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2/2/2022 6:24 pm
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Meeting a Woman in a Store looking for Panties and see me watching her and ask me if I would like Jack Off for her as I watch her Model in some we go her Place and she takes me into her bedroom, as we enter I notice her Bathroom and I ask if I could use before we start? she ask if I need Piss and I tell her Yes I been holding since we meet in the store, she tells me that she needs to do a few things fist and has me sit on a stool as I watch her for Panties she pulls out a pair and walks into her Bathroom she comes out dressed in a Bath Robe and tells me to stand up she walks over towards me Licking her lips and slowly untying the bathrobe belt allowing her bathrobe to open slowly so I can see her Sexxy ass nightie she was wearing under she reaches out and starts unbutton my pants and slides her hands inside them finding my Cock she slowly strokes him up and down his shift then she reaches down finding his Head and griping between her fingers as she blows her breath into my right ear pressing her body up against mine and flicking her thumb across the of the head of my Cock as she holds between her fingers making me Drip some Piss she smiles as she pulls her hand out of my pants and rubbing her thumb and finger together with a drop of piss between them she smiles and puts them up to her lips gently sticking out her<b> tongue </font></b>she licks them as she walks around me she Stripping me down and staring me in the eyes once she walks around me once removing my clothes she then takes her hand and once again pressing her Tits just the Nipples against my Body she reaches down taking hold of my cock with both hands and cupping him between them she starts to move her body slowly up and down by bending her knees with my cock cupped between her hands and the tips of her Nipples sliding up and down my chest she stares me in the eyes smiling I can feel my Cock and her Nipples getting hard MMMmmmmmm Yes she moans you still need to piss? I said yes Badly, she laughs, and grips my Cock Hard Come with me to the bathroom. once in the bathroom she Strips down to her Panties ask if she could hold it as I Piss? I tell her Yes she pulls me over to the Bath tub and gets in on her knees she starts to stroke on my cock with one hand and with the other she reaches between my legs and take hold of my ass and pull me towards her asking me to start pissing as I do she aims my cock towards her Face and Opens her mouth once I start pissing she shoves her Finger into my Ass Fucking shit feel so good she yells do not stop she sucking my cock as I piss and with her finger she fucking me in the ass at the time I had a Huge load and now I see why she made me wait so long she is soaking wet in my Piss and I am Loving next thing I know she holding my hand and someone puts a Cloth bag over my head grabs my hands and pulling them behind my back and ties them together. " I Got him I got him Babby" "Yes he the right one Babby" "Your Ass is mine Bitch Never been Fucked before Shit Yes Your Black ass Bitch your mine now" They both pull me out the bathroom and put me on the bed face down they bend me by the knees and tie me up by running a rope from behind my knees and around my neck to keep me bent over and then from my ankles to the bed post one left the other right hog tied with my hands behind my back sack over my head bent over ass up I could feel them using another rope one to hold my head down they tied it around my neck and pulled it down and around something making it very hard to move in any diction I was told not to move because they were going to cut a hole in the hood around my mouth so I can get some air so I was still as she cut out a hole while the other woman was rubbing and Licking my Ass both laughing and kissing each other one after the hole was cut one got on the bed and took me by the head and led my face between her legs shoving my face into her Pussy saying we cut the hole so you can Lick my Fucking Pussy and Lick our Asshole she said she wanted to be Licked GOOD or she bet my fucking ass I could smell my Piss all over her so I knew this was so I slowly started by Licking and Kissing her Thighs and teasing her pussy by blowing my breath on her and lightly kissing her lips I could hear them Kissing each other and was turning me on big time I heard one say Dam his piss taste good wonder what he was drinking this morning then she yells out Lick her Pussy you Blak ass fucker make her cum shit Both of them were playing with each other nipples pulling on them and the other was fingering her pussy as I was licking it and putting her fingers into my mouth so I can taste her shit was driving me nuts and I just dove deep into her pussy licking it deep as i sucked it hard I heard her say OOOooooo he is enjoying your pussy babby Yes FUCK Yes he going to lick me next DAM Babyy then she got on the bed next thing i Heard was her Licking on her Friends Pussy she was starting to Fuck my face working her pussy good around my mouth I got so worked up and took her clit into my mouth and stroked her hard with my<b> tongue </font></b>clamping her between my teeth and pulling her out fuck she was going nuts and licking the shit out of her friends pussy and she squirted all over the fucking place her friend yelling at me do not STOP licking her you Fucking Balck ass slut "AAAaaaaahhh fuck yes Bitch Fuck make me Cum in your mouth Babby Fuck yes shit I cumming babby Fuck me Her friend got off the bed I heard her tell her that she wanted to fuck her and she wanted me to suck her cock first so she moved off the bed and her friend got back on and took me by the head and led me to her cock it was a strap on or a dildo she told me to suck her off as I was sucking her cock she was fingering her pussy I could smell her Dam she was still wet with cum and I went to Lick some of her cum and she smacked me on the side of my head yelling Suck you shit face fucker suck my cock I did not say for you Lick my Pussy DAM what the is wrong with your black ass Her Pussy was so fucking wet Dam I wanted her so fucking bad Dam I heard her friend say he wants your pussy bad mama he got cum dripping from his cock FUCK I want lick off please mama can I NO do not suck his cock then she asked me if I was cumming because I want Lick her Pussy Her Fucking pussy was making me cum just smelling her as I was sucking on her Strap On and FUCK I never wanted Eat a womans pussy so badly before so I told her the truth Hell Yes I love a Womans cum and I wanted her cum so fucking bad I was begging her for she took her cum covered fingers and put them into my mouth and I Licked and suck the out of them she said Dam your Good FUCKING good she asked me how did I learn Lick pussy so fucking good and I told her that I learned to lick pussy before i learned to fuck from a lesbian couple lived next door me we were good friends and one day they caught me jacking off while watching them and I been in love with lesbians ever since and I a lot of lesbian friends live how I lick their Pussy so she told me never lick her pussy unless she tells me too so I got in one more lick and said OK she got off the bed and walked over to the other side of the bed to her friend I could hear her moaning in pleasure so I take that she had her friend licking her pussy. I heard her tell her friend take hold of my cock and she got off the bed I could hear them both moan together and the bed started moving back and forth one of them was bumping up against me she had started fucking her friend with the strap on she was wearing as she was holding on to my cock she was fucking er hard and deep I can feel the grip on my cock was getting tighter and she was pulling on it hard as her body was bouncing up and down on the bed I felt her hand slapping my ass cheeks as she was Pounding on her friends pussy unable to move or do anything but yell FUCK she was janking on my cock so fucking hard while her friend was slapping my ass fuck I could hear her squirtting all over the bed and my legs then her friend once again walked over to my side of the bed and said you said that you love pussy juice and placed a bowl her friend squirted into under my face and told me to drink I Lick it all up as she asked and she removed the bowl and shoved the Strap On Cock into my mouth telling me to clean it off really good because she wanted to fuck some more this time I could not get a chance to lick her pussy again as I licked and sucked on the cock she was slowly fucking me in the mouth as I did I could feel her friend slowly stroking on my cock in a playful way asking if she could suck him but she was not going to allow her too she wanted me to get teased while I was sucking her cock she ask me if I loved how her friend pussy tasted I told her NO! and that I wanted her Pussy Cum. she slapped me and said you FUCKING Black ass bitch what did I tell you "FUCKING do not ask for my fucking pussy" That is why your black ass is tied up this way I come home and your Fucking black ass is pissing on my I bet you wanted and planned on fucking her Now your Fucking bitch ass is mine You do not cum into my house trying to Fuck what is mine because I will fuck your ass she pulls the cock out of my mouth and she walks away I hear her tell her friend to get under me in a 69 she is standing watching and as she slides under me she tells me that I will lick the piss off her body as she slides down slowly and that I will learn love her pussy Juice and lift up so she can get her head between my legs so as she get up under me I can smell my piss all over her face I start Lick on her forehead and Face she opens her mouth and I lick and suck on her lips shoving my<b> tongue </font></b>into her mouth licking all inside nice and deep sucking her<b> tongue </font></b>into my mouth and licking her<b> tongue </font></b>as I hold with my lips licking and sucking her mouth over and over again Hard and deep as she moans and gaps for air she turns her head so I can lick the sides of her face in the ears behind them all across her neck under her chin all down her neck dam she tasting so fucking good covered in my piss she moves up as I am Licking her chest she turns from side side so I can Lick on her tits then she puts her nipples into my mouth I can feel them get hard as I suck on them one at a time licking them and sucking them into my mouth holding them gently between my teeth pulling them as I flick across them with my<b> tongue </font></b>Sucking and biting them as she glides them to my lips her nipples are so fucking Huge and hard I tell her to press them together so I can get both nipples into my mouth at the time as she presses them together I bite down on the both of them and pull them as far into my mouth as I can her fucking tits are huge and I use my<b> tongue </font></b>to with them both licking them hard as I can she moves up a more as I keep licking her Belly still turning from side side licking and sucking her belly button hearing her pleasureful moans as she slides upwards and sliding her head between my legs as my cock slaps her in the Face I get the sent of her Pussy AAaaaaaaa so fucking awsome I start licking her being careful not to lick between her lips she loving I feel her lips on the of my cock kissing gently along the slit it was driving me nuts I want Eat her Pussy so badly but i keep licking around the outside between the thighs she begging me lick her but her friend is telling me not so I start kissing and licking her inner thighs she the of my cock between her lips the use the of her<b> tongue </font></b>to lick across the of my Cock Driving me crazy as hell Her friend ask me if I am lovining her pussy yet I Tell her I want her Bad I want shove my face into her pussy and eat the hell out of her she tell me do then she walks away next thing I hear her tell her friend suck on my cock slowly just the she tell her Fucking shit feels so freaking awsome Aahh shit she stroking the head of my cock lightly and gently sliding her<b> tongue </font></b>between the slit and lifting her pussy up into my face so I can part her lips with the lips of my mouth and sucking her deeper into my mouth as I stroke on her clit FUCK she squirts all into my mouth and I suck and Drink it all not wanting her to stop I keep going I hear her tell her friend to take my cock deep in her mouth and as she doing it I can feel hands on my ass cheeks opening them up and the feeling of a cold gel being rubbed all between them and in to my asshole but I do not want her to stop squirting fuck I am enjoying my cock sucking fuck I never had a Cock sucking lie this before in my life and just what I always wanted get like a dream cum ture for me then I feel her trying me with that strap on Fucking shit hurts so bad but I can not move or do anything stop she starts out nice and slow going deeper FUCKING shit Hurts and her friend is sucking the hell out of my cock she tell me shut my fucking bitch ass mouth and relax I tell her I take a shit but she keeps fucking me telling me I should not been in her fucking house pissing on her and trying her so now I the she said that she came home horny and ready her and found my bitch ass so she was going the both of us before she goes back work and she is going watch her me also now get my Bitch ass back eating her pussy she was Fucking me deeper and her friend was sucking my cock so fucking good I CUM a huge load all in her mouth as she pulled my cock out her mouth I kept cumming and she rubbed and stroked all out all over her tits and as she did she pulled the strap on out my ass and was covered in shit and shit was shooting out my ass they laughed and then she said by the time she gets done fucking my black bitch ass I will love it and I will be back for more . I could hear 3 people in the room sounded like 2 women and 1 man next thing I knew they were cleaning me up and untying the ropes around the bed posts then they flipped me over Face up but my knees were still tied up around my neck putting my feet pointing up towards the celling she told someone to go and clean the Strap On and get me ready for another round it should not be as messy this time as someone left the room she told me that she was impressed with the way I Lick a Pussy and that I was going to get my chance to Lick her she said if I do a good job she will allow me to cum back but without the hood she said I want to sit on your face and ride it I want to cum in your mouth and watch you drink it all so she got on the bed and fell to her knees adjusting the hood so my mouth was full exposed she put a clamp on my nose and sit on my Face she said that she had to piss and she wanted to piss in my mouth and she wanted me to drink it just as her drink mine she said I will not be able breathe so I need drink fast as she sat down on my face she said open your mouth as I did she sat down on my face and with both her hands she pulled my face deeper between her legs and started pissing in my mouth I could feel someone taking hold of my cock and putting it into their mouth Slowly sucking on it as she slowly pissed into my mouth she allowed me a breath with every few swallow by removing the clamp on my nose was this woman I wondered I knew was a guy sucking my cock because did not fell as good this time She asked me if I was enjoying the taste of her piss and I told her yes very much well I am done now then she got up and turned around she told me that she wanted me to lick her pussy I could feel that she was getting on her knees and bracing herself by putting her hands on my knees as she positioned her pussy just above my lips still dripping with piss I lifted my head just a and started Licking on her pussy lips every once in a while I slide my<b> tongue </font></b>between them to stroke the across her clitoris just enough to tease her and make her wet I could tell she was liking it because she turned around again she was ready to open up for me and sit down and ride she stared to grind on my<b> tongue </font></b>with every stroke wanting more so I parted her pussy lips by stroking it with my nose and once again stroking her clitoris with the pressing on her with every stroke until she began drip cum I can hear her moan lightly I wanted her pussy get fill of cum before she got licked and playing with it like that was the trick do just that she was trying mess with me by hovering her pussy just above my face so all I could do was smell her and get the of my<b> tongue </font></b>and nose out far enough just to taste her so I thought I mess with her and make her want me just as much as I wanted her and it was working she was horny for my<b> tongue </font></b>and I knew it so I lowered my head back down onto the bed and blowing upwards across her pussy would make her come down to me and she did I parted her pussy lips with my mouth and slowly started Licking searching for her clitoris with each stroke and shoving my<b> tongue </font></b>deep inside her pussy Licking all her walls and Sucking on her entire clit opening as I dig my<b> tongue </font></b>deeper inside her just to stroke on her inner clit that was and is a quarter of a finger around the corner Trying make her cum as many times as she can so I can suck and lick out every drop using my nose for her outer clit and my<b> tongue </font></b>for her inner clit should drive her nuts and go wild it was not long before she was riding my face Hard and grinding like mad that was not enough for me I wanted her to squirt more than once just like every other pussy I eaten she was moaning and Grinding my face like crazy Dont stop dont stop you bitch dont stop she was going faster as if she was riding on a dildo sliding back and forth finally she threw back her head and squirted all over my face all up my nose all in my ears I was drowning she was shoving my head up her pussy and still grinding and squirting I was drinking as fast as I could unable to breathe as she was shaking and shoving my face hard into her pussy she took a moment and lifted up and catching her breath then she turned around once more and sat back down and started to ride again as I was still getting my cock sucked by the Guy I heard the friend come back in the room asking if she was ready for her to start Fucking my ass she said yes and told her to fuck me good while she rides my face and watches her her friend put some gel on the strap on cock and put it between my ass cheeks and slowly started to fuck me in the ass fucking shit was hurting but not as much as the first time she was fucking me slow as her friend watched the both of them she kept riding my face and I kept licking she ask me how it feels and I could not think of anything other than how good her pussy was tasting Fuck she came in my mouth 3 times before she told her friend to stop and take off the strap on then she got up she pick up the strap on and put it back on and the guy stopped sucking my cock and said he was horny and wants to cum now I said please do not let a guy fuck my ass please I do not want him to cum inside me please she ask me if I wanted to suck his cock and I said no she asked if I had ever suck a cock before and I said Never I can not get a hard on playing with a man she said why not I not into guys I told her she said that is too bad and today is your lucky day because you will be sucking your first Cock on the day you get fucked in the ass for the first time and she told him to put his cock in my mouth and for me to suck or he will be Fucking and cuming in my ass DEEP and Hard you choose so I opened up my mouth and started sucking his cock I could feel him getting hard as I Lick up and down the shaft just like I sucked on the strap on cock he said I was do very good for my first time and he got up on the bed and put a pillow behind my head and my head between his legs telling me if I make him cum he promise not me so I let go on his cock I was sucking him as good as I could I must been doing a good job because I coud feel him getting really hard he was saying her oh I going cum way fast she told him do not cum yet I want him to cum with you in mouth so she called over and told her to start sucking my cock get hard her friend got on the bed and started playing with my cock it was not getting hard for her so she opened her legs and laid at the foot of the bed with her legs in the air wide open around mine reach over took my cock and started rubbing the of my head between her pussy lips Fucking shit felt so good her pussy was so freaking soft and getting wet from the rubbing I got Hard as fuck her friend asked her if she wanted my cock she said yes mama can I put his cock inside my pussy she said Hell no get that fucking black cock from between your Pussy lips and suck him she got up and rolled over taking my cock into her mouth her friend once again gel up my ass and shoved her cock into my ass fucking me deep while her friend sucked my cock so fucking good the guy put his cock back into my mouth telling me to make him CUM really good as soon as i started Sucking on his cock got hard really hard she was fucking me deep this time and was feeling so fucking good as was sucking the hell out of my cock making me ready cum shit was feeling so fucking good that I started sucking his cock faster and harder it was tasting good and I wanted make him cum so bad I was making him groan and he was humping and fucking my mouth I could feel him loading up and ready shoot his cum Dam I did not want her stop fucking me I wanted her to fuck me harder and she knew because I was trying open my legs and lift my ass up into the air I wanted cum in my girls mouth she was sucking me so fucking good NEVER in my life had I ever found anyone suck me like she was
Dam I took his cock deep into my mouth and Bam he was shooting his load all in my mouth I was trying to keep his cock in my mouth by locking down on and I kept sucking on as he shot his load he was yelling he Good as hell still shooting and jerking I let him pull his cock out my mouth and yell PLEASE do not stop please me some more mama then she shoved her cock so deep in me and started grinding and fucking me faster and faster I could hear her body slamming against my ass as was sucking me harder taking my cock deep into her mouth as she stroke so freaking fast I shot out another huge load for them I heard her shout Dam bitch where do you keep all that fucking shit I told her I love to cum more than twice and I want to eat the both of you some more before you leave she tell me that is enough for today and all 3 want to meet with me again but we want to food next time and they both left after her friend untied me and said she still wants watch me Masturbate so I sat down on the bed and she pushed me back and sat on my face so I could Lick on her pussy while she watched me Jack Off I felt so fucking good licking her pussy and stroking on my cock as she was riding my face and watching me fuck she wanted cum so many times and I love every moment her pussy was dripping in cum and she got so fucking horny that she wanted jack me off and she wanted me cum between her pussy lips

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