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The only person concerned about COVID in West Central WIS  

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 62M
25 posts
12/12/2020 12:29 am
The only person concerned about COVID in West Central WIS

It seems the little town I live in, much less the surrounding area, just doesnt believe COVID can ever be an issue for them, despite being the locality of the FIRST deaths bin all of the state, at a local group/nursing home ! of course, the powers that be didnt admit they died of COVID till last Sept, 6 months AFTER they died, when the stats could be buried in the daily press releases! No body wears masks around here, OR if you do, as I do, you get looked at like your some kinda weird! Our governor mandated it long before most of the country, so what do our elected officials do? They went to court, not once, but twice, and got the mandate overturned. I wont mention what party they belong to, just that they followed the guy that LOST the election! STUPID pols, I hope everyone of them is outta office the next election! And when HE stopped locally to have a rally, what happens? No one wore masks there, in fact were told at the door the TV cameras NEEDED to see how much they supported him by NOT wearing masks! Of course, 2 weeks later that area had a huge spike in COVID cases! So if & when I go out, I wear my mask! Do I like it? Hell no, and they fog my glasses, so I walk around 1/2 blind, but am used to that. Since I am one of those with underlying health conditions, not to mention I am a senior, AND I live in a Senior/or disabled apt bldg, whose management also mandated masks in all common areas, I am at risk everytime I step out my apt door. A branch of a major hospital is next door (they actually OWN my apt bldg), the NURSES that work there, take off their masks as soon as out the doors, and then GO SHOPPING at the local stores, unmasked, despite warning signs on entry door stating all who enter must be masked! But no one, for fear of scaring off customer, dares ask them to mask! 1 local restaurant, bragged on that THEY were open & no masks required, for indoor dining, and then advertized in local paper that they had a PRIVATE group rooms available if so desired! NO ONE HAS GOTTEN THE MESSAGE around here!
We rank in the top 10 states for highest COVID positives in the country, but that isnt getting thru to these idiots either! And so far, most have NOT lost jobs here, mainly cuz most folks work on farms, or out of the town directly, and the places in town need people so bad, they bend over backwards to give schedules, etc to employees so they can keep them working!
SO, am trying my best to stay safe, even my FWB is exiled for now, cuz 5 diff people in her family have had COVID, and she cant stay away from them, negative herself so far, but cant imagine why ! Ya cant go beat these idiots over the head, cuz their heads are so damm thick it wouldnt get thu to them if ya did!
Sorry for the rant, I just had to get it out of my system ! Resume the playtime funn!

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 62M
3847 posts
12/12/2020 12:32 am

Just my starter post so others can read my post! Enjoy, or not, hope it makes you think tho !

jajo696 67F
4287 posts
12/12/2020 2:59 am

Wow.....hard to believe that with over 300k deaths, that there are still non compliers/believers. You didn t have to say what party they belonged I think most of us already knew.

Ive learned , we have no control over others and their behaviors...we can only do ourselves. So...u must keep up your regimen, until you and only you deem its safe.

I know its controversial but there may be some hope on the way with the vaccine. Good Luck with it all ~~

A good rant does the mind

LakeRidgeBBWSeek replies on 12/15/2020 10:35 pm:
It actually doesnt seem to be just those in that particular political party, it is just we seem to have alot of hard-headed independent people who think wearing a mask is an intrusion on their personal rights! We ALL have the RESPOSIBILITY to NOT HURT our fellow humans on this earth. But some dont agree that their actions, or lack of them, can actually hurt someone else. To quote someone from the '70's, "We are all stuck on this planet earth, & if we dont take care of it, it WILL take care of us, and we may not like what that care is", That includes taking care of each other too!

lov2suk1969 53M

12/12/2020 3:17 am

i live here in wisconsin also... its so sad people dont cre about others health and spread the virus... as far as im concerned all the ones who dont wear the mask shoud get the virus and die... quit being selfish and wear the dam masks

LakeRidgeBBWSeek replies on 12/15/2020 10:36 pm:
While I cant agree they should die from this plague we are enduring, but a good dose of illness might just be in order!

pocogato12 70F  
37236 posts
12/12/2020 8:07 am

WOW I knew some of the other states were being blind and stupid but what you say here is appalling an terribly scary. We have a group here the MAMM Mainers Aginst Mandated Masks who have been trying to "terrorize" people in stores like Wally and big groceries and the mall. Well our governor has now issued a warning that they can be arrested, fined and possible serve jail time.
I now own a mask for every single day plus two spares and one on the doorknob for delivery folks. Maine was the lowest in incidents until the f888ing rallies!!! PLEASE keep wearing your mask and protect "them" and yourself.

Good to see you again on here. Are you going to do anything for Symposium
>>And the biggest one: The Number of that Topic needs to be in the TITLE/HEADER
each month. The number for December 2020 is #51

Since there is not time to collect ideas and vote December's topic
# 51 I went in the archives and combine oldies

TOPIC #51 is What Did The Grinches Steal This Year

please post your contribution as close to /22 as possible
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(Virtual Symposium Group) use Virtual Symposium Group

LakeRidgeBBWSeek replies on 12/15/2020 10:50 pm:
Hi Poco, I HAVE heard of some intimidators, on both sides of the mask issue. I could be accused of doing that myself, on a recent visit to a local hardware store, there were 2 cashiers, one with a mask, one without. I refused to go to the cashier not wearing a mask when she informed me she could help me since the other cashier had several people in line ahead of me. I refused her offer, with the comment loud enough that it turned heads of other shoppers, that she could NOT help me without a mask! Was I intimidating her? Yes, I was, as I was shocked to see she didnt have a mask on, since in our state they are mandated to be worn anywhere outside of your home. Other local businesses have their employees wearing masks, and one local store went so far as to put signs on both doors, on all shopping carts, and about every 8 feet on shelves thru-out the store, but STILL when I was there last, on Friday, there were several customers in the store without masks. Some may not care, I DO. And in the future, if I encounter these non-mask wearers, I will make an effort to ignore their existance, as they obviously dont give a s..t about me or others in this world!
Thanks for the welcome back, but as to the symposium, I am not even sure what that is.

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