A true story  

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10/17/2021 7:01 am
A true story

For the few of you that have read my other blog storie and, I hope, realize that they are figments of my imagination and hidden desires, I want you to know that this is an honest-to-goodness true entry. Probably not very exciting to you but so wonderful to me.
I hadn’t been with my boyfriend Tom for a couple of months as he was away on a contracting job. We have texted continuously and as soon as he got back we decided to get together as soon as possible. Both of us were busy as usual but we managed to get enough free time that we could get together for a “quickie” at noon at my house.
I didn’t have much time to really get into my full feminine persona but I tried to be as sexy as possible. I slipped (wiggled actually) into a pair of black tights, a black seamless bra, and a tight long-sleeved black t-shirt. I decided on my shoulder-length blond wig, gold clip-on earrings, and a pearl necklace. I spent most of my time with my lipstick as I know Tom likes full red lips. I finished off with a contrasty pair of red stiletto heels.
As soon as he came in Tom wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. I learned long ago as part of my feminization to know how to relax in his arms. He was holding me tightly and reached down and cupped my cock and<b> balls </font></b>in his hand. It was like an electric shock and I opened my mouth to suck in some air and he slid his tongue deep into me. I know he could feel my erection through my tights and I was afraid I might cum right then and there.
I reached down and put my hand between his legs and could feel his cock under his jeans. He pulled his mouth away from mine and we headed for the couch in the living room. He sat down on the couch and both of us knew exactly what we wanted. I knelt down in front of him, took his shoes off. He stood up and I undid his belt and started to slide his jeans down. He stepped out of them and I could see his erect cock under his shorts. I ran my hand down his shaft and lightly kissed it. I pulled his shorts down and his cock kind of jumped out of them right at eye level. I lightly pushed him back onto the couch and wrapped my hand around his beautiful cock. This was going to be a true “quickie” and it wasn’t 10 minutes since he arrived that I was running my tongue over his precum wet cockhead. Tom reached down and held my breasts for awhile. (Thanks to 3 years of estrogen!!). I was starting to feel like a real woman at this point. I took Tom’s cock into my mouth, started sucking and stroking it with my tongue. It was hot, hard, and actually sweet tasting. I was running my finger tips around his<b> balls </font></b>and up and down his inner thighs.
I don’t really know how long this lasted but I felt Tom’s thighs start to push upward toward me. He put his hands behind my head and I could tall by his breathing that he was cumming. With my lips I could feel his slug of cum through his cock and then my mouth was filled with hot, dense, cum. Tom had never been “fixed” so I knew that it contained live, masculine, sperm that were attempting to impregnate me. That thought flashed through my mind as I swallowed his first load. At least two more slugs of cum followed and I moved each of them to the back of my mouth and swallowed them. My thoughts were spinning, I was with a man I loved, being fucked like a woman, and totally turned on and fully enjoying the sensations.
After I drained him, he laid back on the couch breathing deeply. I was still totally turned on, my own sissy male cock hard and pouring precum underneath my tights. I ran my tongue over Tom’s swollen, red-purple wet cockhead and cleaned off the last dribbles of his cum. He is always very sensitive after cumming and he squirmed and reacted to my touch. I got out a tissue and cleaned off his wet thighs and cock and we both stood up. Our tiny amount of stolen free time was over and he had to get back to work. After he got dressed we had another long kiss, I held my hand against the bulge in his jeans, he ran his hand along my wet tights as we kissed. He left, I went and laid down on my bed, pulled off my tights and played with myself until I came. Laid there for awhile, ran my fingers through my own hot cum, spread a little of it on my lips like lip gloss, and licked the rest of it off my fingers.
I nice break in the daily routine. Left my sexually satisfied for now but I always have the underlying frustration of knowing that I will never be a biological woman although someday I might find the right man, marry, and be a good wife.

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