Little pieces of me  

MisfitJohn138 40M
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1/13/2022 4:31 pm
Little pieces of me

So in the spirit of transparency I would like think one of my quirky redeeming qualities is that I can push boundaries in an inviting and intriguing way. All that being said 99% of all the things that come out of my mouth are absolute rubbish, well considerably less than that, but I digress. This was a conversation that was held between Siren X and my self the best of my recollection at the moment. The conversation started I believe when I had a desire for chocolate milk own evening while we were chatting. My deviant mind insistently went milk over this woman's goddess like body. Sadly at the moment I can not recollect whether I began with asking if I could a gallon of chocolate milk over her........ Facts may be fuzzy but moral of the story is clear. The pushing of boundaries, realizing that is<b> weird </font></b>ass shit I want do just for the sake that I can, and if two people are smiling as they drip, . So with an ass so magnificently majestic, I immediately thought that whole milk pouring over her alabaster skin would excite even the prudest gawkers. This person, with out jumping down a rabbit hole I can't afford anyway at the moment, I never worried about stating my desires and being completely open. The idea was met with acceptance and I couldn't help but think how can one take this nirvana and just nestle it within Valhalla. Well if one started by taking one or two big bottles of chocolate syrup and drizzle that shit like slow gin champagne Then whole milk all over that Iowa corn fed thick mass that i dinner. So I cant help but wonder what anyone actually takes the time read this, thinks at this point. Like oh that's not bad, kinda sweet and sexy, well , if I was capable of expressing magical that point of time was in my life. So ever the " Lets push this further" or better yet " How far will she let me go?" I said "I one more, now hear me out.......we do the chocolate and the milk just like before, but this time you will be standing in a transparent kiddie pool. Once the chocolate has been drizzled and the milk poured, that's right when you squat down and start mixing the milk and chocolate with your farts. At this point, even know I can remember the overwhelming sense of accomplishment at thinking of something so very disturbing and clever. Also I was truly thinking that this is an idea that I actually would watch. I've watched some seriously questionable shit, all within my strict moral compass, but still. If I could watch some thick thighed, perfectly proportioned ass, that hour glass figure that just leaves you fucking aching and biting your hand like some 80"s b real actor biting his fist while wearing pastels and a fanny pack as a beautiful woman walks by. It was a hard no to the chocolate fart porn, but the syrup and milk were totally on the table. More so, and incredibly heart warming was my fart porn idea was met with giggles and smiles of acceptance. are times where your asked dance, and you know that by the end of the evening your going watch them walk out the dance holding on someone's shoulder. You do any way, you do because how else do you show gratitude and Revel in the gifts laid upon your feet. You do it because it in the end, its one more scare, one more fairy tale that didn't pan out because it just wasn't programmed that way. Ehh, such is life.

Jules1590 54F
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1/19/2022 2:10 pm

You had me wrapped in at a "rabbit hole I can't afford anyway," and "Valhalla." Where oh where shall this stream of consciousness take him...?

Well, biting his hand like a B-rated 80's actor and "chocolate fart porn."

Tell me you were smoking something good when you wrote this darling. lol.

Thoroughly enjoyable read and I even like your profile pic!


MisfitJohn138 40M

1/19/2022 2:35 pm

Jules thank you so very much for taking the time to read my blog. I have really enjoyed sharing pieces of me. I’m always smiling on something good or at least i try to be. Hoping to find some motivation for writing once I’m off work tonight. 25 min feels like for ever at the moment because I’m so done with being cold for the day

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