Rising Anew Entwined  

MelbLife 57M
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2/24/2022 11:49 pm
Rising Anew Entwined

Rising Anew Entwined
In sated repose sprawled
recovering from latest bout of loving
almost half sleep when lips meet your lips
a peck a light kiss perhaps a question
and lips in meeting lightly acknowledge
the slight cling of heat and skin
of the presence of breath
and a second begun
slightly hungrier than the other one
no question this more conversation
and lips meet and enquire and share
ruminate on desire and spark passion
and a hint of<b> tongue </font></b>tip before kiss end
a conversation still open to more
and this third kiss eager alights
as lips meet they move and seek
this is discovery and exploration
this is pursing lips and blowing on the embers
and the embers catch and passion flares<b>
tongue </font></b>meets<b> tongue </font></b>in sweet exchange
the pulse of conversation has changed
both find eagerness and desire more
a quickening in heart beat to this rhythm
of kisses sucking sensually upon other lips
as<b> tongue </font></b>escapes and sketches skin
the wildfire bursts free and anew twisting heat within
an ardour strong shakes body and consciousness
remembrance of joy and ecstasy recently shared
there is no definable fourth or fifth or sixth kiss
for all is kissing merging in a molten flow
that tugs at mind and thoughts as you entwine
as the heat leaps and furnace of lust so fashioned
explodes and drowns us in such sensual heat
causes pulse to splutter and kisses to rip
across body sensually lifted by invitation accepted
as from sated repose we now turn
instead move to loving delightful energy burn
as we rise motivated anew to journey entwined
down kisses pathway simple to feelings divine.

MelbLife 57M
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2/24/2022 11:51 pm

glance over shoulder of the poet, see the words falling out upon the pale white screen, know the Muse with inspiration deep kisses sharing, creating poetic wonder, and delighted loving dream.

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