. A lot of the pinball machines bring back old memories and those fun times in the 80's that I never get enough of.Ok so we all went in and played the games and his hands were all over me in front of Tim.Sometime I wonder if this is what he wants Tim has always been a very sexual person with more people that I WANT know.lOL Tim just wants be safe but for me goes deeper.I need feel sexual atracted the person if 's any chance sometimes that a hard place find in myself.In my soul I will always love a and that just never has happened for me the way needed for that work in my life.Sometimes 's hard forget how good feels for a so you just can't give that UP.Anyways we left the arcade and Tim and I felt if we set limits that matched his kinks then I could try,Now this guy's kinks were foot fetish and we could see where I could go from .I gave him my room and we met at our hotel room on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.When he came into our room I asked him to take a show and come out in a towel.Then I went into the shower and washed my feet.Now all 3 of us were in the room and I stripped down my panties and layed on the bed while he grabbed my feet. He was very gentle and kissed each one of my toes one after another then sucked each toe. never tickled because of how gentle he was and he had a beard that was very soft.I touched his dick with my toes and it began to make him hard.Now I've said this in my profile and It's ok if a man has a smaller .. well you know.He had the cutest kok and was fun having my toes rubbing his kok. He loved and Tim watched every minute!.Then I stood up and he kissed my breast very softly and felt different with another man touching me. Really I don't know when the last time a man other than my husband has  touched me Naked.Now this was very light sexual and things seems be going nicly and then he slipped his fingers rubbing may panties. Now I was ok with it at first because it was on the outside.He did slip around a couple fingers and I wasn't cool with it so he backed off.Really I wanted this move back the foot fetish.He took each foot and placed them around his kok and started jacking off. took like 5 minutes and was over once he got into .NO he didn't cum on me or rub after t got off, those are beyond my limits!It's gonna take some time bitches love me or leave THIS IS MY BODY!I never dealt with someone one had a foot fetish but I kinda enjoyed .Yes i might meet the guy again.. knows
Mistress Amber

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My Life as a Cam Girl.
Posted:Nov 28, 2021 11:24 am
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2021 12:47 pm

start by saying thank you everyone who watches my cam shows. It's been exciting and a workout at once. I don't think people really know how intense it can be grind your hips and breast for just 30 minutes. For I can last about a hour and I'm sure I'll burn at least 500 calories.
What's bad about it...? some days tips are hard get flowing but if you stick with it you'll over come.
Next bad thing is My submissive husband is starting complain about being cam..!lol.
Listen I'm still waiting for my fuck from last week and until then you'll go in the other room and STFU!
my husband surly qualifies as a elderly person and that really drags me down.
We have been fucking soo much over the years he's lost most of his hair and is going bald!.
This thanksgiving we had dinner with my mother in law and she as just going how Tim looked used and she was in Fear that I was gonna leave him at some point in the future.
I need get my kicks off and being cam hard really lifted my spirts for the most part because I seems like I'm really liked and I'm just a simple hidden house wife the outside.
One things is for sure when we go the power exchange in SFO I do enjoy several men chasseing me asking for sex.
It's weird I have the fortitude say no while my cum gobbling husband is in tow.
For when I think about him dressing it shouldn't mean I'll be disrespected and that's the case.
We are always talking more and more about a devoice because I do feel as if I'm a lesser person when that's not the cast. I have a huge retirement and we both have gained large assets so the devoice could be ugly.
My feeling is this..............
When is it my turn????? and that is where I will leave you and "When is it my turn will be my next topic.......
Please love my followers because your
Mistress Amber needs you.
Leaving for Las Vegas
Posted:Nov 28, 2021 9:13 am
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2021 5:52 pm

We are getting take another trip Las Vegas and we should be in the mid afternoon. are so many kinky venues in Las Vegas I'm sure we will a few. I can talk more but I need do some packing and a few other chores today.. BE back later today. Yes I am here in Las Vegas now and my status will tell you where I'm gonna be next if your interested in meeting. Tonight we are going to club FLEX @ 4371 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 892. I will be from 6:30 tonight until at least 8:30 so 's you HEADS up if your interested in having a drink. Yes I will be in Las V egas for the next 3 night so DON'T UP YOUR CHACE meet while Im here in Las Vegas.
I don't know when im gonna be back in Las Vegas so 's NO OR NEVER BITCHES!

Your Mistress Amber
We are going to San Diego tonight Nov 26th and tonight could be the night !
Posted:Nov 27, 2021 12:41 pm
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2021 2:52 pm
We are going to San Diego tonight to the SRO. The SRO is located at 1807 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101. Yes my husband will be there with me tonight so be ready to say hi if you like to him. I'm finding a new hobby in being a Cam Girl. So many men tell me I have a rocking body and no one believes that I'm 53. Yes I'm 53 and I do a lot of running on the treadmill daily of about 5 miles. Yesterday I thought it would be fun if I turned on the cam and ran naked on the treadmill and I got a lot of positive responses so I might do that more in the future.
Tonight we are going to be at the SRO in San Diego no later than 8:30 and we leave around 11..
Hoping to see some of the friendly people that have been talking with me from this site.
If you want to get on my good side Remember I like to smoke good 420!
Hope to see U all there tonight..
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Better times ahead.
Posted:Nov 23, 2021 11:50 am
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2021 1:27 pm

Somedays I like look a head of what's next in my life, so I'm planning my next adventure. This Saturday we will be going San Diego our favorite bar the SRO Lounge.
We like be there no later than 8:30. Several men might meet me there for a drink but either way I don't give a FUCK!
Next week we are planning return Las Vegas from November 29th Dec 2 and this time I stay in downtown Freemont street. It's always been so easy to walk to any venue from my centrally located hotel on Freemont St.
There are so man hidden gems in Las Vegas that & my husband like go Ocean One Bar and Grill Las Vegas everything on their menu is only 5$ and it's quality food.
I epically love the 3 strong drinks for 10$ it always gets me more drunk than I would like. Another one of my favorite area's in Las Vegas is the china town area at a restaurant called "Kung Fu Thai & Chinese" in Las Vegas.
There's nothing better than a chinese / Thai food I love the heat on my food!
Another hobbies I have are sweet treats so we are gonna stop by the Factory so me and my husband can try one of their specialty milkshakes that have tones of chocolate with sprinkle candies al over it.
Let's not forget about the bar scene to of my bars are Flex club and the Phoenix bar.
Drinks are about 40% cheaper in these bars from the bars in So Cali so MORE BOOZE is always nice.
It would be nice to possibly meet with a friendly person for a drink and if that person smoked 420 that would be a Plus.....
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Happy times in the sex clubs.LOL
Posted:Nov 21, 2021 7:40 pm
Last Updated:Nov 23, 2021 9:24 am
Now I know I gone the extra mile accept the bull shit I deal with in this marriage. As a woman and I try think with compassion but when the other party has taken for granite the tone of the fluidity of the marriage is comprised.
One thing I know for sure is that its unhealthy to love someone isn't on the wave length.
Some people that dress as a woman a serious compulsion try with just anybody and that isn't my my way of living.
Its not like I'm not trying cut anyone down for their personal perveance but should be at the expense of hurting the one your married ?
starts with lies that turn into ugly nightmare FAST!
Ill tell you a story a couple weeks back me and my husband where at SFO and we went to the power exchange. The power exchange is a open swinger club but I feel most comfortable as a voyeur in such extreme setting.
now we where and their are several different floors but the most place is down stairs.
We where downstairs and a nice couple came over me and asked me go into the chained off area and for some reason I took them up on the offer.
This couple came with a extra man so that made 5 with my husband.
Yea that Bitch was dressed as a and I like to think of him as TAG A LONG TRACI.
The couple grabbed and started to pull into the vortex of the Atcitty as the 3rd man got involved.
I was nervous but that wasn't apparent but I wanted see where this would take .
I A SERIOUS FEAR OF GETTING A STD and I know this is the place get a nice RIPE STD so I kind stepped back. One weakness I do is my love for another woman and this woman was pretty and pulling into the mosh.
took no time at for both men grab and bend over and I pulled back.
was very tuff for because I was at odds with myself weighting the RISK vs the Reward so the people asked step back because I wasn't willing take the risk.
NOW get this and I want hear some responses from of you when I tell you how this ended.
Here it comes now from out of the blue Traci steps around me get into the mosh that I just pulled back from and got down his knees and started giving a guy head.
I'm thinking like wtf Now I've made this far with out getting some bumps or STD ON MY PUSSY.
Now I was placed in a dilemma and I was just watching this out. How was I gonna react in this setting and be married someone with out any kind of self control was embarrassing at best.
I chose not while he was his knee's and the best thing this bitch could say was HE WAS WEARING A CONDOM!
People need know their place when dealing with ME especially because if your wrong ..that's not that place you want be!
Is this the point where I draw the line? or was I gonna some how reason this shit out into something kinky or fun.
Really we had 3 some's in the past where he's been dressed from nice clean cut men.
Really over all I felt disrespect when my husband did that because he was opening me harm.
Now how can I move forward respecting and loving myself when the Bitch next is willing risk his life with no regard for at .
This shit gave me the vibe of disrespect and he lost the spark that drives my love and he's just stupid too figure it out.
I am completely good with open as a married couple WHEN SAFE!
Yes I talk a few friends I've met here and they get the impression that is I'm trapped in a fucked up married.
Sure their probably right and I am in NOW WAY held for finical reasons.
I'm very close in making a choice for my own good. I love myself and I Value and when that is challenged its a cocktail of
serious finical deconstruction that I'm sure he won't recover from.
is a fun and beautiful thing if relationship the ability respect each other while having safe fun.
Marilyn Manson - Long Hard Road Out Of Hell (Official Video)
Why do I like to meet in the SRO bar in San Diego.
Posted:Nov 13, 2021 1:03 pm
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2021 12:23 pm

I have been asked several times why do I want meet in a Trans bar in San Diego called the SRO.
Ok I've talked about my sissy submissive husband and his dressing.
Its called the SRO bar in San Diego and I take my husband a safe place for some fun in Bar in San Diego.
Yes I like meet people in a gay bar, but no one has ever showed .lool
Everyone claims their straight and they would never be found in a bar like that. OMG
I'm not trolling finding someone for my dick sucking husband.....olol
Really its a central most any where in San Diego and I feel safe there so if your not confident with your sexuality then maybe you shouldn't go.
Too many people are on some mission to just fuck a girl and then ghost them and I'm not about to deal with some ass hOle like that.
I have a very strict rule>>>>>>>! If I chose to meet ANYONE I DO THAT ON MY TERMS!
A man will need to be my friend before he before he becomes my lover , so if your not with that then FUCK OFF AND DONT WASTE MY TIME!

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