Sex in a Public Restroom  

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2/3/2022 4:10 pm
Sex in a Public Restroom

A Woman in Walmart is looking through the Panties trying find a pair holding them up against her see how they on her she happens turn around and see me standing watching her with my hand in my pocket jerking and playing with my cock as I watch her she Smiles at me and ask me how do I like them on her I tell her it hard tell with all the clothes on then she winks at me turns her head and looks towards the restrooms and tells me you know your so right and I bet your having a very hard time Jacking Off with those pants on as well she turns around and waves her hand in the air singling me to follow her
as I do keeping a distance behind her she walk into the Family Restroom waving for me to follow her inside as I do she shut the door and locks she starts getting undressed as she tells me that she was turned on seeing me pocket pool and she Loves watch a man Jack Off while looking at her and since I was enjoying watching her try on panties she was going put on the pair I was watching her try out she tells me take my pants off and sit down as I watching her take off her clothes I am overtaken by her thighs they are huge and so fucking beautiful her nipples are also Huge FUCK I said outload took hold of my cock and started Stroking and she looks at me and smiles I am so happy your enjoying the view I hope you a nice ass load for me in the beautiful cock sack of yours Dam I Love your cock I watch you on the older ups cam all the time always wanted watch you in person I ask her not put on the panties because I wanted CUM so Badly just looking at her Thighs as she stood watching me Stroke my Cock and Moan she started with her Nipples twisting them ever so gently and pulling on them she was watching me like a Hawk licking her lips and smiling she was sexy as hell and turning me on big time she tells me slow down and Hold off a because I was going cum way fast and she wanted enjoy the show her fucking Nipples were so Fucking Huge and sticking out hard as hell she softly moans mmmmm as she moves her hands for her nipples her mouth licking her Fingers and sliding them down between her thighs as she walked over me she ask me if I liked her Nipples the way they stood out hard and ready to be Sucked on I say Hell yes as she reached me she reached down and pulled my hands from around my Cock and placed one on each side of her hips leaning forwards she then took her hands and put them behind my head pulling towards her Tits and putting her nipples sightly between my lips one at a time running them across them as I opened my mouth to suck her nipple she told me not to do that just stick out the of my tongue as I did she began to make a circling motion with the top part of her body as her nipple went around and back N forth across the of my tongue and between my lips she asked me to stroke my cock some more as I did she opened her legs moved in and stood over my cock as I stroked on she lowered her body down just a was just enough so that my cock was rubbing between her pussy lips but not able get inside her she whispered in my ear for me Keep stroking on my cock and suck on her nipple so I open my mouth and suck her nipple into stroking with the of my tongue as I gently clamp between my teeth pulling she then starts moan and I can feel her pussy getting wet as she grinds her pussy back and forth across the head of my cock as I am stroking on she makes such a sexy as moan every time she slide her clit across my cock It is feeling so fucking good me tahat I take my hand s away from my cock and grab hold of her tits squeezing them both together so I can Clamp down on and Lick and suck on both her nipples at the time she whispering in my ear that someone at the door be quiet and keep biting her nipples it feel so good Pull them hard dam as I<b> bite </font></b>down on her nipples she moans softly reaching between her leg for my cock she finds it and put it back between her legs stroking it back and forth across her pussy lips I could feel how wet her Pussy was and with her hand rapped around it just below the head she then sits on it keeping her hand rapped around it she allows the head enter her once inside she begins slowly bounce up and down on her juice was running out from between her pussy lips covering the head of my cock and all over her hand I was trying shove my cock inside her pussy but her hand was not allowing get all the way in she whispers into my ear mmmmm make me cum again please I turn my head towards her looking her in the eyes as she stroking on my cock with her pussy I reach up and take her nipples one in each hand using my thumb and index finger I squeeze twist and pull on them she make a face like it hurts but she love it I pull her downwards still staring her in the eyes lift my head towards her face and start kissing and licking her ears fucking them with my tongue and grinding my hips as if I was fucking her trying my best to shove my cock deep inside her as she stroke my cock back and forth between her soaking wet pussy lips driving me nuts I am now kissing her neck Licking every inch of her face and pulling and twisting her hard ass nipples she beginning to rub her pussy harder on my cock once again I can feel her pussy juice flowing all over the head of my cock it driving me wild I look her in the eyes and tell her I Cumming OOooooooo Fuck I was ready to explode all between her Pussy lips then she started to stroke faster and faster her pussy was so fucking wet from my cock stroking against her clitoris she was Cuming once more and then I told her I can hold it any longer feeling her juice covering my cock head FUCKKkkk I shot out my load and as I did she sat down on my cock putting Deep inside her and grinding hard I came all up inside her Hard and deep and she just kept on grinding on my cock taking deeper inside her with each grind I could not stop Jerking and she just kept going staring me in the eyes and smiling next thing I know I could feel her squirting and panting hard it was so fucking warm running all over my Cock and Balls onto the floor fucking shit was awesome as fuck dam I was still shooting out cum we both trying to catch or breath just hugged each other tightly as we sat juice dripping from my Balls I Looked at her and said I need lick your pussy while is still dripping wet, I want suck all the cum from inside her and any cum that is covering her she responded by saying your nasty as hell I never met a black man wanted eat pussy or even knew how before and you want Lick on mine and is all nasty and smelly from your Cum and Mine? Seriously? I know you are a Man loves eat Pussy and I wanted my pussy Licked that is why I came back into the store because I saw you in the parking lot and followed you into the store, I made sure you saw me in the panties and waited until you stood still before I turned around and you were doing more than watching me and it made me Horny because I never anyone seemed enjoy just looking at me before I mean fully clothed most men just want me and go before I can get off and truthfully I was expecting that from you so I thought I just get you lick on my pussy until I was happy and just leave but once we got started I heard you say as I stood your eyes got so fucking Big once you seen my entire body and I notice that you do not just sit staring at my Pussy and Ass like all other men do, you were really truly just here Jack Off while I watched I got that much more horny ness inside me and your fucking cock is nice and beautiful I got swept away and wanted know what feels like being with a man seriously wanted me enjoy myself more than him and would not leave me unfinished I admire you a lot and if your serious about wanting clean up my pussy I want you too but not in this public restroom with wet floors I want you to come over to my place but all I want is a hour or more of Pussy Licking if you do not mind.
I told her I Love too no problem it is what I been looking for on older up she looks at me and she states that will not be any more Fucking or putting my cock inside her she tells me that she got so fucking horny and was overtaken with the PLEASURES of having her Nipples Pulled and Twisted and the Kissing and licking of the ears and neck that she wanted feel my Cock Cuming in her as she was grinding on . she tells me get up so she could sit down a moment as she sat down I stood in front of her Stroking on my cock as she was putting on her bra she looks at me and smiles you can still cum again for a 3rd time seriously you drained me good I said why are you wasting all that cum and pussy juice by wiping off with a towel when I can Lick it off Please I need to cum once more she laughs and opens up her legs and tells me go head and lick away I fall to my knees in a rush pulling her body to the edge of the seat so I can get my Face right up on and in her pussy she leans back and relaxes herself she tell me I got 5 mins but I know once I get going she will not want me to stop so I start by smelling her pussy for a moment not touching her at all just blowing on her gently then I start slowly licking her outer lips she still soaked and she was tasting so fucking good that I just had reach down between my legs and stroke on my cock working my way around her outer lips and up and down her thighs I could tell she was loving a light groan coming from her mouth and the upwards lifting of her pussy telling me she is enjoying this shit just as much as I was she would open up her legs more and more for me as I teased her pussy slowly I started licking the outer part of her pussy just above her clitoris pressing down hard with my tongue but not sucking her into my mouth i could hear her quietly moan yes Dam and slouch down some more offering me total control and the entrance of her pussy softly I ran my tongue down the crack of her pussy and once reaching the bottom and starting on my way up I used the of my nose part her lips open so I can run my tongue up between them not allowing go deep but just along the inner once again stopping just above the top of the clitoris and licking her softly she was Tasting so fucking good was hard for me control myself I was trying make her cum again Dam I wanted her cum so bad so I kept stroking her clitoris with the of my nose as I gently and slowly licked and sucked on her pussy lips I could tell she was ready because she was way into AAaaahhh was often her legs falling open more and more she slide down further off the seat now giving me more access her inner pussy clit so I put my face deeper in her pussy using my nose and lips part open her pussy lips and I started Licking and sucking on her outer clit catching her with my lips sucking her into my mouth holding her in place with my teeth and stroking her with my tongue then letting her go and Licking all around her then sucking her into my mouth again working my way deeper inside and Licking all around the inner walls trying my best to get every drop of Cum and Juice I can that was still inside making a circle motion with my face trying to get deeper in and stroking the of my noise on her outer clit for her pleasure she ready cum for me because she grabs me by the back of my head and starts shoving my face harder and deeper into her pussy working my nose around her clit as I shove my tongue deep inside her searching for her inner clit and licking it as I rub the outer with my nose waiting for her Fresh cum to flow outwards and into my mouth she lets go and I cannot pull my head back to encamp my mouth around her entire pussy because she shoving my face so hard into it as she starts to squirt I keep Licking and sucking she soaking my face and her juice is going up my nose I cant breathe she drowning me her whole body shaking legs squeezing my head and rapped around my neck I can not breathe trying to pull away for air pussy juice all in my nose all over my shirt she cant stop shaking and holding my head with her hands and legs OOOOooooooooo yes oooooo is al she saying finally I can get some air my face and shirt is soaking wet and I dive back in for more pussy juice I notice that her ass is soaking wet so I lift her legs way up in the air grab hold of her ass cheeks and pull them apart and start Licking she trying pull away from me but I hold her still licking the hell out of her ass cheek and shoving my tongue into her asshole she begins to enjoy and let me finish as I start move up and away so I can turn her over she notices me still stroking on my cock she looks at me and tells me no ass fucking I tell her do not worry I just want Lick her asshole she turns around and bends over and I start Kiss and Lick her cheeks as I stroke my cock then I open up her ass cheeks and starts Licking all between them she tell me dam that feel so good I never had anything like this done me before I tell her just relax and enjoy this moment I start kissing her asshole Licking on using my thumbs spread her cheeks open more I shove my tongue inside her asshole AAaaahhhh she said Dam lick me good I say her I want get deeper inside you but you told me no as fucking and I laugh and shove my face between her cheeks and rapping my mouth completely around her Asshole I start French Kissing shoving my tongue as deep as I can inside Licking, flicking and sucking I could feel her hands reaching between my legs searching for my cock finding him and stroking him so good her hands were so freaking soft dam make me Eat her asshole that much more I was loving the wat she would with the of my cock using the palm of her hands as just hang oooooo I just Licked and sucked on her asshole until I was hard again then I told her that I was ready to Cum and I wanted her to jack me off she said that she wanted to see me cum anyway so she quickly got up and I sat down and she put some more of my gel ito her hand and took a hold of my cock and then she told me to sit all the way back on the seat and she then turned around opened her legs and ass in my face she took my cock in hand and pulled me forwards then sat on my lap holding my cock up against her pussy she began stroking it and grinding her pussy fucking shit was feeling so dam good she was staring at it all eagle eyed and saying all yes cum for mama she would cup her fingers around my cock forcing him between her pussy lips as she grind up and down i
I was really groaning and humping she said Dam I cannot believe your still able cum yes I want in I want rub all over my pussy and my nipples CUM Babby cum yes mama make me cum for you I need bad she sat up and took my cock once again and rub between her pussy lips this time she was watching as she put between her pussy lips and Stroked she let out this moan and started shaking as she once again squirted all over my Cock and Ball her juice was so fucking warm Before she could stop I quickly grabbed her and pulled her up to my face and started Licking and sucking on her clit the floor was so wet that I slipped off the seat and on to the bathroom floor and not letting her go I pulled her down with me I wanted to make her squirt over and over she was shaking and telling me to stop because she could not take any more but I had my arms locked around her waist telling her to keep stroking my Cock I was ready to cum she said she wanted me to cum inside her so I let her free and she moved herself forward told me to get back up on the seat then once again she took my cock and place it between her pussy lips and started stroking it rubbing her pussy up and down on it as she griped him in her hand all the time watching him slide in and out from between her pussy lips when I told her I was almost she opened her leg some more get lower and took her hand and griped my cock just below the head and shoved him into her wet pussy and started bouncing up and down on him just allowing the head to go inside her I said I Cumming mama she tells me wait wait not now then she stops and jumps up and tells me to get behind her as I do she opens her legs reach between her legs and mine takes hold of my Cock and pulls it out towards her and holds it between her legs up against her pussy she closes her legs and starts rub on my cock she tells me start fucking her from behind as I do she playing with the of my cock as shoots out from between her legs get so freaking good me that I take her by the waist and pounding her fucking ass shoving my cock so hard between her legs and she playing with it with her fingers she reach between her legs took her fingers and cuped them around my cock and pushed it up between her pussy lips she saying in a quiet voice with her head held back fuck yes mmmmmm I humping her fucking thighs so hard and Licking and sucking on he ear tongue fucking them as I hold on to her waist pulling her into me so hard as I hump her from behind I could feel her Cuming once more FUCK she is soaking my cock I reach down and try to put my cock inside her pussy but she will not let me Fuck I am HORNY as Fuck and I want to CUM bad I am wondering if she going to allow me to cum this time shit I tell her I am Cuming and that I cannot hold it Fuck mama shit here I go Dam and she looks down between her legs and watches me as I shoot out a nice load across the room I hear her saying fuck yes as she laughs and I keep on Fucking her Thighs and shooting out cum all between her legs and when I start slow down she reaches between her legs and starts cup my cock again with her fingers rubbing up and down the shaft trying milk out as she plays in my cum rubbing all between her thighs and all over her nipples she lifts her head back and arches her body outwards reaching between her legs and takes my cum dripping cock and rubs between her ass cheeks I am still Cumming and humping her ass crack as she rubs my cock between them she tells me that she want all my cum I reach down and try make her open her asshole she ask me do I want her in the ass and I tell her I want shoot some cum inside her ass she laughs and pulls away I told you no ass fucking she lifts up her leg and tells me to put the rest of my cum inside her she still holding my cock in her hand and gilding up her Pussy she puts in and I fucking shove hard up inside her her pussy is wet as hell covered in my cum so I pounding the out of her trying get as deep in her as I can she looks me in the eye and tells me cum I can feel her squeezing her pussy tight as I pull out and the loosening her up as I push in allowing me go deeper she hugging me so tight and fucking me good she makes me cum fast and as I cum I grab her other leg and pull up so I can get this load deep inside her yes she yells keep going do not stop I lift her and press her up against the wall trying to keep fucking her as I am Cumming and jamming my cock in her hard and fast then she squirts for the last time shit feel good running down my cock and balls she tells me that it no more fuck she push me away grabs her clothes and starts putting them on she looks out the door checking around to see if anyone was around and we leave the restroom one at a time

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