Sensual Rejoicing  

MelbLife 57M
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2/13/2022 7:42 am
Sensual Rejoicing

Sensual Rejoicing
Lift away the lingerie from your shoulders
Slip it slowly over curves of your body
As descends my lips pursue and warmly kiss
Each area of bare skin revealed
And hands stroke and explore
As your teeth nip at my<b> throat </font></b>and ear
Pull you closer ever more near
As lingerie a forgotten cocoon upon the ground
How beautiful you look before me
And I chase the lines of shade and light
Move from left full breast to the right
Tasting heat of nipple taut
As between strong lips and on tongue tip caught
Sucking in with sensual eagerness
Hear the groan from you as fires lit within
Hand rolls over small of back to buttocks proud
And against me more forceful move
Your own hand reaching down to surround
The growing hardness in my reaction to our situation
As I drag a fingernail across aroused nipple tip
And you catch a cry and on my body tightness grip
Leaning back you invite me further into embrace
This is the start of seduction and we can forget the chase
As lips fresh over velvet thigh open and close
Sucking into deeply sensually the pure skin
Before lapping rising upward over clit pursue
Crush clit beneath hard tongue's relentless path
Tapping tapping tappin and your hips move in rhythmic response
You are savouring each touch stroke lick and suck
Eyes closing as you allow yourself to drift off
Until the pleasure grows too strong
Until the pleasure sought overfills and peaks
And grasp shoulders wide in hands tight
As in your soul you feel expansion of light
As if a lightning bolt had struck beside you
Electrified the racing heart of you
Gasping as your body buckles and you collapse
Into arms you collapse as tremors spread
As you find deepest solace in the little death
The ecstasy which rolls through uncontrolled
Shaken you seek new breath and time
As fingers stroking seek new rhythm deep
You are an instrument to be played
The pleasure to be recalled in dreams asleep
As across the filament of Time and Space sensation leap
And in sensual rejoicing this truth you meet.

MelbLife 57M
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2/13/2022 7:46 am

Sweet sensual truth you seek
And in loving at its peak
We transcend the mundane
As in heavenly rapture ascend
A joy unlimited in our souls
Such joy we find as through us pleasure rolls......

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