The Perfect date  

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10/19/2021 2:46 pm
The Perfect date

The perfect date
Start by having dinner at a very classy restaurant where we dress. You ware a very classy and sexy dress. I also dress appropriately. At dinner we talk and into each other's eyes, undressing each other with our eyes, thinking, what would be like... are we going ... I want ... do you?
After dinner we decide go your place. We a drink or two, smoke a weed while sitting on the couch. I put my arm around you and we kiss. then again, the second kiss is very mutually sexy and passionate. We begin feel and with each other's bodies while sitting on the couch. I with your big tits and you don't stop me, you like it and want it and kiss me harder. I start kissing your neck and your big tits and you just groan in delight, I get one out and start sucking on your thick nipples, we both are getting soooo ! You reach down feel my cock that you want so bad and find rock hard! Then I reach under your sexy dress feel your sweet pussy and find you're wearing thigh high stockings and no panties, my cock gets even harder, you slowly open your legs, you want so bad, I feel your pussy is sooooo wet so I slide my finger in your slippery pussy and start playing with your clit and you just groan in sexual pleasure! I get on my knees and get between your sexy stocking clad legs and start kissing your inner thighs and work my way towards your sweet, , wet pussy. I enjoy licking, sucking and tasting your sweet pussy juice and ass for about 20 minutes till you cum, I lick up all your sweet cum!
You lead me the bedroom where we undress each other, you lay on the bed with your legs open and tell me you want me, so I slide my hard cock in your tight, wet, sweet pussy and we till we both cum. You get between my legs and started licking and sucking your sweet pussy juice off my limp cock, feels so good and gets me rock hard in no time, you keep licking my<b> balls </font></b>and sucking my hard cock till I exploded my cum in your waiting and wanting mouth, I tell you not swallow my large load of cum, I want you share with me, so after you're done draining all the cum out of me with your very skilled mouth you bend down and kiss me, with our open mouths and tongues we swap my cum back and fourth and enjoy it together...
We then talk a while and fall asleep in each other's arms.. and started over in the morning...

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