Thoughts on anal  

MLP1971 51F  
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7/3/2021 10:46 pm
Thoughts on anal

Thoughts on anal
I love giving anal
I love receiving anal
I can't live without either
I don't like anal at all
If its the right cock I love it
I'll only ever allow fingers up there

NJGUY08090 55M
4307 posts
7/4/2021 7:51 am

I love the feel of her and she loves the feel of me there. Everyone is happy.

lucyb4u 35T
4 posts
7/4/2021 8:09 am

i lived life as guy and had had fem dressing occasions plays at school getting female parts being teased about it by guys and then sister , she used to hide my clothes make me dress female when parents where away on hol or out ,and do used to do house work id never been attracted to guys but then dated bi girl and she liked roleplay it sort of took over me and youth came flooding back,she put me on pill and had me see hyponitist for a snoring issue, and after a bit of a melt down a councior it all came out and helped me realize i was a girl inside trying to come out , and helped with lots pills and contacts , after i had been developing feminetastes and figure look , began to find id get urges when guys became helpful or friendly touched me, and i now fancy them ,ive never been involved or intimate and cant afford ops or sugery below, but bi ex left after a row after she caught me and her gf me dressed as she used toys in my anus and made me suck a dildo as she did, ive been single ever since gradually finding way and and wanting men, evertime i get horny my rectum seems to ache and long for toys again, it really hurt at first but i will do whats best to pleasure men, think if i buy toys or practice it may makefor better sex but its new to me so not sure whats for the best

seoulswing2 39M/28F
169 posts
7/4/2021 4:38 pm

we both love anal. it's nearly always part of any sex session

Daytripper1812 52M

7/4/2021 6:15 pm

It isn’t the biggest turn on for me unless it’s a huge turn on for the woman I’m with. I had a friend that was so in to it that she would have massive quivering leg shaking orgasms from anal sex, even without clitoral or vaginal stimulation. DP would exponentially amplify that. For a woman like that. Yes, it’s the biggest turn on in the world. But if she’s not into it neither am I.

jmuandwvu1 59M

7/5/2021 8:42 am

i am not much into penetration but i love playing with a nice ass

ProfessorNaught 109M
1406 posts
7/5/2021 2:06 pm

The real questions and answers are not quit cut and dry. The practice of anal can and should be approached and executed as an art form in both controlled and uncontrolled pleasures. Unfortunately, most think anal is a form of vaginal fucking and just another hole for his pleasure. The same people probably can't discearn the differences between a wet handjob, face fucking and a blowjob.

DAC91 62M

7/5/2021 6:11 pm

Enjoy anal so much, when with my wife one week a month I was the women behind closed doors. Also had a pair of bright yellow panties that I wrote in hot pink nail polish fuck me. That way she knew when else I wanted fucked.

zeke53028 63M  
1135 posts
7/5/2021 6:20 pm

I love doin' a nice tight ass and my girlfriend(s) can peg me anytime they want.

Apollo602021 61M  
4461 posts
7/6/2021 10:53 am

My wife does not enjoy anal butt I realize a lot of women do!

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jeh4c68L 61M
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7/8/2021 5:01 pm

I think about it a lot. I was penetrated once by a well built man. His cock was very thick, 7 inches long, the head was about equal to the width of his shaft. I had been giving him a blow job.

My mind screamed to my mouth, take that out, take it up your ass! So I pulled my mouth off his rod, stood up and whispered to him "would you like to fuck me in the ass with that beautiful cock? I'm a virgin."

This man had Christmas in February. He smiled and had never expected that to come out my mouth, which had just been providing pleasure to his rigid penis. I had seen this same man fuck a man about 2 hours ago, and figured he must have cum once already.

He moved me in front of him and got behind me, his dick facing my soft, virgin ass. I felt the wet finger of his slide inside my anus, and smooth the lube around. Other men were in the sex room of the bathhouse, and could see me about to be sodomized. I took a thought that came from nowhere, and took 1 more step to become a full fledged faggot.

I felt two fingers now, stretching my O ring, going up my ass farther, and very soon after I felt the smooth wide crown of his dick push thru my anal ring, and he slowly filled my anal tunnel, and gradually got balls deep inside me. The sensation of burning and stretching made me babble aloud.
I remember moaning "oh god it's so fucking big!"

My hole was so tight, he keep starting to lose his erection. He wound pulling it out of me, and I went back to sucking his dick on my knees.
Ass to mouth was not even a thought to me.

So I dream about doing it in a better position !

Coach4BustyFWB 53M
51 posts
7/10/2021 12:51 am

I have long wanted to try it but the wife does not like anal. Some women I dated before her said they liked it but were concerned about my thickness.

PantyCurious865 47T
318 posts
7/10/2021 11:13 am

Love giving it. Haven't received it yet butt want to try it.

GoldenGirl00 76F  
26 posts
7/12/2021 10:06 am

I am a pegging maven. Straight or bi, virgin or veteran, I have yet to meet a man that didn't enjoy having his backdoor pleasured, when done properly.
A domme and a strap on is a man's new best friend.

Remember guys: One finger medical, Two finger magical

9 posts
7/13/2021 6:45 pm

I have given anal quite a few times, but never received it. The more mature I get and the more I enjoy dressing pretty, the more I am curious about experiencing receiving it

nwga1958 64M
17 posts
7/25/2021 8:05 am

I have done it to please the lady I was with but that is not my have to thing. I just try to ok ask the lady n her desires.

Bigfuncock1088 35M

8/7/2021 12:06 pm

Love giving it.

ThunderDick2021 35M

8/24/2021 8:39 am

Definitely love giving it

EasyDom88 58M
1 post
9/12/2021 12:34 am

Anal sex can be something that feels primal and raw. For a dominant partner it can feel like "taking" and a submissive loves and lives to give. It can be wonderful when both are into it.

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