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Lilkinks' Place
Just a place for my short stories that come from real life experiences as well as my fantasies. As well as anything else I think to post here.
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Play Time with Friends
Posted:Jan 12, 2020 3:16 am
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2020 9:30 am
Its Saturday evening and I have a couple of friends coming over. Molly is a die hard pussy loving lesbian, she has never been fucked by a man but she has played a time or two with a guy going down on her. Max is also coming this evening. He is divorced and starting to experiment and explore his sexual fantasies. I'm excited about both of them being here this evening and have a fun night planned for the three of us. I set a bottle of wine to chill in an ice bucket and smile as I move to the bedroom and flip open the lid of the big wooden chest that holds my collection of toys. Selecting the items that will be needed for the evening I have planned for the three of us.

A short time later there is a knock at the door. Max is the first to arrive and I greet him with a soft kiss. I stay at the door as I see the headlights of Molly's car turning into the driveway, asking Max to open the wine and pour each of us a glass. I greet her the way I did Max, with a soft kiss. As I shut the door and turn Max and Molly greet each other with a kiss to each others cheek. Max then hands us both a glass of wine. Taking a sip I look at both of them and can see the excitement in both of their eyes, both looking forward to what the evening has in store for us. I feel the deep hum of need building in my own core as I take in Molly's lush curves and the broad expanse of Max's chest, his cock already growing hard, it's outline pressed against his trousers.

I finish my glass of wine, setting the glass on the table. Turning to head down the hall I pull the sash on my silk robe open and slip it from my shoulders letting it fall to the floor as I make my way to the bedroom. I smile as I hear them following me, undressing as they come down the hall. When I the bedroom I crawl to the center of the bed and sit up on my knees to watch them come in. As Molly reaches the bed she crawls up to join me and we begin to make , kissing and stroking over each other's breasts. She leans down and takes one of my nipples between her lips and sucks on the hard nipple making it even harder. I look over her shoulder and see Max standing at the foot of the bed stroking his hard cock slowly, a drop of pre cum glistening on the flared head.

Molly stretches on the bed and I enjoy exploring her sweet curves with my mouth and hands. Her skin silky soft under my touch, her body so responsive as I kiss, lick and suck on her succulent offerings. Soon she has me straddle her head, grasping my hips she pulls my center down to her waiting mouth. As I feel her tongue slips between my folds Mas climbs on the bed straddling Molly's hips, his hand wraps around the back of my neck as his lips land on mine in a heated kiss, drinking down my moans of pleasure. I break the kiss and move down his body with licks and nips, enjoying how his breathing increases and his muscles flex as I make my way down his body. My hand finds his hard length, my fingers curling around him. Holding his cock at its base my tongue flicks over the head capturing the drops of pre cum. He slides into my mouth just as Molly wraps her lips around my sensitive clit and sucks, causing me to moan with Max's cock filling my mouth. His cock twitches and his body shudders in pleasure from the vibrations of the moan.

Soon Max is pulling away, saying he doesn't want to cum yet. He moves to the side of the bed his hand moving to press between my shoulders. My hands grip Molly's inner thighs and pull them apart as my body falls forward, my lips and tongue finding her slick heat. I hear Max groan as he watches us pleasure each other. I feel him move behind me on the bed, as his hands caress my ass cheeks. His caresses become firmer as he settles behind me, his fingers gripping the cheeks of my ass spreading the globes open, watching as Molly's talented tongue licks my pussy. I gasp into Molly's pussy as I feel Max's wet tongue lick over the tight rosebud of my ass. The sensation of both of them licking and sucking on me causing my core to clinch and I hear Molly's muffled purr of pleasure as my juices flood her mouth.

Max moves back up on his knees behind me and I feel him run the head of his cock up and down the crack of my ass. As I tongue fuck Molly I wiggle my ass and press back against him, letting him know I'm ready for what he wants. Molly's hands come up to hold my ass cheeks spread as she licks my pussy. One of Max's hands resting on the small of my back and he holds the base of his cock with the other, pressing the head of his cock presses against my tight asshole. The head of his cock is huge and I feel the sting as he starts to stretch the tight ring of my ass open. In a gravelly voice he tells me to let him in as he continues to slowly press forward. I take a deep breath and make my muscles relax so he can slip in. I whimper as the head breaches the tight ring and Molly laches onto my clit sucking hard.

I bury my face into Molly's pussy as Max starts to fuck my ass. Licking and sucking on her pussy lips. I bring one of my hands up and slip a finger into her ass as I suck on her clit. Sliding my finger in and out of her ass in time to Max's thrusts in and out of my ass with his cock. I feel Molly's legs begin to shake and I know she's close to coming. I suck hard on her clit at the time as I bury my finger in her ass. She arches off the bed and screams as she comes. My tongue lapping at her juices.
I feel Max's strokes grow erratic then he thrusts deeply into my ass, his cock twitching as his cum spurts deep in my ass.

Max pulls slowly and collapses on the bed beside Molly and I, his breath coming in deep gulps. I slip off the bed and into the bathroom to clean up a bit. When I come back into the bedroom I smile as I see the two of them stretched on the bed. Moving to the table beside the bed I grab a tube of lube and an elongated butt plug with a small rubber coated wire sticking of its base. I tell Molly to hold her legs up and she wraps her hands behind her knees bring her legs to her chest. Max shifts his position so he can watch as I fill Molly's ass with the plug, her ring wrapping tightly into the divot on the base insuring it stays where I put it. I grin and ask Max if he wants to taste her sweet pussy. He eagerly moves into position between her tights and starts licking. I pick up a remote and turn the vibrator that’s in the tip of the bitt plug on causing Molly to gasp just as Max starts to devour her pussy.

I set the remote down and grab another remote vibrator and with one foot on the bed I slide it into my wet pussy, pushing it deep into me with two fingers. Then I grab a 7 inch dildo that I have in a harness. I strap the harness around my hips and grab the tube of lube again. As I crawl back up on the bed the dildo bobs up and down with my movements. I over and turn the remote on the vibrator and feel it start to vibrate deep inside my pussy as I move in behind Max. Reaching between his thighs I cup his balls and roll them in the palm of my hand. I smile as I hear him moan into Molly's pussy, causing her to moan in pleasure also. My fingers start to his taint as I release his balls. With my other hand I drizzle lube down the crack of his ass. When I feel the lube drip down into my fingers I run my fingertips up over his asshole. He gasps in pleasure at the feel of me playing with his ass. I slowly press one finger into his ass, as his tight ass relaxes and my finger slips inside him his whole body shudders and he rocks back against my hand, after a few strokes with my finger I a second. His body accepting the intrusion of my fingers readily.

When I feel his body relax into the slow rhythm of my fingers moving in and of his ass I get up on my knees between his spread thighs. Pulling my fingers from him I coat the dildo in lube and drizzle more over his puckered hole. Holding the dildo in my hand I press it against him. His ass muscles flex and then I watch as the head of the dildo sinks into his tight ass, stretching his ring as it slips inside of him. I keep the pressure slow and steady till all of the dildo is inside his ass. I hold it deep inside him, letting him get accustomed to the full feeling. Then he starts to lick and suck on Molly's pussy again and grinds back on the dildo. My hands come up to grasp his hips as I start to move my own, pulling the dildo and pushing it back into him. He growls in pleasure as I start to pick up the pace with long strokes then short fast ones, going between the two every few pumps of my hips. His face trusting into Molly's pussy in time with my thrusts behind him. I see her start to arch her back, her hips trusting up as she starts to fly apart. His hungry mouth drinking her offering down. I around him with one hand to stroke his now ridged cock as I continue to fuck his ass. Trusting deeply into him and rolling my hips as I grind into his ass. He starts to buck under me, as I stroke his cock with a firmer grip. As I feel his cock twitch, I thrust deeply into him with the dildo my hand never stopping on his cock....he roars his release, spurs of cum his belly and coat my fingers. My own release rocking though my body, my pussy clamping down tightly on the vibrator buried in my pussy.

I slowly pull the dildo from his ass and over to turn off the vibrators. Max gently pulls the pug of Molly's ass and the three of us collapse on the bed in a sweaty mess.
Next story
Posted:Jan 11, 2020 6:54 am
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2020 11:49 am

Going through my toy box, thinking on my next story.
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Grease Monkey - co written with HMV56
Posted:Jan 8, 2020 12:18 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2020 1:33 am
It's really warm for a fall day, the hills surrounding us dressed in vivid colors, but summer is giving us a last hurrah. Taking advantage of the nice day I've opened the windows and am running around in frayed jean shorts and a tank top. Sir headed outside early to do a tune up on his truc Peeking out the window I see the hood still up and Sir leaning over the engine. I take a moment appreciate his form in his jeans. He has been out there for a couple hours, I'm sure he is getting thirsty. Pouring him a tall glass of ice tea I head outside.
Thinking of her as he works, sweat beading upon his body as he methodically proceeds with his tas..hands and arms black with grease and dirt, his strong fingers gripping the wrench tightly putting the final touches on his mornings duties. Dragging his forearm along his brow lifting his head to see her approaching from the house, cool drink in hand as she wiggles towards him in her cut offs and tank top, the dark pink of her nipples showing through the thin white material of her top. He drops the hood of the truck and turns, leaning back against the front of the truck watching her as she comes to him. In a soft voice she tells him it looked like he could use something cold to drink, as she offers him the glass. The heat of the day already making the glass sweat.
Taking the glass from her, he lets one of his fingers graze over one of her nipples, grinning as it hardens instantly, loving how responsive her body is to him. His grin widens as he sees the streak of grease his finger left on the thin white material of her top. He drinks deeply, finishing in the drink quickly....then with a gleam in his eyes he catches an ice cube in his mouth and reaches for her as he sets the glass down on a near by bench...
Taking her by the arm and pulls her close, kissing her deeply his hands roaming over her leaving greasy hand-prints on the white tank top over her breasts, finding their way over her ass. Taking her by the waist tossing her up on the hood of the truck pulling away the small inseam of her cutoffs giving along lick of his cold tongue up her glistening gash before spitting the melting ice cube into her opening pushing it deep with his tongue, his strong greasy hands latched onto the back of her thighs pushing them up and open as he devours her sweet center.
She gasps as he manhandles her, setting her on the hood of the truck, the sound of ripping denim as he tears the scrap of fabric between her thighs. A squeal slips from her lips as he presses his cold tongue into her folds, then she feels the quickly melting ice cube being pressed up into her heat. Her pussy clinches around the cold intrusion, head falling back as her legs are pushed wide, a moan escapes from her throat as he licks and sucks on her puffy slick pussy lips like a starving man. The smell of oil and grease surrounding her, filling her lungs as she breathes deeply...her back arching as her nipples runch to hard points, the now grease streaked tank rubbing against them as her breath quickens. Fingers flexing on the hood of the truck for support as he commands her body, the throb of need building to a white hot flame...
Tearing open her soiled white tank top, his greasy hands moving over her pale breasts squeezing and manipulating them ...guiding them into his mouth sucking deeply drawing her rock hard nipples between his teeth his tongue flicking wildly over them. Growling deeply he spins her around again pushing her breasts against the sun baked hood of the truck, pulling aside the scant inseam of her cut offs and drives his thick hard cock into her dripping folds. Pulling her arms behind her back, wrapping the tattered remains of her white tank top around her wrists as he grasps her arms and takes her fiercely from behind. Wrapping her scarlet locks around his fist pulling her back roughly into his pounding thrusts his cock driving deep into her wet silky depths... grinding forcefully around her projected cervix.
She gasps and wiggles as her hard nipples are pressed down onto the hot sun baked hood. With the tank top binding her arms she whimpers as his fisted hand pulls her head up by his grip in her hair, her back arching as he savagely thrust into her depths. Her channel closing around him, pulsing with each strong thrust into her. Garbled sounds escaping her lips as she is invaded again and again by his hard pounding cock, the pleasure on the edge of pain making her core tighten, feeling every inch pull and stretch her, demanding, taking what is his. The smell of grease, oil, and sweaty man fills her nostrils as they flare pulling air into her lungs. His dominance surrounding and invading her, his claim on her completely enveloping her. Her body and soul taking what he demands, she starts to shake as the tingles of impending orgasm rush though her body.
Grasping her bound wrists behind her with his right hand, his left clamped on the back of her slender neck as he keeps her pressed harshly against the searing heat of the sun baked hood, his vicious pounding showing her ultimate place as he takes her most private vestige as his own. Her writhing body betraying her as her slick pink walls begin to pulsate and grasp at his thick beast hungrily, urging him deeper begging him to mark her with his sticky essence. Unrelentingly his hips pound... positioning his cock into her dripping fuck hole, her hips thrusting back whorishly, needing his seed to spew into her revealing his total control and possession over her.
Her whimpers becoming drawn out moans from deep within her as she receives his pounding coc Each thrust making her body slide back and forth across the hood of the truc Her fingers clinching, her nails digging half moons into her palms, body coiling tighter, her thighs slick with the juices his thrusting cock pulls out of her. The slapping of their flesh filling her head while he drills into her like a crazed animal. His hand clinches tight on the nape of her neck, his other hand pulling up on her arms, he drawls her body upward. With a feral growl he lunges forward, embedding his thick cock deep her as his teeth bite down on the tender flesh where her neck and shoulder meet. Marking her flesh as his property. She screams as the pleasure and pain races though her body, the wonton sound echoing from the hills that surround them.
Her body and soul his now for the taking, the crimson essence of her body trickling over his tongue as he tastes her...deeply holding himself buried deep inside her steamy cunt. He groans gutturally and releases his searing hot torrent of cum deep inside her, giving her the gift she so hungrily craves from him...his mar..his possession. Their primal cries and moans resounding between the surrounding buildings in glorious bliss. Gasping, slumping across her pinning her against the faded paint of the hood her body on fire with him and for him. He holds her immobilized, forcing her feel every pulsation of his beast as it reminds her of where she has always craved be.....His.
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The Party
Posted:Jan 4, 2020 2:50 pm
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2020 11:36 am
We all met in the chat rooms. Talking and getting to know each other, forming bonds of friendship and more. Some of us have met face to face, some encounters more intimate than others. Some have never dared to meet in person. This would be the first time we would all be together. A masked party held at one of the member's lake house. Any anything goes party as long as it was consensual between all involved. The only requirement was that a mask must be worn. I'd found a perfect little sexy lace half mask. I smiled to myself as I got ready. Donning a little black halter dress that hugged my curves and bared my back, the helm stopping mid thigh with lace trim. I'd left my hair down, the red locks falling in waves halfway down my back. Finishing up with a coat of red stain to my lips I put the lace mask on, and smiled at my reflection in the mirror. Turning with anticipation I left to head to the party.

I pulled down the long driveway that curved though a wooded area, the house was not visible from the road. As I emerged from the woods the house came into view, even though it was dark outside the outside of the house was lit up. There had to be atleast 30 cars parked outside, several with out of state license plates. Excitement coursed through me knowing that just about everyone must have come.

As I stepped though the front door I was welcomed by a blonde goddess wearing a black and red bustier, black fishnets and a red half mask. She welcomed me and offered to take the my coat. As she hung my coat up the door opened and she moved to the door to welcome the new arivals. I stepped through the foyer following the sound of the music and the murmer of voices. Moving into a large gathering room with about 50 people in various degrees of dress, all waring masks of different shapes and colors. A young guy in tight leather pants moved towards me carrying a tray of drinks in fluted glasses, offering me one before moving on to the next guests.

Moving through the room sipping on my drink. Thinking I recognize a few people even if they are wearing masks and the lighting is low. The thump of the music travels through me as erotic currents in the room flow over my skin. By now some of the guests have started pairing off or grouping together in fulfilling erotic fantasies and scenes talked about often in chat. It's a voyager's fantasy come to life with so many things happening at the same time in different areas of the large room. Moans and growls of pleasure mingling with the sounds of the music.

I talk and laugh with several people as I move through the room. Letting the sights and sounds fill me, my body responding to the stimulus that surround me. My nipples runching to hard points under the thin fabric of the halter of my dress, my thighs becoming wet as my hunger grows. I find a quite spot and lean against the wall to finish my drink and enjoy the sights before me. As I stand there I feel eyes on me, looking up I catch the gaze of a man sitting in a large chair, a nude dark haired woman in a green mask straddles his lap facing away from him, his jeans bunched around his ankles. I watch as he thrusts up into her wet cunt, his hands gripping her hips, moving her up and down on his hard cock. I watch as her tits bounce with each thrust and lick my lips as I see the juices he pulls from her with each pump of his cock coating its base and starting to drip down over his heavy balls.

She catches my eyes and gives me a wink as she rides him. I wink back and set my empty glass down before I move across the room towards them. As I move in close he widens the spread of his thighs, giving me room to move in close. Her arms come around my neck as I kiss her voluptuous lips. I feel her tug at the tie of my halter and then the slide of the slinky material as it falls exposing my tits. Her hands coming around to cup my full breasts in her hands, tweaking the hard nipples between her thumps and fingers as I lick and nibble my way down her neck. Feeling his hands on my hips as he draws my dress down over them. I step out of my dress as it pools around my feet. Now dressed in only my stockings and heels, I take her hands in mine and hold the above our heads as I move to press my body against hers, her hard nipples pressed agaisnt mine. I lick her lips and as she parts them my tongue takes advantage and surges between them for a deep kiss as he starts thrusting up into her again.

I break our kiss and lick and nibble my way down her neck and shoulder, down across the tops of her tits and my knees bend to kneel between their spread thighs. I catch one nipple with my lips, giving a strong sucking pull on it as I roll and pull at the other nipple with my fingers, her moans of pleasure filling my ears. I let my hands fall to his thighs as I bend down, kissing my way down her stomach to where they are joined. She gasps and her hands fall to my head as my tongue finds her trobbing clit. He grinds up into her and I take advantage, swirling my tongue around the base of his cock as he is buried deep inside her. Hearing his groan of pleasure, a small groan travels up my throat as the taste of them both bursts over my tongue.

Dropping to my hands and knees I start to lick and suck on her clit and his balls as he fucks her. My tongue lapping up the juices he is pulling from her with his thrusting cock. In my own little world, enjoying the hell out of being able to taste them both I startle slightly when I feel fingertips trail over my bare ass. I had forgotten that we were in a room filled with other party goers. I glance over my shoulder to see a man in a black mask behind me, his hand caressing the cheeks of my ass. I look drown and see the bulge staining against the fly of his paints. I lick my lips and give him a small smile. Sliding my knees further apart I wink at him and turn back to the dipping pussy and hard cock in front of me.

I feel the man behind me run his fingers down through my wet folds. He gives a grunt of approval finding me so wet and slick. The sound of his zipper coming down fills my ears as I begin to lick once more around the base of the hard cock in front of me. Licking at the stretched pussy lips as his cock strokes in and out of her. I feel the man behind me move in between my spread thighs, the head of his cock stroking up and down though my slick folds. My lips lock over her clit and I suck hard as the man behind me grips my hips in a firm hold snd thrusts deep into me. With the strong pull of my lips on her clit her pussy clinches tight on the hard cock fucking her. All four of us moan at the feel of the pleasure we give each other.

Soon the man behind me is riding me hard, the sound of slapping flesh ringing in my ears as he fucks me. From the sounds of the woman I know she is close. The man is close to his thrusts into her pussy becoming erratic. I catch her clit between my teeth and bite down gently as i suck. She goes over the edge bucking and withering over his cock as she comes. He trusts hard and deep and I watch as his balls tighten as his cock throbs, emptying deep inside her. I feel my own body starting to clinch around the hard cock thrusting in and out of me. My own orgasm building. As the softening cock in front of me slipps from her pussy my greedy tongue laps at it, swirling around it, catching every drop of their cum that it was coated with. I then bury my face between her thighs, my lips locked over her pussy lips, tongue delving into her lapping at the cum he has filled her with. I feel the thick cock deep inside me start to twitch as he slams into me. As my mouth fills with cum from her pussy and the man behind me grinds deep into my pussy and comes, I feel my own orgasm rock my body. My scream of pleasure muffled as my lips are pressed tight to her pussy. My body rocks with the waves of the orgasm washing through me, my pussy clinching time after time around his cock.

As my thoughts become coherent again I hear whistles and claps of applause, looking up and over my shoulder I grin seeing we had quite an audience.
The Truck Stop
Posted:Dec 23, 2019 7:50 pm
Last Updated:Dec 25, 2019 6:45 am

It had been a grueling business trip, and I was finally headed home. It was getting late and I'd been driving for hours, exhaustion and hunger were catching up with me so I decided to start looking for a hotel. I spotted a sign that said there where a couple hotels and a truck stop off the next exit so I took it. I pulled into the hotel across from the truck stop and went in to get a room. As I got my keycard I asked the clerk where I could get a bite to eat, she said the only place still open this late and serving was the truck stop. After dropping my overnight bag off in my room I headed back , crossing the parking lot to the truck stop. The place was big, the soft growl of a dozen or so idling trucks filled the night air, there had to be 20 or more that were parked and quite. The trucks were lined up side by side like dark sentinels.

As I approached the door to the dinner it opened and two big burley looking guys came . Seeing my approach the 2nd guy held the door for . With a smile and a soft thank you I entered the dinner. The wonderful smells coming from the kitchen assaulted my nose as soon as I stepped inside. My stomach rubbling, reminding me it had been mid morning since I'd had more than a cup of coffee and a pack of nabs. Looking about the place was pretty full, I found a stool the counter and settled in with a smile to the waitress as she placed a water glass, a cup of coffee and a menu in front of me. Placing my order for a burger and fries I pulled my phone to check messages while I waited. It didn't take long before the waitress was putting an oblong dinner plate in front of me with the biggest burger I'd ever seen and a mountain of french fires. I dug in greedily, with both hands wrapped around the burger. With the first bite a moan of pure pleasure slipped from my throat. The guy next to me grinned and said pretty good huh? All I could do was nod the affirmative as I continued to chew. After swallowing I dabbed my lips with a napkin and smiled at the guy and said it was the best burger I'd ever eaten. He had pretty much finished his dinner and was just sitting there nursing a cup of coffee. I turned my plate his way and told him to help himself to the fires as there was no way I could eat all of the burger and the fires to. He snagged a few fires with a smile of thanks. Soon he was placing a few on the counter for his meal and wishing me a good evening, it was time for him to get back on the road.

As I sat there enjoying my burger while watching the local late news on the TV mounted on the wall behind the counter I felt the tingling sensation of being watched the nape of my neck. Looking around I caught the eyes of a guy sitting the end of the counter on . I smiled and nodded then went back to finishing my meal. With each bite I could feel his eyes on me. As I finished I pulled my purse open to get to for my meal, as my head was lowered looking in my purse I felt a presence move in close behind me and the an arm move around me to drop a couple in front of my plate. I knew without looking that it was the guy from the end of the counter.

Turning slightly on my stool I looked up over my shoulder at him. His eyes were dark, his chin and cheeks sporting a heavy salt n pepper five o'clock shaddow. As my lips parted, getting ready to thank him, his hand came up, one finger touching over my lips, effectively shushing me. My words stalling in my throat. His eyes never leaving mine he held his other hand out to me and waited. I sat there staring into his eyes for a few moments, my thoughts scattered. Then as if it had a mind of it's own my hand came up to land in his. With a small upward tilt to his lips, I felt his fingers close over my hand. He pulled up to stand before him. He wasn't overly tall, only a couple inches taller than my own 5'7". He paused a moment as I stood up, his eyes roaming down my body then traveling back up slowly. I felt my body heat as his gaze traveled over me. He then turned, my hand still in his grip and move towards the door, me following close behind. As we stepped outside the cool night air sent a shiver though me. Without a word he let go of my hand, moving it to the small of my back guiding me back across the parking lot towards the hotel. With each step I felt my body respond to his nearness, my skin becoming over sensitive where my clothes rubbed against me. My nipples runched to hard points in my lace bra, my thong becoming wet. My thoughts were still scattered, all I knew was my growing hunger for this man walking beside me. We entered the hotel and walked down the hall, stopping at a door just a couple before my own. He slid his keycard and pushed the door open. His hand on my back ushering me inside.

As the door closed behind us he turned to me moving quickly his body pressing me up against the door. His hands finding mine as bringing them up above my head, holding them there as his lips found my neck. His hips ground against me as he licked and nipped his way up my neck and across my jaw before finding my lips. I gasped as he nipped my bottom lip and he took full advantage his tongue surging between my lips to claim my mouth. He broke the kiss when we were both breathless. His eyes locking once more with mine I feel him shift slightly, placing both my wrist in one hand, his other coming down between us to cup one of my breast, his thump stroking over the hard nipple though my blouse and bra.
My back arches, pressing my full breast into his touch. With a slight smile on his lips, his hand comes up to the first button on my blouse hooking two fingers behind it he jerks down quickly, and buttons flying in different directions. He parts the two halves of my blouse his fingertips grazing down the cleft between my breasts till they come in contact with the front clasp of my bra, with a surprisingly gentle tug he releases it. His gaze then lowers taking in my now freed breasts with their dark pink nipples runched into hard points. With a low growl he lowers his head, cathing one hard nipple between his lips, sucking hard on it. I wimmper and twist in his grasp. He releases my wrist bringing both his hands down to cup and fondle my tits, smashing them tightly together as he sucks first one nipple then the other. My hands come down, fingers surging though his hair holding his head tight to me as he drives me crazy sucking and nipping my nipples.

He suddenly pulls back one of my nipples caught between his teeth. I gasp as my nipple is elongated. My fingers digging into his neck as the pain races though my body to make my clit throb and a flood of desire drinch my thong and upper thighs. As he lets go of my nipple he growls and spins me around. His hand coming up to brace between my shoulder blades. He grinds his hard cock against my ass as his other hand travels up my thigh the hemline of my skirt. He gives a low growl of approval as his fingertips find the lace edge of my stocking, giving a tug on the garter strap letting it slap back against my thigh. His hand reaching around to grip my mound in a firm grasp, as he continues to grind his cock against my ass. His fingers curl around my thong and with a quick jerk he rips it from my body, letting it drop to the floor. He grips my hip pulling towards him as his other hand stays planted between my shoulders pressing my upper body against the door, causing my back to arch, my ass tipped upward. He places his booted foot between my feet and pushes them both to the side, making widen my stance. Relaxing his hold on I know to not move without being told. His hands flow down over my hips and thighs, as he reverses the motion he pulls my skirt up my thighs and over my ass, exposing . He runs a fingertip down the cleft of my ass and through my slick folds. Then stepping back from I hear the clink of his belt buckle and the zipper on his jeans. I turn my head slightly so I can see him over my shoulder. His hands push his jeans and briefs down around his knees, his hard cock springing free from the confines of his clothes. My eyes go wide as he takes his cock in hand, stroking slowly up and down his length, a bead of precum pearling on the flared head.

He steps forward griping his cock it's base, he runs the head through my glistening pussy lips to nudge my clit. My eyes flutter shut as my sensitive clit throbs from the simple stimulation. He repeats the motion several times, the head of his cock becoming coated in my slick juices. Then he stills, the head of his cock poised at my entrance. I swear I can hear my on heart thudding in my chest as I wait.

With one swift movement his hands come up to grip my hips as he thrust up into me, burying himself balls deep. I cry as his thick cock stretches , forcing my pussy to accommodate his thickness. Then he is moving, plunging in and of . I feel every inch as his cock drags and pushes against my tight tunnel. My pussy clinching around him. He shifts a bit and suddenly gasping and grinding myself back against his thrusts, the head of his cock hitting my gspot each time he pumps into me. I become wonton, fucking myself on his cock, incoherently pleading for him to continue. His grip on my hips becomes like a vice, I know there will be bruises tomorrow. His thrusts become harder, more demanding. The sounds of our slapping flesh and the wet sounds of his cock thrusting in and our of me fill the room. He is relentless as he pushes me higher. Suddenly my body is convulsing, my pussy spasms around his cock, gripping him tightly as my orgasm shakes me. He thrusts a final time holding himself deep inside my pussy. If feel the jerks of his cock as it unloads his , filling my pussy till it is oozing around the base of his cock.

His head falls against my back as we both gulp air into our lungs. Finally he slowly pulls his softening cock from and steps back to pull his paints back up. He then pulls my skirt back down over my ass as I straighten back up. I turn pulling the edges of my blouse over my breasts holding the edges together with one hand. He leans down and picks up my purse, opening it and withdrawing the keycard to my room.

Handing my purse he gently clasp my arm, pulling forward then opening the door. His hand moving to the small of my back and he guides and down the hall to the door of my room, with each step I feel his coating my thighs. With a swipe of the keycard he opens the door and ushers inside. Placing the on a table he turns to , his dark eyes locking with mine he cups my cheek with one hand and kisses softly.

Stepping back he opens the door and steps , the door softly clicking shut behind him.
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Does anyone know why Senior Sizzle drops words in my stories? It looks like just about all the personal pronouns disappeare, me my, etc. It's very frustrating.
Neighbors - a MMF story
Posted:Dec 8, 2019 1:21 pm
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The guys moved in across the hall from in apartment building have been there for a months now. It was of the hottest days of summer when they moved in. I was a happy voyager that day as I watched as they stripped off their t-shirts when the temperature climbed as they unloaded their moving truck. Hot n sweaty, chests with a sparse coating of dark hair that tapered a happy trail down their abs, disappearing into their snug fitting jeans. Muscles flexing as they moved furniture and boxes into their apartment. When they had the truck half empty I grabbed a of cold beers of refrigerator and met them as they were coming back of their apartment for another load. Offering each of them a beer I introduced myself and welcomed them the building.

In the past of months I figured that Joe and Ron are more than just roommates, they are a . I've seen them kissing at their door a of times when leaving for work. It was a surprise since both of them flirt with me when I happen meet of them in the parking lot or the hall. It's given all kinds of fantasy material for when I'm in bed alone.

As I'm getting home from work I hear a smoke alarm sounding from behind their door and muffled cussing. Worried I rush their door and start knocking hard and loud. A moment later Ron opens the door coughing as smoke billows the door around him. He looks at sheepishly as he tells he fell asleep on the couch while dinner was cooking. The roast he was cooking is now a smoking charcoal brick. I move into action without thinking, telling him to get the smoking roast out of the apartment as I move inside and start opening windows to air the place out. After we finish opening the windows there is still a haze and smell of smoke through the apartment, it will take awhile for it to air out. Ron is bummed as Tom was coming home that evening and he wanted to surprise him with a home cooked meal rather than their usual busy schedule take out dinners.

I immediately start thinking of what I have available in kitchen make a hearty meal. I had made a big pot of sauce last night planning on making a few single serving lasagnas that I could freeze and use as needed. I grin and tell Ron we can still make it happen. I him off the store for salad fixings some bread and a bottle of wine while I get busy in kitchen building a big lasagna. As I'm working Ron comes back from the store with a bags of groceries and a beautiful flower bouquet. He kisses cheek and hands the flowers. I put the flowers in a vase and set them in the center of the table and then put the wine on ice as he starts on making the salad. We work together making dinner, talking and flirting.

Ron keeps an eye for Tom to arrive as the apartment starts fill with the amazing aroma of the baking lasagna. Tom pulls into the parking lot just as I'm getting it of the oven. Ron meets him in the hall welcome him home and explain what happened. Through the open door I hear them kissing, and the low growls of pleasure at being together again. The sounds a tingling sensation core. I busy myself setting the table as they come inside. Tom moves to kiss my cheek and thank me for everything as Ron starts to bring everything to the table. Soon the sounds are moans of delight as the guys enjoy the lasagna.

After dinner we all clean up together, the small kitchen makes for close working conditions with us bumping and rubbing by each other as we work. The temperature in the room seems to sore as body responds being so close these guys. As we finish I notice the guys looking at each other silently sharing a conversation as a can do. I figure they will be making a hasty exit continue their reunion in their own apartment, so it surprises me when Tom pours 3 glasses of wine and suggests we move to the living room. I take glass and move sit in corner of the big couch, leaving room for the guys sit together, Ron moves quickly to other side before I can sit down encouraging sit between the . With heart picking up I settle between the and sip wine as we talk about Tom's business trip.

As we talk both guys seem to get closer to . body humming with the close proximity of them I find it hard concentrate on the conversation. I notice both of them have stopped talking and I up. Ron moves taking the glass from hand as Tom reaches to turn chin with his fingertips, as head turns his lips find mine. I gasp and he takes full advantage of parted lips taking the kiss deeper, his tongue dueling with mine. I feel him reach past for Ron as we kiss, soon I feel the press of Ron's chest against back, his exhales stirring the hair near ear. Tom breaks the kiss nipping on lower lip, then leaning closer he moves kiss Ron. I'm pressed between the as they kiss, their hands stroking up and down sides and arms. heart is beating of control now, core clinching as I watch them in their passionate kiss over shoulder. As they part Ron moves capture lips as Tom starts to nibble, lick and suck on exposed neck. body shudders in need as mind tries catch up... fantasy coming life.

Suddenly I'm moving, hand running up Tom's chest, the other finding Ron's thigh. A moan falling from lips as Tom grasps the hem of shirt pull it over head as Ron snaps bra open and pulls the straps off shoulders. Tom's head dips to chest his lips finding a hard nipple as Ron pulls back lean back against his chest. With a low growl Tom reaches for paints, pulling them and panties down over hips and down off legs. His knees hitting the floor as his hands spread thighs. Ron's hands coming around cup breasts, pinching and rolling the nipples between his fingers as he licks and sucks on neck. I can feel how hard he is, his length pressed against the small of back as I lay against him. eyes roll as Tom dives his head between thighs and takes a long slow lick up the center of folds.

The sensations running through body make it hard concentrate. All I can do is feel. Before I know it, we are all naked on bed. Both hands filled with hard cock, stroking them up and down as I take turns sucking them into mouth. Their hands constantly running over body, teasing into a wonton frenzy.

Ron pulls away and lays down on his back, the lower half of his legs hanging down off the end of the bed, his head propped up a few pillows. He grasps waist and pulls on top of him, thighs straddling his head, he begins devour . Lowering head lips part as I take his cock into mouth. The bed dips as Tom moves behind , his fingertips traveling down spine and across ass. His hands grip and spread ass checks, he growls as he looks down watching Ron lick and suck on puffy pussy lips. Ron stops licking and I hear a low groan behind and a shudder of Tom's body...I know that Ron is sucking his cock. I moan and sink down Ron's cock feeling him the back of throat. His groan of pleasure is muffled, his mouth filled with Tom's cock.

Tom pulls back and holding the base of his thick cock he runs the head up and down folds. I whimper around Ron's cock, arching back as head continues bob up and down as I suck Ron's cock.
Suddenly Tom thrusts deep into pussy, in hard thrust he is buried balls deep, his fingers digging into hips. I scream around Ron's cock, the pleasure of being filled and stretched on the point of pain.

Then I feel Ron sucking and licking clit as Tom starts to stroke in and of . pussy clinches around Tom's cock. Ron growls , his hungry tongue lapping at the juices Tom's cock pulls from body with each stroke. Licking around his cock and stretched pussy lips. As his excitement grows he starts thrust up into mouth his cock hitting the back of mouth, trusting into throat. throat stretched accommodate him, drool dripping from lips pool on his balls as he fucks mouth.

With each thrust from Tom mouth is forced down Ron's cock. As Tom picks up the tempo I feel Ron's cock twitch and I know he is close. Suddenly he surges upward with his hips. His hands coming down on the back of head, his cock forced deep into throat as he comes. cum filling throat as his balls empty. I swallow around him, drinking him down. His hips relax falling back the bed as he relaxes his hold on head, a groan escaping his lips. As his cock slips from lips head comes up and I start rocking back on the thick cock that’s thrusting into pussy. I grind back matching his strokes. The sound of our flesh slapping together filling the room.

Suddenly body shudders as I start come. pussy clinching time and time again and the pulses of orgasm roll though . Then Tom growls and starts to pound into , his thrusts become jerky as he comes. I feel his cum fill as he continues thrust. The he stops buried deep in , his breaths sounding like a freight train behind . As he slowly pulls of pussy Ron's eager tongue licks the length of his dick, lapping at the cum coated cock. Then as Tom's cock slips from pussy lips, Ron latches onto hips and buries his between thighs, licking and sucking the cum from pussy.

With a shudder I slowly bring of legs up and turn. I collapse beside Ron, head resting on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around . Tom lays down on the other side of him. We all try to catch our breath. Then it grows quite and we all at each other. With a quirk his lips Tom starts to laugh, the sound pure joy. Soon Ron and I join in, our laughter ringing in the room.
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His work had been keeping him busy the past few days, going in early, working late. Then working from his home office till late in the evening. When I would bring him his dinner he would barely up from his work. I would find it half eaten the next morning. I was worried about him, you could feel the tension in him from the stress he was . I would fall asleep alone and dream of all the wicked things he loved do, how he could soaring.

It was late, i had gone bed hours ago. I woke with the feel of his hands running over ass, fingers flexing and kneading into flesh. buried into the pillow. Never sleep on stomach I knew he must have rolled over while I was sleeping deeply.

breath caught on a solf moan as of his hands travelled up spine. He was sitting on the side of the bed leaning over . As his hand moved up he gathered hair in his fist. Giving a tug on the locks in his grap he pulled up on hands and knees, turning head for a deep kiss. He broke the kiss when we were both breathless, resting his forehead against mine, looking into his eye in the pale moonlight shinning through the window I could see the tension and his deep seeded need.

With more kiss ending with a sharp nip bottom lip from his teeth he guided across his lap. As I settled I could feel his hard length pressed against belly. Without being asked arms came up behind me, wrists crossed over lower back. His forearm pressed against spine as his hand took hold of wrists holding place as his other hand came up stroke and massage over the cheeks of upturned ass.

Then the sound of sharp smacks filled the room as he landed a spank across each cheek. breath caught as the sting radiated across ass. Then his hand was moving in a stready rhythm falling on ass time and time again. The bite of each not fading before the next fell. Heat bloomed across ass, the skin heating.

breathing has become ragged as the spanking continued the muscles in legs contracting making legs shake. Tears filling eyes as the heat from ass washed though body in waves. Moans filling the air along with the sound of his hand meeting flesh. With a deep breath he stopped, his hand laying across ass, at this point it was hard tell which was hotter, his palm or ass.

His fingertips slipped downwards between parted thighs spreading pink folds. sinking deep into pussy. With a voice he wet for . back arched, wanting more of him as pussy wrapped around his fingers. He gave a pumps of his fingers, slidding them in and of before withdrawing them from wet center. Letting go of wrists he helped rise from across his thighs and guided back the center of the bed on hands and knees.

body shivered as the cool air of the room flowed over the heat of red ass and the wet juices coating folds and thighs. The contrast making nipples runch into hard points as his hand between shoulder blades pushed the front of body downwards. hands fisted the sheets on each side of head as he moved back. He settled between spread thighs thrusting fingers back into pussy, curling them inside as they pumped and , coating them in juices. Every few strokes he would pull them from , dragging them up the crack of ass, stroking over the tight bud of asshole and over ass cheeks, painting reddened ass with juices. The room filled with the scent of arousal, moans of pleasure muffled by the pillow.

Once he had ass covered in juices he came up on his knees behind me. He nudged the head of his cock between folds swiping it up and down from clit the top of ass. Then suddenly he thrust deep into pussy, a hiss falling from parted lips as he stretched and his body pressed against throbbing ass. pussy spasmed around his cock as he held himself there. Then taking hold of hips he begain move. The push and pull of his thickness dragging between the folds, pussy wrapping tightly around him.

I whimpered as his hands left hips and he palmed ass cheeks. His fingers gripping into the heated flesh he parted ass cheeks and leaned back watch as pussy swallowed his cock time and time again. Pulling slowly of me he slides his length up the crack of ass cheeks. As the head of his cock nudges asshole I stiffened. He waited holding himself there, his hands still gripping ass cheeks holding them open.

Breathing deeply body relaxing. Pushing back slightly I let him know I was ready. His voice a low growl...good , now take it. He pushes forward, the head of his cock pushing on tight ring, demanding be let in. Pushing harder against asshole. I gasp as the head of his cock pushes through the tight ring popping into ass. He growls deep his chest as he slowly sinks deep into ass. The fullness I feel is overwhelming as he holds himself buried balls deep. Then he is moving, slowly at first, then picking up tempo. His cock slidding in and of ass. His thrusts grow quicker harder till he is pounding in and of ass like a madman. I scream into the pillow. With final thrust he bellows his release as he cums deep in ass, his cock jerking as the cum jets of the head. With a shudder he falls into . His knees no longer supporting him. With a deep breath he rolls us our sides, holding tight against him.

I softly groan as his soften cock slips from body. He shifts and rolls us laying on his back, head laying on his shoulder. His body grows lax as fingertips stroke through the hair at his temple. I'm atpeace knowing he needs just as much as I need him. His dominance submission. We are bound together. halfs making each other whole.
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The New Girl
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Late one evening Sir sits on the deep leather couch, a girl curled up in his lap wrapped in a blanket after a strenuous session, her head cradled on his chest, his hartbeat stong and true under her ear. His arms wrapped around her tightly, his voice quietly murmuring in her ear. Soft kisses across her face. She sighs softly in contentment.

She knows that soon work will call him away again and she will be alone again in the big house until his return. She dreads the lonely time with without him. They have talked often of expanding their family, finding someone who would share the same hopes, dreams and desires. Sir had even took her out to meet a few hopeful candidates and brought a couple of them home. But none of them seemed to fit the dynamics of their family. It was hard to not get discouraged. Sir always told her the right person would come into their lives when the time was right.

days later Sir was leaving on a business trip. He didn't travel often for work but when he did she felt lost without him. The morning of his departure was sunny and bright, but she was not looking forward the next several days without him. Dropping him off at the airport and kissing him goodbye she held her tears until he was gone.

He called her each evening tell her of his day, and she lived for those few minutes when she would hear his voice. While he was gone she had trouble sleeping. Tossing and turning she would get up and walk from room to room, the moon light shinning though the windows. She would finally find herself curled up in front of his chair and drifting off to dream of his welcome home.

On the evening of the fifth day of his absence when he called, she new he was planning something. She could tell by the tone of his voice. It was lighter, hopeful. He finally told her he had met someone there and she seemed like the perfect fit for our little family. She had agreed to fly back with him for a visit. You could hear his grin as he said that he had told her all about me and she was excited to meet me. They would be returning in 3 days. His excitement bubbled over and i became hopeful as well.

I spent the last days cleaning the house and preparing the guest quarters. A bounce in my walk and a smile on my lips knowing i would soon be in Sir's arms again along with the excitement of meeting this woman he was so hopeful about.

The day of his return was sunny. His flight was not due till that evening so when I caught site of a car slowing down and turning up the long drive i wondered who it could be as i was not expecting anyone. I could tell there were people in the car but not who, the tinted windows not allowing see. The car stopped in front of the house and the driver's door opened. Out stepped Sir! With a shriek of delight i flew out the door and into his arms. Sir had finished his work early and had caught an earlier flight home to surprise me. He held me tight and kissed me till i was breathless. We had both missed each other the separation hard on us both.

When he finally let me down i turned to find a beautiful blonde haired woman with striking green eyes watching us from the other side of the car with a big smile on her lips. Sir walked around the car with his arm wrapped around my waist to introduce us. She smiled and laughed saying that Sir had told her so much about me that she felt she knew me already. When her arms opened for a hug a gladly went into them hugging her back, welcoming her to our home.

After an afternoon of chatting over glasses of wine and eating the welcome home dinner i had prepared for their arrival we all retired to our separate quarters to prepare for the evening. Sir has told her a little of what he expected and to follow my lead in protocol. When i came backdown the stairs she was already waiting. I could tell she was nervous, pacing back and forth, her fingers twined together in front of her. She stopped when she caught site of me, her large eyes swimming with tears of worry. I approached her with my arms open and she dove into them. I rubbed her back as i held her. Her skin silky smooth and whispered to her that she would be fine, that Sir would not push for more than she was comfortable with. Telling her to relax and enjoy the evening.

With a deep breath she nodded and stepped bac I smiled and took her hand as we both turned and walked towards the door of the room. She followed my lead perfectly as we entered the room and waited by the door for Sir acknowledge us and give permission approach. Looking up his smile as he looked at us both was bright. He nodded once and settled back in his chair. As we crossed the room i could tell she was still nervous. As we knelt before Sir i could hear her quick breaths. Wishing i could say something ease her fears i kept my eyes lowered before Sir. After a couple of moments Sir reached forward turn her face and looked into her eyes, and softly spoke to her telling her she had nothing to fear here. Kissing her forehead he grasped her hands and helped her rise to stand before him. With a hand to the small of her back he steered her to the couch and placed her in a corner of it. He told her that this evening she would watch and then help with aftercare. Sir then turned and approached with the look a hunger that mirrored a panther stalking it's prey.

Sir pulled up and walked over a padded bench, pressure from his hand had straddling the end of the bench and laying upon it. My arms found padded rests with thick dowels at the end for grasping. My knees also found padded rests. As he moved into the perfect position for his purposes he applied leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles to hold in position. The bench below ending with my mound pressed it's edge, my legs spread wide anchored the pads on either side of the bench. Eyes wide she wached from the couch. Sir's voice explaining every thing he was doing. He told her that he was going to keep the scene low key as it was her first time with us but that as he and i had been separated for over a week he had to satisfy both of our hungers.

Sir opened a nearby chest and pulled a watenberg wheel, a blindfold and a pair of ear plugs out. After applying the blindfold and ear plugs the only sensation i was allowed to feel for the next hour was Sir rolling the wheel over every inch of exposed skin. My skin became like it's own living breathing thing. sensitivity ramped up to an all time high. Then everything stopped. I could sense Sir moving around me, his hands just above my fleash, so close i could feel the heat from his hands. Then Sir moved away. My sensitive skin on fire, my clit thobbing, slick juices ran down my thighs as i waited. Suddenly warm breath blew upon my clit, and my body shattered. Sir did not even touch me to command my body to cum. Then as the wave crested Sir entered me with one long thrust. His hands clamped down on my hips and he held himself deep inside me as the orgasm rolled though my body. As the last of the trimmers shook my body he pulled himself from my heat and move to the front of the bench. Gathering my hair he held my head in his hands and nugged the head of his cock against my lips. They parted immediately, his cock surging into my mouth, the taste of my own juices bursting on my tongue. Sir fucked my mouth fast and hard, i felt his length twich just before he thrust into my throat and started cumming. Once i had sucked every last drop from him he pulled his cock from my lips, moving to each side of the bench to unfasten the cuffs. He then pulled the ear plugs and blindfold off of me. Scooping me up, he held me close as he strode towards the couch.

As Sir came to the couch she stood up watching his every move. He sat in the middle of the couch holding me in his arms. Looking up at her he told her to go over to the table and get the blue jar she would find there. When she returned to the couch he had layed down with me laying on top of him, my face buried in his nec He looked up at her that the jar a special skin conditioner that would help in my aftercare. She opened the jar and scooped out some of the cream and statred massage it into my skin. With the heat of Sir under , his strong arms wapped around and her slow, gental massaging strokes applying the cream my body i was soon drifting in and out of conciousness. It was good have Sir home.

The next couple of days Sir gave us girls time alone. Time we needed get know each other, in the evenings we kneeled before him the glow from the fire playing over our skin. He would talk quietly us as he ran his fingers through our hair, our heads were craddled upon his thighs. It was a bonding time. The of us gowing closer. It was magical.

The next day when we were summoned join Sir you could see the excitement in her eyes. Hand in hand we slipped just inside the room and waited heads held high, eyes lowered. You could hear the smile in Sir's voice as he called us join him.

As we made our way across the room Sir stood an arm coming around each of us. His lips found hers in a kiss. Then his lips were on mine, claming , leaving breathless. The of us made our way the big rug in front of the fireplace. Together we undressed Sir. The of us touching, tasteing, kissing till all 3 if us were breathing heavy, full of need.

Sir layed down on the rug and pulled across his thighs, i gound myself down on his thick length. As he slid between my folds the head of his cock stroked against my clit. Then with a growl Sir reached from my hips, lifting till his cock sprang up then he lowered down as he thrust upward impaling on his hard coc With a moan of pure pleasure I rocked my my hips. My eyes flew open when she gave out a squeal of delight as Sir pulled her down straddle his face. Soon both of us were moaning in pleasure. As my hips rocked back and forth as i rode Sir's cock i took in the erotic sight before of Sir's tongue licking through her pink folds. Leaning forward i snake my tongue over one of her nipples then pull it between my lips. She moans letting her head fall bac Sir latches onto her clit with strong suckshion as i do her nipple, her other nipple caught between my thump and finger tugging and rolling it. Her body begins to shake and Sir growls into her heat as she explodes. Cumming hard for us.

Her breathing ragged as she slides off of Sir laying beside us. I lay down on Sir kissing him, tasting her juices on his lips and tongue. Sir catches my the nape of my neck, turning my head whisper in my ear. A lust filled smiles forms on my lips. I kiss him once more tugging on his bottom lip. The i straighten back up to pump up and down on his hard cock a couple more times, enjoying the feel of him buried deep inside me. Then coming to my knees slowly i let him slip my my body. And I roll to the other side of Sir. He rolls to his hands and knees then reaches for her. Tugging her to her hands and knees he gets behind her, gripping his cock at it's base her runs the head of his cock between for folds. Wrapping one strong arm around her, he pulls her up the same time as he thrust forward sinking his cock into her pussy. Her back pressed to his chest, the thrust into her, his arm banded around her, his hand holding her throat.

I take it all in, my eyes roving over their bodies. My own body humming with the deep need to join them. On my hands and knees i crawl over then rise up my hands stroking over her silken skin, my lips finding hers, our tongues twist together as our kiss deepens. I break the kiss to nibble my way down her jaw. Pulling back i look into Sir's eyes and we both know, this is it. We finally found the right one to join us. I slip downward. Kissing my way down her body my final kiss just above her mound. Just above where Sir's cock thrust deep inside her. I laydown before them my head between their thighs. As I stretch out Sir releases his hold on her body and pushes her forward into her hands and knees over me. I reach over beside us and grab a rolled pillow, pushing it under my head. My breath fans over her clit just before my tongue flicks over it. Her juices coat the base of Sir's cock and his balls. Each thrust in and out pulling more juices from her. My tongue becomes ravenous as I like over his balls and the base of his cock each time he pulls from her body. Suddenly her arms give way and she falls, burying her face between my thighs. All of us moaning in the pleasure we give and take. Suddenly it to much, the orgasm screams though my body and i shake below them. She drinks me down lapping at me with her tongue. The in a heartbeat she is cumming, her fluttering pussy pushing Sir over the edge he thrust twice more and empties himself deep inside her. As her pulls out of her my tongue is there, lapping and licking at his coc As he pulls free from her my hands come up grip her ass and pull her . My face buried in her cunt i lick and suck, drinking his cum from her.

With a sigh of pure contentment we all sprawl on the rug. Sir pulls each of us his sides, his arms wrapped around us holding us close. Our heads laying on his chest. We smile looking into each others eyes and i kiss her sofly before closing my eyes.
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The Visitor
Posted:Nov 30, 2019 4:02 am
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As she quietly sips in the open door her body jerks in a small start as she had no idea that Sir had a visitor when she had been summoned from her quarters. The conversation light between the two men sitting in chairs across from each other drinks in hand.

As she stands quietly the entrance wating for permission to enter goosebumps flow over her bare body, the voices of Sir and the visitor speaking of some sort of training facility.

Sir after finishing his statement, looks up and with a slight nod of his head and a flick of his index finger gives her permission to enter and join him.
With a deep inhale she moves forward, crossing the room in silence her bare feet making no sound on the floor. As the visitor catches sight of her he stops talking as she passes to join Sir. As she reaches him, her body flows into a kneel before him. Sir leans forward to tip her head up with a finger to her chin. He smiles looking down into her eyes and places a soft kiss to her forehead. Leaning back his feet move further apart, his thighs speading, he nods once more to her, two soft words falling from his lips..e pet.

She purrs in pleasure as she settles between Sir's thighs, her cheek resting on his thigh, one arm wrapped around the lower part of his leg, anchoring herself to him. His hand coming forward to softly stroke his fingers through her hair as he picks his conversation back up with his friend.
Her eyes close as their conversation picks back up and flows around her. Sir's fingertip ever moving through the locks of her hair as he talks with his guest.

Though the evening she feels the visitor's eyes fall on her form several times during their conversation. As Sir tips a glass to his lips and finishes his drink he catches his friends eyes on the girl between his legs once more. With a smerk to his voice he asks his friend if he sees anything he likes. Her eyes fly open at the change in tone of Sir's voice, and she catches site of the visitor sitting across from them leaning back and adjusting himself. With a smerk to his own voice he answers Sir with a four word question of his own
...what do you think?

The room goes quite except for the crack and pop of the logs slowly buring in the fireplace. A slient conversation going on between Sir and his visitor. After a few moments Sir sits his empty glass on the table beside his chair and leans forward, gathering the hair that flows down her back in a firm grip at the base of her skull he pulls her head up from his thigh turning her head and looks down into her eyes. Leaning forward he places a kiss upon her lips, his lips firm and demanding drink down the soft moan that catches in her throat. With a gleam in his eyes as he looks at her upturned face, he issues a comand... him pet. And places one more soft kiss on her lips before relaxing his hold on her hair, releasing her head.

Her eyes widen and she swallows hard at his command, then looking up into his eyes she sees the proud glem. The strong bond to him giving her strength she lowers her eyes and smiles softly knowing he would never demand more than she could give.

With one last look up at him she pivots and turns to look at the man in the chair a few feet away. His eyes roam over her form, stopping on her breasts and the juncture of her thighs before traveling back up to her face.

She lowers her eyes and drops forward her hands coming into with the floor she rises to her hands and knees moving forward, crawling towards the visitor. As she reaches him she settles back into a kneel before him, her bottom resting on her heels. Her eyes slowly travel up from his shoes stopping with her eyes focused on the top button of his shirt. With sure but quite words she asks if she can have the honor of serving him this evening.

With a nod and a ruffly spoken...yes girl. The visitor reaches down to adjust his hardening cock and opens his trousers. Palming himself as his cock springs free, he widens the spread of his thighs, his eyes locked on her lips.

Her eyes drift down to his cock, wrapped in his hand that is slowly stoking up and down it's length, a drop of precum glistening on it's head. Knowing Sir is behind her, watching every move she makes, she does not hesitate. With a lick to her lips she moves forward between the visitor's outstretched legs. Her hands coming up to rest on his thights as her tongue slips from between her lips to lick the bead of precum from the head of his cock, then her lips spread and she feels the head of his cock slip into her warm wet mouth. With a growl the visitor's hips surge forward, his voice ruff as he growls...fuck yes, suck me girl. With the hard thrust of his hips her hands slip from his thighs and brace on the floor as he rocks into her waiting mouth.

Concentrating on giving the visitor his pleasure she gasps around his cock as she feels Sir fingertips run down her spine. He growls from behind her...ass up girl. Already braced on her hands, her knees slide under her, bringing her ass up, spreading her thighs as she arches her back. Offering Sir full view of her pink folds. The rythm never breaking as her head continues to bob up and down, her mouth with the visitor's hard cock.

She feels Sir move in behind her at the moment his friends hands come up to cup the sides of her head, fingers driving into her locks. As his friend tightens his hold on her head, he thrust deeply into her mouth, forcing the head of his cock down her throat. With an even harder thrust Sir sinks his cock to the hilt in her pussy, holding her there split between the two.

Sir gripping her hips and the other gripping her head they begin rocking in and out of her. The room is filled with the sounds of slapping flesh, wet sucking sounds, moans, wimpers and growls.
Soon the visitor stiffens, a deep growl coming from his throat as he shoves his cock deeply into her's and cums, emptying himself down her throat, he pulls away flopping back on the chair his spent cock laying on his thigh glistening with her saliva. Sir continuing to trust in and out of her pussy at a punishing pace. With a few more hard thrusts his comand comes with a loud growl....cum!!

Her vision is bathed in bright white light as her body contacts, her pussy clamping down around his cock. He growls as he jackknifes deep in her then bellows as he pulls himself from her heat, spurts of cum hit her back, then without warning he slams back into her depths, as his cock continutes to jet, filling her. As the last of his cum shoots deep in her, his possessive growl of MINE echos off the walls.
Posted:Nov 24, 2019 1:30 pm
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2019 6:58 pm

Sometimes when you least expect it you are reawakened to who you really are.
Posted:Nov 10, 2019 5:02 am
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2019 5:48 pm
Just some pictures I've found online that speak to me.

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