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Posted:Feb 1, 2022 5:03 pm
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2022 7:40 pm

Ive moved from city city with no real purpose for leaving or staying. Some towns are full of awesome people. Some not so much. But this one place I visited in particular stood out. I visited the city of Lancaster on my way to Long Beach. I stopped in this random neighborhood bar to have a drink and rest a while. As sat and people watched I noticed one man in particular looking at me. Thats when I met this very mysterious man. Almost as mysterious as myself. He was so charming with his smile and daring with his eyes. I was very attracted him. As Im sitting at the end of the bar I noticed him signal the bartender to come over to him. I thought to myself, He must know him, they seemed very close. I watched him whisper and point down towards me and I quickly darted my eyes the other way as if I wasnt just watching his every move. God he was so fine and just my type. Tall, dark hair, big beard and even bigger muscles. I wanted him bad. I could feel my body temperature getting hot and my pussy getting wet just thinking about him taking me from behind. Then I noticed The bartender walking toward me with a drink and brings me another shot of the tequila I just had. He said complimentary from the boss. At this point Im blushing hard. I nod my head in appreciation of the jester and looked him dead in the eyes and took my tequila down. He got up and walked towards me. He proudly Introduced himself, “Kevin” he said and asked if I would like another. I told him I was on a road trip and that I probably should not have too many. He laughed and he said, “well what is the rush?. Come on just one more for the road”. as he grabbed the shot glasses and bottle of tequila as if to let me know that no wasnt an option. I was so turned on because I love a man that takes charge. As We take our shots and he grabs me by the hand and ask if he can show me his new mural painted in memory of his best friend that was tragically killed. I could not say no something so sentimental someone wanted share with me. He led me to the outside to the back of the building and what I saw I was so amazed at how awesome the mural was. It had bought tears my eyes seeing a painting so full of life after death. He took me in his arms and asked,”can I kiss you”? Usually I would say hell no but hey you only live once. He looked at my with those seductive deep dark eyes and smiled.. I couldn’t resist anymore and so I kissed him. we stood enjoying each other exploring our mouths for the first time. But it came so natural his mouth open and intertwined with my tounge and him sucking and tasting every second. He took me to his office inside the bar and he closed the door behind him as he dimmed the lights. He said can I taste you? As he pushed my body back on his desk and pulled my sexy sweater dress up above my hips and my panties to my ankles. He started kissing my inner thighs first and all I could think I was “how did he know that was my spot” then he worked his kisses to my pussy lips and sucked and licked them with so much joy. He opened up my pussy lips and immediately found his way to my clit flicking and sucking my pussy so soft and so fast the head was so good I could not believe how fast I exploded in his mouth. He stood up and slipped his pants down. He flipped me over and slowly slipped his huge dick in my pussy and grinds his hips back and fourth so sensually. I moan soft at first until he stuck his entire dick in me I could not hold it in and I moaned loudly. Yes please. fuck me please Kevin. I yelled. Make me fucking cum again please. He fucked me harder and harder and pulled my head back so he can stick his fingers down my throat making me gag and my pussy juices gush all over him. Damn he knew what he was doing as he starts going faster and harder. In and out. Yes in and out. He dick throbbing with every thrust. Damn now he is really pounding and Pumping his huge dick until he grabs ahold of my shoulders with one finally thrust. He turned me around and pushed my shoulders down put me on my knees and exploded this thick white cum all over my big brown tits. Squeezing the rest of his cum out and wiping his dick on my nipples. Damn he knew just what I liked . As I rode those last hours to SoCal all I could think was wow what an awesome adventure that was.

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