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Play Time with Friends  

Lilkink101 58F
27 posts
1/12/2020 3:16 am
Play Time with Friends

Its Saturday evening and I have a couple of friends coming over. Molly is a die hard pussy loving lesbian, she has never been fucked by a man but she has played a time or two with a guy going down on her. Max is also coming this evening. He is divorced and starting to experiment and explore his sexual fantasies. I'm excited about both of them being here this evening and have a fun night planned for the three of us. I set a bottle of wine to chill in an ice bucket and smile as I move to the bedroom and flip open the lid of the big wooden chest that holds my collection of toys. Selecting the items that will be needed for the evening I have planned for the three of us.

A short time later there is a knock at the door. Max is the first to arrive and I greet him with a soft kiss. I stay at the door as I see the headlights of Molly's car turning into the driveway, asking Max to open the wine and pour each of us a glass. I greet her the way I did Max, with a soft kiss. As I shut the door and turn Max and Molly greet each other with a kiss to each others cheek. Max then hands us both a glass of wine. Taking a sip I look at both of them and can see the excitement in both of their eyes, both looking forward to what the evening has in store for us. I feel the deep hum of need building in my own core as I take in Molly's lush curves and the broad expanse of Max's chest, his cock already growing hard, it's outline pressed against his trousers.

I finish my glass of wine, setting the glass on the table. Turning to head down the hall I pull the sash on my silk robe open and slip it from my shoulders letting it fall to the floor as I make my way to the bedroom. I smile as I hear them following me, undressing as they come down the hall. When I the bedroom I crawl to the center of the bed and sit up on my knees to watch them come in. As Molly reaches the bed she crawls up to join me and we begin to make , kissing and stroking over each other's breasts. She leans down and takes one of my nipples between her lips and sucks on the hard nipple making it even harder. I look over her shoulder and see Max standing at the foot of the bed stroking his hard cock slowly, a drop of pre cum glistening on the flared head.

Molly stretches on the bed and I enjoy exploring her sweet curves with my mouth and hands. Her skin silky soft under my touch, her body so responsive as I kiss, lick and suck on her succulent offerings. Soon she has me straddle her head, grasping my hips she pulls my center down to her waiting mouth. As I feel her tongue slips between my folds Mas climbs on the bed straddling Molly's hips, his hand wraps around the back of my neck as his lips land on mine in a heated kiss, drinking down my moans of pleasure. I break the kiss and move down his body with licks and nips, enjoying how his breathing increases and his muscles flex as I make my way down his body. My hand finds his hard length, my fingers curling around him. Holding his cock at its base my tongue flicks over the head capturing the drops of pre cum. He slides into my mouth just as Molly wraps her lips around my sensitive clit and sucks, causing me to moan with Max's cock filling my mouth. His cock twitches and his body shudders in pleasure from the vibrations of the moan.

Soon Max is pulling away, saying he doesn't want to cum yet. He moves to the side of the bed his hand moving to press between my shoulders. My hands grip Molly's inner thighs and pull them apart as my body falls forward, my lips and tongue finding her slick heat. I hear Max groan as he watches us pleasure each other. I feel him move behind me on the bed, as his hands caress my ass cheeks. His caresses become firmer as he settles behind me, his fingers gripping the cheeks of my ass spreading the globes open, watching as Molly's talented tongue licks my pussy. I gasp into Molly's pussy as I feel Max's wet tongue lick over the tight rosebud of my ass. The sensation of both of them licking and sucking on me causing my core to clinch and I hear Molly's muffled purr of pleasure as my juices flood her mouth.

Max moves back up on his knees behind me and I feel him run the head of his cock up and down the crack of my ass. As I tongue fuck Molly I wiggle my ass and press back against him, letting him know I'm ready for what he wants. Molly's hands come up to hold my ass cheeks spread as she licks my pussy. One of Max's hands resting on the small of my back and he holds the base of his cock with the other, pressing the head of his cock presses against my tight asshole. The head of his cock is huge and I feel the sting as he starts to stretch the tight ring of my ass open. In a gravelly voice he tells me to let him in as he continues to slowly press forward. I take a deep breath and make my muscles relax so he can slip in. I whimper as the head breaches the tight ring and Molly laches onto my clit sucking hard.

I bury my face into Molly's pussy as Max starts to fuck my ass. Licking and sucking on her pussy lips. I bring one of my hands up and slip a finger into her ass as I suck on her clit. Sliding my finger in and out of her ass in time to Max's thrusts in and out of my ass with his cock. I feel Molly's legs begin to shake and I know she's close to coming. I suck hard on her clit at the time as I bury my finger in her ass. She arches off the bed and screams as she comes. My tongue lapping at her juices.
I feel Max's strokes grow erratic then he thrusts deeply into my ass, his cock twitching as his cum spurts deep in my ass.

Max pulls slowly and collapses on the bed beside Molly and I, his breath coming in deep gulps. I slip off the bed and into the bathroom to clean up a bit. When I come back into the bedroom I smile as I see the two of them stretched on the bed. Moving to the table beside the bed I grab a tube of lube and an elongated butt plug with a small rubber coated wire sticking of its base. I tell Molly to hold her legs up and she wraps her hands behind her knees bring her legs to her chest. Max shifts his position so he can watch as I fill Molly's ass with the plug, her ring wrapping tightly into the divot on the base insuring it stays where I put it. I grin and ask Max if he wants to taste her sweet pussy. He eagerly moves into position between her tights and starts licking. I pick up a remote and turn the vibrator that’s in the tip of the bitt plug on causing Molly to gasp just as Max starts to devour her pussy.

I set the remote down and grab another remote vibrator and with one foot on the bed I slide it into my wet pussy, pushing it deep into me with two fingers. Then I grab a 7 inch dildo that I have in a harness. I strap the harness around my hips and grab the tube of lube again. As I crawl back up on the bed the dildo bobs up and down with my movements. I over and turn the remote on the vibrator and feel it start to vibrate deep inside my pussy as I move in behind Max. Reaching between his thighs I cup his balls and roll them in the palm of my hand. I smile as I hear him moan into Molly's pussy, causing her to moan in pleasure also. My fingers start to his taint as I release his balls. With my other hand I drizzle lube down the crack of his ass. When I feel the lube drip down into my fingers I run my fingertips up over his asshole. He gasps in pleasure at the feel of me playing with his ass. I slowly press one finger into his ass, as his tight ass relaxes and my finger slips inside him his whole body shudders and he rocks back against my hand, after a few strokes with my finger I a second. His body accepting the intrusion of my fingers readily.

When I feel his body relax into the slow rhythm of my fingers moving in and of his ass I get up on my knees between his spread thighs. Pulling my fingers from him I coat the dildo in lube and drizzle more over his puckered hole. Holding the dildo in my hand I press it against him. His ass muscles flex and then I watch as the head of the dildo sinks into his tight ass, stretching his ring as it slips inside of him. I keep the pressure slow and steady till all of the dildo is inside his ass. I hold it deep inside him, letting him get accustomed to the full feeling. Then he starts to lick and suck on Molly's pussy again and grinds back on the dildo. My hands come up to grasp his hips as I start to move my own, pulling the dildo and pushing it back into him. He growls in pleasure as I start to pick up the pace with long strokes then short fast ones, going between the two every few pumps of my hips. His face trusting into Molly's pussy in time with my thrusts behind him. I see her start to arch her back, her hips trusting up as she starts to fly apart. His hungry mouth drinking her offering down. I around him with one hand to stroke his now ridged cock as I continue to fuck his ass. Trusting deeply into him and rolling my hips as I grind into his ass. He starts to buck under me, as I stroke his cock with a firmer grip. As I feel his cock twitch, I thrust deeply into him with the dildo my hand never stopping on his cock....he roars his release, spurs of cum his belly and coat my fingers. My own release rocking though my body, my pussy clamping down tightly on the vibrator buried in my pussy.

I slowly pull the dildo from his ass and over to turn off the vibrators. Max gently pulls the pug of Molly's ass and the three of us collapse on the bed in a sweaty mess.

allnfuntoo 67M  
1 post
1/17/2020 6:58 am


randynlex 51M

2/27/2020 7:42 pm

very hot! thanks

lee4932 73M  
24 posts
8/20/2021 5:35 am


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