surprised by the pizza boy  

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1/18/2022 3:23 pm
surprised by the pizza boy

This might or might not be true,,
after sleeping in on a Saturday morning i got find a note from my mom ,saying the her and my 2 sisters wont be back from<b> shopping </font></b>till late, so i didn't want waste any time, running back up my sisters room grab a hand full of colse and her makup bage, back in my room i sterp out of my close, seeming that i keep my self clean shaved all the time, i put on a silky par of black lase panties and a matching bra, shie black pantie hoes, trying at myself in the mire and thought, dam i , and stared with my harding littl cock, i had stop before id cum, and i wanted to last ,so i slide my favori butt plug in and head down i rounded the corner to the kittens, that when i realized i should read the hole note from my mom, the part that said she ordered a pizza for me, and told the pizza guy to just let him self i and leav on the counter, so BAM i run face sliuty makeup face of my hight shcool bully, , stay tuen for part 2

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