Real man..  

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5/21/2022 2:38 am
Real man..

I am an anomaly. At just over 4 decades of life i am now and always have been a hopeless romantic,emotionally driven and attempt to be thoughtful. I am a man. No doubt. I have allowed myself to cry 1 time over my in front of my wife... of course I denied it. I don't "chase paper" we are content being comfortable and off work. I believe success is on the eye of the beholder. For me it is being self sufficient with loved ones. I am very affectionate and cuddly with my wife. She loves it but in public if I feel someone is about to think about disrespecting her or making her uncomfortable. I never hesitate to take off my shirt as I approach said individual ready to diffuse the situation hopefully peacefully. If not I will fight with fist. Never will I stomp, sucker punch, jump nor pull a weapon. Life and death situations aside obviously. If I lose then I accept the loss if I really want to get back at them I train while I heal. If the feeling stays I will call them out again. Please teach your 's these things also respect for women is lacking bad. In bed I will call her a purple toothless half<b> drunk </font></b>on cum virgin cock tease slut. In regular conversation if yall refer to your woman as a bitch hoe or whatever when she's around or not next time she pisses you off because she does something dishonest or untrustworthy maybe you should think about finding a woman to me with..P.eace L.ove U.nity &R.espect if you don't give it don't expect it

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