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Day dreaming  

LimaBravo101 51M
0 posts
8/20/2021 7:25 pm
Day dreaming

My eyes are slowly taking in all of you. every curve, every movement,
the play of light & shadow on your flesh as you writhe in pleasure You're making me so hard...

I can tell that this play date will be unforgettable

I feel aroused by the sight & scent of you.

I move to your side & run my hand up your thigh, reach over to caress your ass, give a light squeeze to your cheek, thrilled w/ the firmness & just alittle bit of jiggle,

sure that I'll be having fun w/ it later, but for now still taking inventory.

my hand continues up across your hip, higher to your ribs then lightly strokes the side of your full breast. my thumb brushes the nipple & it responds so I flick it a couple of times just to tease it, to make you want more. To make myself want more...

& I want you badly.
I caress your shoulder & run my finger tips up & down your neck, behind your ear & into your silky hair, I slowly wrap it around my hand & allow it to slide thru a couple of times. the next time, I gently but firmly pull it, tilting your head & exposing your throat. I lean in closer to run my tongue your jaw line & on to the nape of your neck. I breathe into your ear, whispering how my toy is, how much I want play w/ all of you tonight.
I want to just take you right now, take you hard. But our play date has just begun & so I continue to explore you.

I begin to slide down your body, tasting the saltiness of your skin, inhaling the scent of your womanhood.
I go lower. passing between your breasts, tickling them w/ my moustache & tongue. I marvel at the fullness, so ripe, so round... I tease your nipples but don't linger They're hard, ready to be suckled,they NEED to be suckled,

but it's part of the game to make you want me as much as I want you
I run my tongue back & forth & always downwards towards your navel,
I circle it, blow on the wetness Ive made on your stomache. it feels like a cooling breeze. Suddenly I plunge my tongue into your navel. rigid, probing. I swirl it around, your body convulses, your hips & shoulders rise.

I spread your thighs wide, you're so wet... You're so ready, you're glistening,
I want to devour you. I NEED to impale you right now, hard, fast mercilessly. I want to hear your cries of anguish & moans of pleasure. almost shaking w/ raw lust.

I go lower, I brush my moustache & lips back & forth across your vulva,
I can smell you & it's intoxicating. you're swollen & flush.
I can feel your heat.
I run my tongue along the seam of your lips & inner thighs, a big circle.
you're dripping so I catch your honey on my tongue

Your taste sends another wave of desire through me
The circles get smaller & our excitement grows stronger.
I run the tip of my tongue between your outer lips, you're quivering w/ desire & raise your hips in a futile attempt to take my tongue all the way in you.

Not yet. I want it just as much as you do, maybe more, but I know we have just this one night to play, so I want to make it last

I open your outer lips & begin tongue lashing your inner lips side to side then suck on them one at a time.
I lick & stroke the little ridges
that converge at your clitirus
I pause to lick some of your honey.

I draw the shroud between my lips, pop it in & out a few times to be rewarded by your clit exposing itself,

I reach up to fondle a breast, but you've pushed them up & together & are licking your nipples
As my rigid tongue circles & strokes your clit, I slide a finger along the edges of your cunt. you're so wet & slippery. I begin probing inside you, first just the finger tip then the first joint & then the second, in & out , round & round.
I slide a second finger in all the way, I feel the walls convulsing, swelling, squeezing,
your hips gyrating,,,
I probe the top of your cunt until i feel your G spot

I bear down on your clit as my fingers push up, sliding in & , back & forth, side to side. I feel you swelling
You're screaming in extasy but I can't hear you w/ your thighs clamped tightly on my head.
All either one of us can do is ride the wave, you struggle to break free it's just too intense You feel like you"re going to piss everywhere,
but I can't let you go, you're almost there & so the assault continues...
You shudder & groan deep in your thoat as you spray my chin

We have to pause long enough for you to stop twiching & to regain some self control, I raise up & gaze down you. Your stomache heaves as you pant for breath. There's a wild, feral in your eyes. A light sheen of sweat covers you & I can smell your musky scent...

There's nothing more beautiful than a woman consumed by passion.

I slip on a ribbed condom & spank your vulva w/ my cock before running the head up & down your slit to get it wet
i ease the tip into your cunt & withdraw
I give you just the tip again & again.
We're looking deep into one others eyes sharing our desire,
I lean down & we kiss, i playfully bite your lower lip & suck it between my own lips
my cock has slowly slipped in you & I can feel you pulsating. I raise up & take a breast in my hand fully to appreciate it's heft as I tongue lash the nipple to hardness
We lock eyes again,,, I feel the heat of the fire smouldering in you.
Your vaginal walls ripple, squeezing me as if to simulaniously pull me in deeper & to push me . I can feel your anticipation turning to impatience as you roll your hips. I roll opposite of you, allowing side to side friction but not the in & we're both craving.

I want you & I WANT YOU NOW!
I can't. I won't wait any longer,I must have you. I WILL HAVE YOU NOW!

I drive all of into you, BALLS DEEP! Your eyes widen, a scream escapes your throat
You try pulling away but you're trapped, held in place by your lust for my cock & it's desire for your cunt. I withdraw & thrust into you again & again
I lean back & pull you onto my lap so you can set the rhythm, Your breasts bounce against my shoulders so I begin kissing them, suckling them each in turn, Your clit rubs against the top of my cock, the ribs on our condom are driving you wild as you rock your hips back & forth. I take an ass cheek in each hand so I can feel them tighten & relax as you fuck yourself on my cock.
I feel your juices running down my scrotum. After you , we both lean back, you, to your elbows, to my hands. Now the top of my cock is stroking your G spot & my fingers, your clit
The way your breasts are jiggling is so fucking ! You've surrendered yourself to your animal instincts as you grind your pelvis hard against mine,
Your cunt begins contracting as you approach another orgasm. your cries send over the edge & i lose<b> control.
</font></b>it feels like every drop of liquid in my body is exploding into you, You're squirting all over my stomache & chest.

We're laying together, spooning, The room smells like saited lust & the walls are still spinning
your tight round ass feels so good pressed against me, wiggling just alittle, Teasing, taunting me to take you again, My hand fondles a breast & I nuzzle the back of your neck & play w/ your hair.

I roll you over onto your stomache & straddle your hips, I enter you from behind.
Your soft / firm ass feels so good as I rock my hips against it.
I raise up & pull you to your knees. Your back is arched as I reach around to fondle your perfect breasts. You tilt your head to the side & I nibble your neck.
I push you forward to your elbows I take you doggy style. Your exquisite ass ripples w/ each thrust.
I lie down & slip you. you guide back inside. You're in<b> control </font></b>now, ride as you wish, just enjoying the view... I watch your hips swivel & thrust, grind & sway to whatever secret music you hear in your head. I watch my cock disapear / reapear in you AS your excitement peaks, you smash your hips up & down franticly. Your juices are running freely as you convulse through your orgasm.
I lay you on your back & straddle your abdomin. You squeeze your breasts together around my cock & I titty fuck you until I .

Exhausted, we lay in each other's arms & our own thoughts.

I slap you on the ass & tell you to go make a sandwich
you turn & throw a leg over my head, lower your pussy onto my . Before taking into your mouth, you say "Eat this, you're gonna need the energy. That was just foreplay, We aint got down to the serious fuckin yet"

Now I'm wondering "how the hell do I get of here before she kills me?"

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